SHE’S CHEATING ON BOTH OF THEM!!! (crazy intense)

SHE’S CHEATING ON BOTH OF THEM!!! (crazy intense)

So for this video we decided to rent out a multi-million dollar house on Malibu beach It was literally inches away from the freaking water, but honestly I don’t know why someone would even build a house that close to the water Right now But anyways the reason we rented that house was because we were working with this guy named will now William has a girl friends named Jessica and She’s actually already cheating on him Yes will knows for a fact that jessica is already cheating on him But unfortunately, the only evidence that he has is some text messages and some old pictures of her and her site agai So that’s why we rented out the house in order for my friend Yoke’s to not just hit on Jessica but to hook up with her. Yes The plan was for yoke’s to hook up with Jessica and order for will to catch her red-handed and then confront her now Here’s the even bigger twist. The reason we chose yolks to be the one to hook up with Jessica is because He’s actually her side guide jessica, is cheating on will with yolks or is it the other way around is she cheating on yolks with William you guys are gonna Find out but you guys have to pay attention because the storyline for this video doesn’t start days nor weeks but months Before we even rented the house in Malibu It all kicks off in December of last year with this DM that Jessica sent yolks and it was a very innocent DM but then that innocent DM eventually evolved into a much more serious conversation and then that conversation involved into a relationship now fast-forward to January 15th of this year yolks was making a new song with his very good friends Nikki Paige and he invited me and my team to come over have a Beer eat some pizza and just show while he and Nikki worked on their song But we weren’t the only friends that elix invited obviously He invited more of his friends to come and he also invited Jessica and that day ladies and gentleman was the first time I officially Met her but what’s crazy. Is that neither she nor? Yolks even mentioned that she watched our videos or that they even met because of the videos It was all just what you can call normal but after that day I only ever saw Jessica one more time when yolks came over and then that was it Fast forward to late March yoke sets me up saying something like you remember that girl Jess I go who are about to the studio that one time you came I think she’s a gold digger my guy we should test her It took me a couple seconds to understand exactly who he was talking about But when I did I replied laughing because it was honestly funny and ironic But then the opes explains everything to me, but as opposed to me reading this to you I just had yelps record a video of himself explaining how he came to this conclusion to make a long story short About a week after I left the studio Jessica and I we kind of went on like a little break Okay, so we didn’t see each other for a couple of weeks like maybe even a month I can’t remember exactly but I hit her up again. And I said hey, what’s up? Have you been we reconnected we hung out again, then I found out she had a boyfriend. I Do a lot of trading on my phone right this one day. My phone happened to die Jessica was there. I said hey can I borrow your phone for you know a second to get on there so I get on the phone and I’m sitting there and all of a sudden the text message comes in from a guy named will and I’m like who the fuck is? Will I take the phone to the bathroom? I do a little more searching I just looked through these texts with will and I find out you know, this is her boyfriend They’re dating so I’m kind of like what the heck man and then thanks to yolks Just quit thinking he writes down wools number and then sent it to me That way I can get in contact with him and I do So it’s now the first week of April and after a little back-and-forth conversation with will he finally agrees to meet us? so we choose a random park that was halfway between the both of us and then we head how Yo, yo, is this you right there at the tables? Yeah. Okay. Awesome. This is us right here in the car We got cameras rolling and everything if that’s cool. We’re just gonna walk up with him rolling. Okay Okay, we get to the park and I now step out of the car and begin walking over to will I greet him I apologize for the circumstances that were meeting under and then I take a seat and begin Just getting to know him a little more It turns out well it’s actually from Florida and he just recently moved to LA in October of last year in order to pursue an acting career and he Just turns out to be a really cool guy and much more friendlier than I expected then I proceeded asking him when and how he met Jessica and he tells me that he met her through social media and the first Time they ever talked was sometime in January and they started dating in March. So now that we got the full picture Let’s take a look at our timeline and see who jessica is actually cheating on We’ll move to LA to pursue acting in October last year and yolk started talking to Jessica for the very first time in December They had a break around late January, but then reconnected in early March and are together until today So if well first started talking to Jessica in January Then there’s a very high chance that he started talking to her when she was already dating yolks. I hey, you know what? Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that she started talking to will after she and yolk split well in that scenario Since will says that she and Jessica started dating in March Then there’s a pretty high chance that when yolks reconnected with Jessica Jessica was already dating will so in other words chances are she’s cheating on both of them but anyways I then shall we’ll all of the evidence that we have so far and I explained to him that I don’t believe it’s gonna be enough for him to confront her with just that evidence because at the end of the day She could just deny it and say that it happens a long time ago, and technically she wouldn’t be lying However, he had another option We’ll could have someone hit on Jessica we can record it and then he’ll have that recent evidence of her cheating on video I’m bummed I’m down to do I need I need to have the last laugh So he’s down and I tell him that the one who has to hit on Jessica has to be yolks cuz remember the whole reason that yelps and Jessica even met in the first place was because of these videos which means that she watches them which means that if We just have this random guy hit on her in like this million dollar home she’s obviously gonna catch on you know, she might still suspect yolks, but honestly, I think the chances are slimmer because she would have probably expected him to test her like back in January like not now So when he accepts and understands I then suggest the idea of yolks hooking up with Jessica yes, I suggested that but here’s why all we need is recent recorded proof of Jessica cheating on will right so why not just get through through the point and by hookup I just honestly I just meant to kiss I didn’t even mean like a makeout or anything like that It just had to be a kiss long enough to where it’s clear that Jessica is into yolks and it’s crazy enough. We’ll concurred you know At this point I don’t even care tell-tell yolks to do whatever he has to do. I’m done with the research Are you are you sure and 100% sure tell him to do whatever he has to do positive I don’t care about this Bernie more. I’m trying to forget at this point I just wanted to get caught so will said that he didn’t care and that yolks could do whatever he wanted to do but honestly I think he did care because when I told him that we were filming this weekend and that he should meet us at the house He actually said that he did not want to be there. I don’t want to be there for that I don’t know how I’m gonna react or whatever. I already know I already know that she’s messing around with this guy, but you don’t want to be here to like listen At least like what she says like what if she says something about you or something. I don’t know. It’s clear I don’t want you positive. I’m cause if we were scheduled we can make it work man We can make it work where you are that I can’t be there for that I don’t want to I don’t want to see that shit. So yeah, like I said I think deep down inside We’ll still somewhat cared and stuff but in the end he still gave us the okay to gather all the evidence on our own and for yokes to do whatever he Wanted to do and so that became the new plan we were gonna still catch Jessica in the act only that we were gonna record it and then show it to will later So the week ends finally comes and we arrived to the multimillion-dollar Malibu home The first step as always is to establish hurricane plan and begin looking for good places to hide our cameras your room Is that one right there? You’re gonna tell you that this one is off-limits because we’re gonna be in this one Yeah this is gonna be the hideout room right here since jessica is one of the only people that were testing who actually Watches our videos we have to make sure that the cameras were hidden bear very well. We got pretty creative with it, too We even hit it when in like a paper bag and stuff. It was pretty awesome But day turns in tonight and Jessica calls yokes to let him know that she just got to the house. Okay, cool I’ll be there in a sec. Okay, so you might be wondering how we managed to get Jessica to the house Well, here’s how remember that song that yolks was recording with Nicki well They originally plan to postpone it for the summer but I begged them literally begged them to finish it within these two weeks that we were planning this video because I felt it was just the Perfect and most believable reason to get Jessica to the house without her questioning or suspecting anything So we had yolks text her telling her that he rented out a house in Malibu for the weekend in order to throw a party For finishing that song he told her that the party was planned for Sunday night But he was gonna get their own Saturday night and that she should come over Saturday night as well to Joe Sleepover and then help him set up for the party on Sunday and it worked the plan went off without a hitch Jessica was stoked and down to help So as he heads to the front door to get Jessica We hit record on all the cameras and then we head to the room to hide any minute now yolks was gonna walk in through The door with Jessica bring her in line of all of our cameras and then just start smooching away. How was it drive? It was a little hard to find house yeah the streets here you can just put this over here So yokes reenters a home with Jessica he tells her where her room is and then they head to the balcony to talk instead of kissing The whole time guys I didn’t have headphones so I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying and I tried listening through the door But it was still hard to hear him over all the waves but it didn’t really matter because I just expected them to kiss at any moment and yolks too coming through the door and be like mission accomplished Right Would you jump in right now You wouldn’t but as opposed to making things quick like I thought he would yolks walks back into the house and instead of kissing Jessica He offers her a beer you