Shock Bracelet? | LIT or QUIT

Shock Bracelet? | LIT or QUIT

This is showing the dad bod way too much bro. No way dude look at your pecs! Do you work out? these aren’t pecs. They look like it. These are Moobs [AWESOME INTRO] What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to a brand new video and today I wanted to let you know that while Tanner is joining me. Yeah. I am I don’t consent to it Actually, that’s not what I wanted to let you know I actually wanted to let you know this this video is sponsored by Flexi Spots, if you don’t know what Flexi Spot is, well It’s a brand that makes a unique and interesting product which happens to be our first item [Tanner is fake suprised] That’s crazy! So before we get into that I’m gonna let you know whether all these ten items in this video are lit or quit You know I’m saying if you got New Year’s resolutions are they gonna help you stay lit during them Or are they gonna make it so you quit them [Tanner Boos] -bs BOOB HAHAHAHAHA That’s Jayfred’s joke I can’t take credit for that, so let’s get into this product. so flexi spot the makers of the all-in-one Desk bike desk size Pro sponsored this video as you can see right here. It’s a desk where you can get work done, but also Exercise that’s my dream that is your dream to get work done an exercise at the same time exactly to be like so Focused maybe in maybe like to say you’re gaining. Let’s say you’re riding What else do you do let’s say you’re doodling? And you want to get a little bit of a lay workout in the process you know you want to get those big thighs this Is the way to do it, ooh? 2018 CES Innovation Awards that’s pretty nifty actually did not know that let’s take a look at some of these pictures Oh So you can go forward and back with the desk and what’s this resistance track your exercise more scientific make exercise more efficient That’s dope oh. Yeah. See she’s doing her homework on. It wait. No not her not her. She’s a little old for homework She’s doing her homework on it. This is a girl that wants to get so much work done. She’s not exercising while she works She’s working. Well she exercises that’s right. That’s cool. So it looks like it’s for all ages all shapes and sizes You’re pear shape yes, if you’re a stick shape yes, if you’re an inverted pear shape yes, that means you got a really big bag skinnier body Abuk are here, we have the desk sizer Pro got this little manual that’s great. No you know we don’t read those Nope if I lift this up a bit you can see right here. It can do you give me that manual? I’m gonna need to read that we read it sometime guard only sometimes when we really want to know about the products Yeah
Not cuz we need it so it can track the time you exercised the speed when you exercise the distance Calorie and the RPM the literally the speed of the wheel internal adjustable seat That’s actually really easy so you can have it multiple sizes, so this one goes down and or up So that’s cool because you want to have those good ergonomics You know you gotta have the right angle while it’s very ergonomic. You can set it to exactly your preferences so much movement Yeah, I can respect that it goes light bump, and then we just kind of like exercise our problems away That’s negative one resistance. I was like I’m so fast. Let’s do it on eight plus. Oh yeah, that’s gonna do it That’s gonna get dead fit trying to write a memo to the office And I’m just like getting really irritable because this Hill is so tough, but knowing in the end there was yeah you Get a fart. Yeah, yeah, so that’s a little bit too intense for me That’s for much stronger people But it’s nice to know that it’s good for all of those people but for us weak people less Resistance the better by putting on absolutely zero resistance I could pretend like I’m working out look at how hard I’m working out Amanda I’m gonna get fit for you in no time sneaking doughnuts. She doesn’t know I mean I’m gonna guess I’m like a four I’m out of shape. I’m actually hoping this is gonna. Get me in shape I’m gonna go put this in my actual office that I do real work in not this work. No. This is not bad I thought it was gonna be way more difficult to do I’ve used some of these kinds of products before They kind of like move your upper body a lot they tend to make you a little bit less coordinated But this since you can rest your arms right here like my hands feel like 100% coordination. I could just type away Oh What do I do is for like five seconds don’t show a man of this video I’m gonna rate this product a litt you don’t wanna Do I’m gonna set a new year’s resolution to use this product frequently, I’m gonna start right now frequently That’s what you’re going on and they’re really gonna start The measurable goal how about this tanner? I will use it so frequently I will use it to review the next product that we have that’s a good start But we’ll see next o product box legend clothes t-shirt folder. Oh, it’s a t-shirt folder I thought it was like some type of special lego creator create special way No, no keep moving stop your laughing is distracting my movement It’s working you like the unhealthy the fat man is so much more fun like the beers and burgers Are you mad of messy clothes wouldn’t be from are you mad from messy clothes? It still doesn’t really make that much sense. I can’t believe a messy clothes exists in this world all right cool This is dope I’m gonna shut this give me the products. Let’s see how a good dad is at folding clothes Oh look