Sharkbite Fittings and Pex Pipe Review

Sharkbite Fittings and Pex Pipe Review

– Hey, YouTubers. (metal clangs) Got a video review here for ya. We got a three quarter inch SharkBite. I’m gonna do a review over what I’ve done with my SharkBite in my house and that. We’ve redone all the major
plumbing in our house, pretty much. We had a flood come in and
destroy our water heater and we tried to remove it, and we had some soft copper pipe and we ended up just twisting it off, and I had already done some of the SharkBite in the house here, and I just decided to do it all. I wanted to get it done. Now, this is to the garage. This is the main incoming. You can see we got a
pressure regulator in there. We’ve got a pressure gauge. I don’t have two of them because
I wasn’t worried about it. There’s not much pressure
from the city anyways. It only reads about 50 pounds. That regulator goes up to 75 and it’s maxed out to get
all the pressure we can. They go up and into our GE filters here. We added these here
recently because obviously we’ve got a lot of rust
and sediment in the units, and we had the 3M Filtrete water filters I have in my other video. Those are really good filters. We also have one of
the under the sink ones for the maximum filtration
plus drinking water ones, which they all work really good. But, we had to get all
the rust out of the lines. We had galvanized pipe
in here that had rusted and wasn’t enough water
pressure or flow anymore. So we had to cut in on that and then this is a whole-house sediment filter and then the taste, odor,
and chlorine filter, and then back out to the system and that. We’re trying to reduce sediment
build-up in the water heater and sediment build-up anywhere else. So, and I just wanna make a review on the SharkBite and that, and show you guys how
easy it is to put in. I did this in about maybe an hour, because I wanted to
figure out a way to do it that was easy enough for me, and that, ’cause I needed to change the system and add more to it later. But you can kind of see
I used the grease pencil there on the back wall and that. It’s just a doodle, but it
worked for what I needed. I was gonna do some other stuff ’cause we got a sink down here we wanna eventually hook back up and that. But I wanted to show
everybody the SharkBite. Now some of this stuff is special order. That box there is about $35. Now we have an unfinished basement. It’s just concrete walls. We’re not really worried
about how fancy it looks or anything like that. We were gonna do something
a little different. You can see those are pex
hangers there, right there. Those are pretty cheap to get. But that, however, is pretty expensive. You have to excuse the
mess here on the washer. We’ve got a check valve
here that needs to go inline over there for the city water. This is our drain valve
on our ball valve here, and then I gotta reground to the city all water pipes there and that. And then I’ve got a
little connector for that that I picked up. But all this came from
the local Home Depot. These were special order. I had to ship them to the
house, and this one as well. But we’ve just gotta redo the ground and a couple of other things, but things I wanted to say
was that some of the fittings you can pick up in the local Home Depot. I picked them up, most of
these little 90s and the Ts and stuff like that,
even the special ones, they’re about anywhere from between six and eight dollars apiece, and some of them are like three or four, you know, like the three
quarter inch males. I’m not sure about all of them. I don’t wanna say that
for all of them there. I’m gonna say anywhere
between three to eight dollars for the SharkBite fittings. Some of them are even more,
some of them are special order, like that pressure gauge there. Now the regulator they had in the store. That’s, I believe, the EB-45. Now everything’s lead-free. That’s the new law, so
everything’s lead-free. I do have some of the two XL, and I have some of the one
inch for my garage and that. I don’t have them put in yet, but I wanna make a quick
review on all this stuff. It’s actually really easy to work with. I’ve only had one fitting out of maybe a couple hundred that I’ve bought. I don’t know if it’s exactly that many, but I only had one, and
it was actually cracked. I don’t know how it got cracked. Somebody must have run over it with a fork truck or something like that, but other than that, I don’t have any real problems with them. One thing I will say is
if they do drip or leak, it’s because you haven’t
pushed them in all the way. Now, that’s just something I’ve
learned with the SharkBite, because you actually have
to push on it a little bit to get it to actually seat, because it actually has teeth in there. I don’t know if you can see it. Let’s see. There, you can see the teeth in there. It actually has to bite the pipe, and sometimes you have to
push on them a little harder just because that’s the way they are. But anyways, I hope this helps
somebody save some money. This stuff’s really easy to work with. I believe all the markings
on the three quarter inch and the half inch are
one inch markings apart. I’m not for sure totally on that. I could be wrong. If I am, I’m sorry. But I wanted to give
everybody a review of it, and it works really well, so. I don’t have a problem with it. I hope this saves somebody some money. So have a good one guys and
gals. Don’t work too hard. Take it easy.


  1. To the DIY-ers learning from videos like this: 
    This is a GREAT system for simple homeowner repairs and remodels.  Just about the time that I had the torch and tools and was finally starting to learn the tricky art of sweating solder into copper pipe fittings, I learned about PEX and Sharkbite.  It's SO much easier.  The fittings are pricey, but the tubing is much cheaper than copper.  I'm at the point now where I've done a couple simple things and will now plan on doing all future projects with PEX.  This means a cost/benefit analysis.  For a project like the one shown here, I would recommend spending the extra money up front to get a professional PEX crimper tool and using crimped fittings.  Once you go beyond about a dozen fittings, it becomes more cost efficient than the fancy Sharkbites. 

    But for small projects, it's really hard to beat the simplicity of PEX and Sharkbites.

  2. As many connections as you had to use you'd have been better off buying a clamp or crimp tool and saving $$. Those Sharkbites are good for coming off of copper pipe to pex for sure. But once you have to buy so many of them expensive connections investing in a crimp or clamp tool is the way to go. 