want something to drink? I got some beer I got Coronas in my head. I was thinking though. You know what maybe yolks is just taking it slow Maybe he needs to warm up and stuff. Or maybe he just feels a little bit uncomfortable kissing her on camera regardless though I was very confident that within a good 15 to 20 minutes. We would have the evidence that we needed. But man I Couldn’t have been more wrong. You know, I appreciate you help me Party planner, I felt like yolks Hadden was missing every single opportunity to just go in for the kiss and just finish this thing But instead he just chose to talk and drink with her He then decides to take Jessica over to the couch and talk some more He shows her the new song that they’re supposedly celebrating tomorrow and they keep on talking and then to put the cherry on top Yoke’s decides to take her to dinner At this point I grew a little bored this wasn’t how this was supposed to go I began thinking to myself You know what? Maybe yolks just got cold feet or feels bad for William and doesn’t want to kiss her anymore, but then I started thinking You know what? What if yoke still likes Jessica and doesn’t want to expose her anymore well the good news was I was about to get an answer to my questions because they both get up to get ready for dinner and Yolks walks into the room and finally gives me an update We were talking about the party tomorrow that we’re gonna have for the song or that we’re gonna go we’re gonna go get some dinner Have some drinks or come back here and I look older we’re gonna go skinny-dipping She was down Everything made sense at that moment. Yolks had it pulled his move yet because he wants to take her skinny-dipping. I was like, oh God or we’re out in the deck, I was like yo, have you been skinny-dipping before and she’s like no It’s like me neither you’ve done the cow and she’s like, yeah, like first five seconds. Okay? Okay, so Apparently they had this conversation while they were on the balcony. Yeah, what we should do Have you ever been skinny-dipping before? No? We may have to go skinny-dipping. I’m gonna do it if you’re down to do it. It’s gonna be freezing but She was dead a big old smile All right, I’m gonna be real I don’t think this is gonna happen. I think Jessica took it as a joke. I mean But okay We’ll see if this actually happens but for now yolks finishes getting ready and then he steps outside to meet Jessica who has already Changed before they leave yolks offers are another drink but instead of going to the fridge to grab a beer He instead reaches for the cabinet and pulls out some tequila and they take a shock And okay Maybe that tequila shot brings them closer to actually going skinny-dipping but they walk out of the house yolks Texa me when they’re in the car and then now I’m free to step outside the first Thing I do is I shut off our cameras I mean I figured that since heels no longer has any plans to kiss her inside of the house and Instead is planning on going skinny-dipping with her outside, and there’s really no reason to have him rolling anymore But it’s now been about an hour and 15 minutes and I got a call from yokes letting me know that he’s on his way back like Do I feel bad that yokes was planning on going skinny-dipping with Jessica? Honestly, no, I don’t because I knew it wasn’t going to happen It was all just talk what we did need to happen still though was for yokes to kiss Jessica So I reset up just one camera by the door to capture that moment. Okay. Text me when you’re out front That way I can hit record and hide So yokes and Jessica walked back into the house and I’m not gonna lie guys a part of me actually Was starting to think that they were gonna end up going skinny-dipping however for the next 15 minutes or so All I could hear is just them talking and listening to music and taking shots So that’s when I came to the conclusion of okay, you know, maybe this give me the thing is not gonna happen But they end up taking into the shot and with that much liquor in their system I was now positive that at any minute they would start hooking up and our camera outside would record Everything and lo and behold I was right or at least I thought I was right because I couldn’t hear anything The waves were loud but since I heard no talking at all, I pop at these two were interlocking lips and stuff I figured in a couple seconds. I would hear one of them laughing and talking or something like that I even figured that they might have gone into the bedroom and you know But seconds turn into a minute and a minute turns into five minutes and five minutes turn into ten minutes and then I’m like yo What’s really happening either? These guys are having the longest makeout session in the world or something else is going on So I decided to take a huge risk and keep my head outside, but still I could hear nothing but the ocean So then I take an even bigger risk and I start walking outside And That’s when finally I hear faint voices but not coming from inside the house or the bedroom but from the ocean Yes, ladies and gentlemen yolks and Jessica actually went skinny-dipping Do these waves sound pretty big. Yeah, this is gonna be crazy. I was honestly at a loss for words I did not expect it to happen. Talk about yolks taking it to the next level I Had no idea exactly how long they were gonna be out there So I decided to just play it safe and make sure a camera was still recording and then head back to the room again I was just shocked and speechless This man is really going skinny to me And you gotta take off your clothes skinny dip. Okay, I’ll turn it off. I’ll turn it off So about 10 minutes or so later Jessica Oakes returned from their little date I can