comes with instructions. You know what we do with instructions Yeah, but first we read them so I assume you’ve prepared shirts for me. Yeah, if I’m not mistaken. I put this up like this and then I fold this like that and I do this and then I do this I do this and that is a Perfectly folded shirt, okay? Why would you start me off on a long sleeve bro sure it is much easier all right here I’ll give you a try with short sleeve shirt sleeves easy. It’s great here. You held a beretta water Boom-boom no no I did that wrong. Yeah, it is Good back is wrinkles. I can’t control the wrinkles the wrinkles already exist Yeah, I mean this works, so I must say this one’s lit all right dad’s getting a little hot And he doesn’t want to be sweaty for the rest of the video. I am getting a workout next product large 2018 bubble wrap poster sized wall calendar. Why though you just pop it mm-hmm see you when you’re done with the day you just like here’s the satisfaction I get at the end of every day I Think you do it at the beginning wouldn’t you you do at the beginning? But then what do you look forward to at the end of the day? Nobody’s happy about the beginning of this Day I was like yeah, whatever I’m a little depressed whatever just talk about it. This is 2018 so that’s good That’s not how I thought it was gonna be packaged when someone buys bubble wrap what do they pack that in questions of the universe? Wait what is this it came with like this little thing here, I’m so curious oh Okay, look The tacks to pop those bubbles in case you have like bubble popping ineptitude Oh, or tack ineptitudes that hurt. How’s your hand is bleeding? No you didn’t check I? Want to see blood really all the way, this is laid out super long. That’s what she said Can we just talk about the the front here we have all these extra ones that have already been pumped Oh, no this one hasn’t they gave us an extra day This one is like June day zero sanjit wait something’s happening on June zero what I don’t know so I’m scary probably invisible people Zero everybody right That’s loud. Here’s my only problem with it Yeah, the bubbles are on the opposite side But you notice that they put the flat surface on top nobody likes popping the flat surfaces That’s accurate you see I’m pulling this back and popping it Yeah, so this How do you even pop out you can’t? But nobody wants to use the tax well Here’s the issue with using a tag no satisfaction right because guess what if you use a tack to pop a bubble That’s it. That’s the sound. That’s the most Dissatisfying experience a man can have maybe even women So how do you pop this? There we go you have to do fast Yeah, but let’s look to about like the day say you’re in January so we can come over here in the middle of January and You’re like so excited for the rest of your year You can’t wait to pop the rest of the bubbles but then someone comes in here on like January 10 in tops all of December you can’t even tell I mean if you were like even like a Date in the middle like you can’t tell how are you gonna know someone just pops your entire month until you get to the month And you’re like oh I must say this one is a quick sports research Sweet sweat jar thermo graphics study after just 20 minutes of exercise That’s what you are after that’s what you are after after you get some sweet sweat Okay watch it as creepily. Yes because I Was already nodding. No. I wasn’t I was thrown back because I got a question who exercises in the middle of a parking Lot she’s one of those types of girls That’s like always with the selfie and like every picture on her Instagram Is just her stomach that she took and she’s like what house so blessed works out ten hours at the gym Oh, my gosh blessed just had Thanksgiving dinner wrists No, but then it’s always like the same picture just like in a different bathroom This is the next level of that okay? You don’t have enough followers on Instagram So you go out into the public and show people you ripped ads You know you go out in public and you’re like all right not enough people at the gym Maybe if I go to like a Trader Joe’s parking lot there’s tons of people there I’ll just work out in the middle of the parking lot people are honking and get all the way ripped I don’t blame her. You know she wants the attention. I’m sure someone’s gonna give it to her live demonstration I’m assuming he has to have not have a shirt on for this demonstration because if the rest of this video doesn’t Allude to the fact of why he’s shirtless I’m gonna be upset cuz I just watched the shirtless man for no reason just certainly talking Good I’m glad I mean, I just said I was glad that another man was rubbing stuff on his body I’m not glad. I’m just I’m happy. There’s a point to his shirtlessness continue You ever been like rubbing lotion on and your wife walks up And she’s like oh you don’t rub it in you rub it on. I’m just like Oh. Cry I did it again I applied lotion incorrectly Okay, so he’s jump-roping so now. What is he doing? What embarrassing so his body’s heating up on the sweet sweater part, so it’s essentially forcing him to sweat What’s most likely happening is he’s clogging up his pores, or he’s like really like insulating his skin, and that’s pushing him to sweat I believe you can achieve the same result by just wearing clothes, but maybe I’m wrong oh Not shirtless, no see it’s the same thing this is for Instagram models They want to get the sweat, but they want to show off the pecs nice. Thanks. Good job I didn’t like a