  3. Ends of pipe must be cut square and free of any burrs .Important step is to know the insertion depth of the fitting and mark it with a sharpie. This mark is a reference mark and it will show if it is inserted completely. A extra step but ensures a proper fit.

  4. they will leak long term. backchecks shoudl be installed too so you dont get negative pressure and all the fittings unlock. hope you didn't put any of these behind walls.

  5. Good for you. Looks nice. I love having a gauge on my house too. Great job. I'm a plumber and construction guy and builder by trade. Wish all plumbing was done as neatly as yours. Good stuff. Steven

  6. Geez! So many neigh Sayers! Nice vid, I'll be using them for my job coming up.BTW, have anyone noticed the corrosion the new flux is causing! How long are those joints going to last, behind the walls and under floors?

  7. we have done 95% of our house in shark bite fittings and as long as you hear the pops every time you add a fitting you will not leak unless its a defective fitting. otherwise they are just as good as crimp fittings difference is, push fittings and more expensive and bigger and all brass which is important if you have well water because copper corrodes with mineral water.

  8. Awesome video I want to thank you for your time and effort towards my education on this. How do you terminate this into a valve for a toilet supply coming through a floor? I guess I am leary of a 2 inch stub of pex sticking through my floor in the kids bathroom. Thank you.

  9. Great job but have you given any thought to using Pex rather than PVC so you could bend and reduce amount of fittings? Less fittings less opportunity for leaks. I will be installing a washer dryer within next month so I am going this route over copper.

  10. Nice layout and clean work.
    You might want to go ahead and replace that receptacle at 2:25 with a proper and safer GFCI unit. (basement wet area)

  11. I'm very new to pex but wouldn't it have been less expensive just using regular 90's and copper fittings? Was this just what you preferred to do?

  12. Hi, I have well water and very bad rust in water problem, I was just wondering what type of filters you are using and are you happy with them. Money is not to big of an issue just would like a good solution. Thanks

  13. After being under my spider infested house at 3: am in the morning doing my own plumbing i came to realize that yes plumbers do charge high prices and they deserve every cent.

  14. The thing I would add is when possible use what is called bend supports .It will let you support the pex pipe and at the same time form a perfect 90 degree bend saving having to use a 90 degree elbow
    Wish I had seen or known abouthem before doing my plumbing

  15. Great video! I used SharkBite fittings on Pex when I installed my sediment filter earlier this year. It was my first time using push fittings. What a great product! Nice job!

  16. What about U.V. exposure onto that plastic pipe? I hear that you can only get away with about 1 year of exposure before the plastic begins to become brittle and it cracks. Best to cover it up with lengths of pipe insulation as soon as possible.

  17. Drop ear in the first 10 seconds facing towards the wall , I take it you ran our of elbow? I didn't watch the whole video but I hope you have intentions of strapping all this pipe down ?

  18. When were you going to actually give a review of the sharkbite? Most of this was about your grease pencil drawings, your filter types and where you ordered some parts from. I don't care about your design or system. I want to know about Sharkbite…

  19. Real master plumbers never ever use sharkbite fittings . Sharkbite fittings leak soon before 5 yrs of usage . I had emergency call because a customer has a bad leak turns out it was a sharkbite joint . Don't be fooled by anyone.

  20. You can argue all you want about sharkbites being good. I've replaced 100s that have leaked keep using them I'll keep taking the money when they go bad

  21. I would have invested in a crimper and used PEX barb fittings at this volume of work. It would have paid for itself several times over after all those Sharkbite push-to-connect fittings! If you used several hundred of them as you pointed out – you probably could have hired a plumber for nearly the same cost. Yikes!

  22. I'm just really nervous. R u sure they work. It leaves me so worried for you. Did u ask experts – well someone should try new things but should nt we stick to the past!

  23. Awesome video! Any leaks or anything? I'm doing a bathroom was going to use these but concern about putting them behind the wall. Rob

  24. how they holding up ? recently replaced my water tank with the braided push fittings , one with the built in valve. I spent the extra $20 for the pex cutter , cut the pex like butter nice and straight. my guess is most failures come from poor cutting techniques .

  25. look like shit and will bang around like no tomorrow when turning on and off sanitary appliances because its not clipped

  26. Any advantages or disadvantages using shatkbite over pex fittings. Besides pex fittings being cheaper. Im replacing my daughters lowboy electric water heter in a tuf to get at crawl space. Im pedro very neat job on your video. This will be a 1st for me using pex.

  27. I'm not going to argue the pro's and con's of Sharkbite. When installed properly, they meet all National Plumbing Code requirements. And this video is now 5 years old, so I'm not going to change the owners mind about them anyway. What I would suggest for any new users planning a system is first, color code your pipes. Blue for cold Red for hot. Makes life much easier in the future. Second, if you are going to do as extensive a system as he did, spend the $100 for a good copper crimp tool and use copper crimps. The fittings are about 1/4 cost of Sharkbite and you'll eliminate the entire Sharkbite argument. My last comment is about the washing machine "expensive" box. It wasn't used properly. It is supposed to be mounted so that the hole in the bottom has a drain attached, which can be used for the washing machine drain, or if the valves leak, or you remove the hoses, water will flow down to the sewage system. It is usually mounted IN a wall cavity when the washer is not near a sink to drain. I don't believe it is even required by code, just makes the system convenient when located on, say, a different floor with no drain or supply lines near. You could have just used pipe clamps and valves with flanges.

  28. Yeah but is the SharkBite going to clog up with all that settlement.
    I live in Florida where the well water has a lot of line opposed to rush settlement. I'm asking because I'm about to crawl under my house to check for a clogged pipe

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