just barely hear them coming in but yolks heads to his restroom to take a piss and Jessica asks him if after he’s Done. He could show her how to use her shower And so that’s where he heads when he finishes and this is where things get a little more Interesting see Jessica wants a shower because she feels dirty from the ocean. However, yolks is telling her not to instead he tells her to kick it on the couch with him and then shower I’m Assuming that he’s telling her this because he’s finally gonna kiss her on camera Like he should have done at the very beginning of the video, but listen closely to what happens next But that’s not all because there is one last surprise After about 15 minutes of showering yolks comes back into the room with a huge grin on his face Because I couldn’t really hear what was happening through the door. I asked him to clarify things So he does and I was utterly shocked But then he gets up and he starts changing and getting ready and I’m like yo What how are you getting ready for a man? And he tells me So Jessica now wants to cuddle with yolks and honestly, I should have seen this coming I did think about stopping yolks from sleeping with her, but I figured you know what the damage is already done He was too far in and nothing I say to him could possibly stop him now I thought about will and how different and how far things would have come had he been here then I thought about what he said To me Toto yolks to do whatever he has to do. I’m done with this girl Did this fall under though? Whatever yolks has to do or did we just take wills statement out of context? When the next morning came in yolks texted me that he was taking Jessica out to bra This and then breaking the news to her that he’s supposedly cancelling the party I went under the house to look at the ocean and all I could think about was how I was going to tell Well exactly what happens last night? Should I tell him before he saw anything or should I just let him see everything or should I just tell him but not show Him anything at the end of the day? I figured you know what we’ll wander this I wouldn’t be sparing him by omitting the truth So I decided to text him that I didn’t care what he was doing and what plans he had But he needed to see everything and confront Jessica today So it’s now 5:00 p.m. And we’ll was able to make it to my office yoke’s makes it there too And like I said, I then let will watch everything you Guys shower together they went skinny-dipping they showered together and then after the shower they slept together Yeah, yo, so you are you are you kidding you couldn’t have just stopped it at the skinny-dipping You had to go in shower was ready gonna shower You had to go and shower with her room. That’s what she wanted to do Obviously, well didn’t take what yolks did with Jessica too Well, but after he was done watching everything he ended up getting up and heading to the back to let off some steam He wasn’t like super super pissed but it was still obvious that he was upset So yoges decided then to walk over to explain his actions. You didn’t have the fucking fucker, bro I had to do it to prove a point bro, because at the end of the fucking day Dude, if I didn’t do it Then you probably still be with her if I just had her over if I just had her over and just learning with her you Probably would still been with her and now realize any difference But I don’t know dude. It wasn’t no hard feelings man, cuz you’re not worth it bro. Hey, she’s not worth it She’s not worth it, bro. Do you still want to be with her think about this but she was gonna do that Regardless you don’t even want to be with that girl, bro. How do you know we’re in there? So garlic says she are you would have to make it and go in the fucking water You’re right, but you didn’t have to fucking go in the bed with her dude. I needed to prove the point. I’m sorry, man Shit got out of hands. I didn’t mean for it to end up like that is how it up. We used to talk We used to talk bro, like I don’t know what you want me to say she’s not worth it, bro That’s all you got to know So at this point to let tensions cool we decided to separate them So we sent yokes back to the front and we let will chill in the back Well, this shit’s gonna be crazy after a couple of minutes though. Well was finally ready to move on So 6:30 p.m Comes and we get ready to confront Jessica when yoke’s texted me in the morning that he was grabbing breakfast with Jessica I texted him back telling him that we needed to confront her tonight So I told him to tell Jessica three things one that I was supposedly down a film a music video for his new song two that he wanted her in this music video and three to come to the office that way all three of us could brainstorm ideas for This video and well in about 15 to 20 minutes. She should be getting here So he set up a camera Inside this time in plain sight and then we proceeded a stepping outside to wait for Jessica to arrive We ends up hiding by some dumpsters that gave us perfect cover and that’s where we patiently wait to make our move nervous. Oh No, I don’t. I don’t have anything to be nervous about, you know exactly what you want to tell her a Couple more minutes go by and we continue to wait yoke’s texts are for an update And apparently she’s running a little bit late tsegga. This is a cool This thing has a little crack that I could see right through So we wait some more and more and more and more but finally after almost 20 minutes of waiting Jessica finally arrives She greets yolks and it’s now or never for William to make his move and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen If you thought this whole video was crazy, then you have absolutely