second to write that let’s have it garden Sweet sweat workout enhanced apply an ample amount topical gel. I’m not about to work out. I’m not gonna doubt that the product works I mean, I don’t necessarily understand like the difference between just like wearing a plastic bag. It’ll have the same approach I’ll probably look better in a plastic bag than rubbing this on my body. Let’s be real good you guys eat It especially when it’s over your head But I’m just curious. How it smells okay? Oh my gosh is so potent your nose. Isn’t as good as mine. No my nose It smells like a Yankee Candle wow it does like a Yankee Candle. You’re so good at this what the heck I’ve smelled many things in my day. It’s not a bad smell. I say no first ingredient is petroleum I wouldn’t rub that on my body use coconut oil It’s just synthesized as far as I know it petroleum is not a natural ingredient, so I’m gonna say it’s quick men hunt Let’s leave it the neoprene workout Sauna tank top zipper waist trainer literally the exact thing that we are talking about in the last product This is the alternative for it this will get you to sweat well It kind of does still allow you to show up your masculine or feminine muscles. Yeah, guy looks Jack be honest I ain’t scared of him Michael is right. He’s not even wearing it. That’s why they’re cutting off his face, dude This is the Photoshop what I feel violated. No. That’s not right I feel betrayed Add to Cart now I feel violated I hope you got oh. I hope you got like an extra extra large for this dad Bob Yeah, I know how big you are Oh sweet We have a custom note written in Comic Sans in order to provide more high quality Products and best service to our customers we hope you can give us a positive review The email address tail long at Cena calm tail long I’m sorry. I can’t dude. It’s trash in there email. Hey, what do you want to name your company? Oh something suggestive tail long you know what a human tail is We have some brevity in this breathability and you zip up the front I’m gonna put this on do you think I am like oh, okay? It’s time. You look like Han Solo. I’m gonna Oh my gosh that is tight Strong Showing the dead, but way too much bro. No why do you look at your packs? Do you work out these aren’t pecs? They look like you? Got those love handles going I mean it’s love muscles whoa Whoa whoa, what if you put that under your shirt you probably look so buff. Maybe do I feel like doing it? You come here often do I look at a place? Mm. Oh this is definitely squeezing my gut you never want to compress your guns smart water bottle with reminder to Drink water is that what makes the water bottle smart? Or is it smart, and it also does that this water bottle is very intelligent Also, it will remind you to drink water, but that is just beside the fact that it’s very intelligent What do you what is where oh it does is intelligent Cup I haven’t even gotten there yet come on quit reading the description before I do tanner you Know so, it’s intelligent also with a timer buying this item. I’m expecting that it has other features and other intelligence Says that’s ironic saying the word intelligent wrong. I’m a smart boy herder I think the only thing it really does is just keep time and remind you Here’s the big question actually. Let’s forget that big question because I’ve just stumbled upon a gold mine Okay, look at this woman, which one yeah, you’re right. Oh none of them are using it They’re all using mugs and cups and you’re I mean. I don’t know about you, but at 7:00 a.m.. Like this lady I’m not in that mood. I’m like everyone’s evil. I’m going to destroy the world until I get my coffee this woman’s like Drink a bottle of healthy pure nature mineral water instead of tea or coffee or other beverage water can Complement the loss of moisture in the air conditioning room and make you more fresh I’ve always wanted to be more fresh now This is a story all about It with they just did a whole entire like paragraph on why you shouldn’t be drinking tea or coffee and the way these making tea Yeah, literally you know what they were doing with this literally a twenty two o’clock is Drinking coffee and tea drink a little water before going to bed. Enjoy your sweet night Dude maybe I do need this product, I want a sweet night, you know I’m saying we know at the cars Not bad packaging eight times this just looks too small for me like I don’t want to have to refill it a thousand times Every day you know I’m saying. There’s the reset feature what you look down there like the bottom is right here Look wow what does this hold like 8 ounces? Oh Relax, oh, okay, so you can you can alert you like every hour I mean a little bit clunky to set up like why not just have something that says like would you like it every hour or? Would you like it every other hour? Or would you like it off and then just have something to set the time? I mean, I guess someone could have like the individual nature of like wool at 7:00 a.m. I’m still doing this one thing that I can’t drink my water, but at 7:05 I can you know so like maybe that’s it but other than that I feel like it’s a whole lot of work for something your Phone can do 10 times easier, and this is like eight ounces in here, I must say quit Stay positive in a jar tips quotes and questions to spark upbeat thoughts and attitudes. I already feel upbeat. Don’t you – Yeah positivity in a jar so you open up the jar and You get some positivity is it like in the form of pixie Dust is it in the form of