SHE’S CHEATING ON BOTH OF THEM!!! (crazy intense)

SHE’S CHEATING ON BOTH OF THEM!!! (crazy intense)


  1. I don't think ur Fu**ing with people lives ur helping them see there gf or bf is. A gold digger now that's a job

  2. Just bc he tested u to see if yo thot ass loyal dont mean he wanted ts to happen.mfs lie asking dosen't always work

  3. Yokes is ew just ew he's so desperate and I think he wanted to rub it in will's face that yea I can fuck yo girl anytime bruh smh

  4. I wanna see her face! Get rid of the emojis on peoples faces so we can see them pls also that girl is wrong u dont f* with peoples lives u just wanna see if they are trustworthy when i get older imma give u guys a call also im a girl

  5. Well guys tip of the day
    When you call your girl at 21:00pm and she doesnt answer dont even bother callin at 01:00am midnight because you are waking up the nigga shes sleepin with, and on god when that nigga wakes up he tappin that ass again.😏
    And the following day she comes with a whole differnt vibe. *Watch out fellas*.

  6. Omfg taking advantage???? I forgot about the gd for a sec and thought jfc Jessica stop playing men. She was not taken advantage of but communication definitely should happen. How do people sleep at night like that…..damn

  7. Hands down, that Thot would make a really good fucking lawyer. I mean rip to her relationships but she’d excel at the job.

  8. This is so disappointing.

    She cheated. That is plainly wrong.
    Yokes had intercourse with a girl he was paltering. That was heinously deceitful.

    And Sergio, my man, you are not innocent just because you didn't directly influence the situation. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is nothing.

    Is wrong still wrong even if what someone else does is worse by comparison?

  9. “Stop fucking into people’s lives”. She is the one that’s cheating she is fucking up williams life🤦🏻‍♀️‼️LOVE YOUR VIDEOS‼️💜

  10. I absolutely love how in the beginning Will said that he didn’t care what Yokes did to Jessica cause supposedly he was over her and now Will is pissed that Yokes took Jessica to do all of those things.

  11. Yeah yokes really didn't have to do what he did tho it was supposed to be a test and I feel like he took advantage of that situation he knew what he was doing

  12. First thing first technically she was also with yokes and fucking him already so he didn't see anything he haven't 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. I know that he is upset but I don't think you should call a women a slut or a hoe… even though what she did was wrong calling a girl a slut or hoe isn't okay.

  14. I feel good watcching this… I’m currently going through divorcing what I would call is a monogamous cheater. For the past two years, I’ve felt like a ghost in my own home. The only time he talks to me is when he wants me to do something for him.he has been cheating in me and not really wanna change. I’ve had enough and now want a divorce. He’s not happy but my decision is made. I’am trying to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible – currently i was able to track all his calls and phone activities through the help of a cyber genius([email protected] g m a i l. c o m)who helped me gain access to his phone and computer remotely without touching them. Cheers and thanks for affirming my suspicion that his strange behavior wasn't can reach for this firm if you are facing similar issue(hackingloop19 @ g m a i l. c o m)+1( 213)295-0880..he is reliable for hacking and investigative services.

  15. Yokes took this way to far even tho she is a whore this was mad disrecpectful and William should go get with his girl

  16. The Judge: What happen ?
    This Girl: I hit the guy with my car…
    The Judge: you didnt had the time to break or something ?

    This Girl: Well he was standing in the middle of the road, he clearly asked for it…

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