ShineBrite Silver Cleaner

ShineBrite Silver Cleaner

I’d like to show you Shinebrite, our
silver dip cleaner. This is a great tool to have on hand, a great
cleaner to use. It only takes a couple minutes and you have a bright finish on
your piece. So here you can see I oxidized this with a little liver of sulfur.
I’m going to drop it into the basket and place that down there and you can see
how quickly it works. It takes up to two minutes to soak it and then you want to
pull it out and rinse it in warm water and then wipe it clean with a soft
cloth. Don’t use on pearls or opals or other porous materials, but it works well
with CZs and things. And this works very very quickly as you can see. Make sure
you’re using gloves, it is an acid. And we can go ahead and pull it out and that
just took seconds. So I’ll put that in some water and then I’ll wipe it off. It
probably could have taken a couple seconds longer but you can see this is
such a great product to have on hand to shine up all your silver.

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