no idea what crazy is because you haven’t seen this part So I’m gonna give you just five more seconds to grab some talkies to munch on while you watch it because you guys already know This shit’s don’t be First what the fuck are you doing? Here we go. Is this what? I think it is. It’s exactly what you think It is. All right. Well if that’s the case, I don’t want to fucking do this. I’m out No, not until we have our fucking conversation know what you did There the only exit is at the front there’s nothing back that that exit has locked in blondes There is no exit the only exits at the front So because jessica has watched store videos already she knew exactly what was going on Can you believe? Do you think I’m just gonna let you go just like that after all that shit. You did just go look You know what? We do, you know the kinds of videos we make this is exactly what you think It isn’t stuff like don’t you feel like after everything that happened between you and yolks at the house in Malibu Don’t you feel like you owe your boyfriend like an explanation anything? Huh okay, I don’t know how long it’s been since Jessica seen one of our videos or if she’s even subscribed to our Channel still or Knocks, but if she was today, we definitely lost her as a sub like what are you doing fuckin with people’s life? This is what you do. Is this the only thing you fuckin do go get a real job Go Goomer people help it we have art with people. You’re the one my lies to prove a point You’re the one that’s buckling people. You’re fuckin with him. I make mistakes. I don’t fuck with people of lies Oh, so that’s what this was. That’s what this shit was a fucking mistake, huh? A giant big mistake fuckin skinny-dipping showering together having sex that doesn’t seem like a fucking mistake what you put me in this situation If anything is your but you were in a ditch my fault you NAB All right, it would have happened either way whether it was with me or somebody else. Oh, so I enabled the shit I was the one who made you fucking stripped down and fucking skinny-dip with him I was the one who forced you to fucking shower with him I was the one who made you spread your legs wide fucking open while he fucked you You had sex with him My fault I’m able that’s it when you could just walked away and left Why would you put me in the situation to begin with you? Want to hit the head on me? You wanted me to drink alcohol cuz you want you add everything. I think we are so want this to happen right here? Yeah does views because this is entertaining you enjoy this you enjoy fucking with people’s lives What jessica is doing is called deflecting. It’s often considered a narcissistic tactic basically She’s trying to shift the attention away from what she did and point it to what others do and if you pay attention she does It throughout the entire conversation You could have chosen not to do anything with him But you set me up you put me through this you wanted it to happen. You wanted him to flirt with me You wanted me to drink alcohol. You wanted it all to happen. In fact, why are you so mad at me? What about someone that had sex with me knowing I was in a relationship? You’re okay with me fucking in Him right now I said I’ll deal with him later. It’s the fucking ploy to expose you You’re fucking gold digger really. Did he tell you that he hit me up first That bullshit that’s complete bullshit you hit me up first Also, did he tell you that he asked me to break up with you as soon as he found out? Oh, no, it’s not even true. That’s bullshit. You know, you’re fucking that’s why everything happened that happened last night, right? No, what happened last night happened? Because you took advantage of me really? You’re gonna try and play that card I took advantage of you don’t let me pull that card. Are you serious? That’s okay. Drink after drink beer after beer shot you so deflective like you’re just deflecting It’s like just just come clean just admit to it. We haven’t you have the evidence. Oh, okay Well, you can believe what you fuckin want to believe believe what you want But I know what you’re fuckin idiot if you think anyone’s gonna take your side of Fuck you have your side of the story and I have mine. So you believe that you’re not home. Is that it? Here’s what happened. You asked me to come in the shower with you You asked me to sleep and cuddle with you that night and you were down to go skinny-dipping You know what? No just got earlier. You mentioned that we fuck with people’s lives. Did we fuck up your library? Did we fuck up your plans to fuck them over? You don’t move I’m gonna fucking call the cops, let me out Are you arguing for you set me up and I fell into your trap. I said you up any fucking worked. Yeah You’re right. You set it up because you wanted it to happen as an excuse to break up with me. So newsflash you’re Just deflecting in Thank you guys for making it to the end of this freaking crazy video if you guys really liked it Please give it a thumbs up like it shows you guys care, you know, we’d spent so much time on this video Also, here’s my Instagram be sure to follow me there if you don’t already follow me and Don’t forget to check out the new fire watch every single time. We upload it’s gonna be on sale for $5. Yes just five freaking dollars for some high-quality fire merch and Lasting in case you guys were curious about the song that yolks made in this video. Well, here it is He didn’t want to drop it until this video dropped it. So I’m leaving the link to it in the description below Please go show it some love and enjoy It’s a Friday night and we on the moon yeah, we on the pros get a star we go One mA


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