notes is it in the form of cocaine is it in the form of I mean What are we talking here? You know just a jar $100 bills that I would be down with $9.99 That’d be a good deal. Also. What is a book supplements take doses of this book regularly? to come stay positive boost positive thoughts and attitudes in kids quotation and adults Tanner I Will take one and you take one okay tell each other yes What are some things you can do to keep yourself motivated when you feel like giving up? You’re gonna tap into my life that have you already answered it um I start talking to myself and that sounds bad right, but when I start talking to myself. I deny leaving what’s on my back Okay, so that’s kooky talk clearly give me yours think of a friend or family member who has a positive attitude How do you feel when you are around this person? How can someone’s attitude help other people feel okay, so the person I first thought of was Mike Mike Badal Oh good, call um he’s always a positive person. How do I feel when I’m around him. Yeah, sometimes like strangling him oh sit Because I’m Mike why are you so happy all the time be upset once in a while all right? Let’s take these around the office see if we can inspire some peeps Did you know that Physical activity leads you to a happier you which boosts your immune system and that being active Outdoors gives you an extra boost I’m trying to get outside and get moving everyday That’s the place ever to give to an enemy hey listen I feel like you should keep put it right there, just remember oh Look another editor picture ending oh gosh reward yourself for taking care of boring, but important tasks What’s that you clean out your backpack read a comic book make these rewards a heaven you’ll want to get the job done I finally give you advice I’d say hey stop with the comic books get outside with so uh That’s on card set I got this in the car Pick randomly, it’s good. This is a positive thing for you. All so why is your shirt stained? There’s a stain right here, bro Turn off your phone tablet or computer for an afternoon and spend time doing something you enjoy he’s kind of doing that right now Right doing a little mix session with Mike, but it’s on the computer, so yeah, I mean it’s not a tablet So I’ll count it. Just hand over your tablet and phone to me right now, and I’ll confiscate it advanced stop snoring solution anti snoring and sleep a device It’s a pacifier for adults good that looks weird dude. It looks like he’s sucking on some like fruit in like a clear plastic bag What the heck is that? Dude this I can tell you for sure is a way to emasculate Men it prevents your tongue from slipping back into the throat oh, I have the problem so much Aren’t you just like talking about dang it my collar to lift in the back of my throat again? No, that’s his tongue So you’re supposed to go to sleep with your tongue out, can you imagine sleeping like that alright good night, honey? Would your tongue does dry up or something yeah? Remote a full night’s rest with your partner there implying that someone that would put that in has a partner All right man this is it deep sleep pro. Oh my gosh. I just want instructions that tell you how to use it That’s all I’m that’s all I want we do not suggest sleeping overnight with the device for the first few nights What run the deep seat Pro anti snore tongue sleeve under warm literally? It’s all it says run it under warm to soften the silicone. Oh my gosh warm what? Not read their stuff, I don’t understand before inserting make sure the Not okay the V right here is facing downward Gently push the tongue into the bulb until it is touching both sides lightly squeeze the bulb to create a gentle suction Oh How’s that feel all right now young man don’t be a mom you would never be able to go to sleep with that it pinches Your tongue. Oh my gosh Are you killing it like the kind an Italian tongue? I’m gonna try and says the kind of huh, this is the Kylie Jenner challenge for your tongue You ever wanted one of this big plump towns, and you want to impress your friends with a fat tongue a thick tongue What was this tongue my god if from the deep suction crawl burn it that is not lit it’s a quick like I’ll Alleged the child smart navigation and fitness tracking insoles and buckles oh You put it in your shoe or on your shoe? And it helps you track stuff navigate hands-free without looking at your phone even when offline get detailed route guidance through simple Vibrations and patterns you get navigational assistance from your shoe one buzz right two goes wrong. How do they calculate reroute? It’s just like breeks tout and your butt your my foots freaking out make me go the opposite direction I know this is the right way I have a garden the world’s first haptic Footwear interact with your foot stay fit and have a game I mean your feet are the things that are navigating you your feet are the things that move you from place to place so wouldn’t It only make sense if your feet did the thinking of where you’re going to go next so your brain could just be like forget About it I can focus on other things like finding a woman or fidget spin both of those go together Yeah, not that packaging not even better yeah, if I make a product, I’m gonna knock this off nothing it up That’s actually really clean packaging look at that, dude. I don’t know what it’s like a live one soul this right Here is the soul and then I assume you put the thing in there. Please tell me there’s another soul yes Thank you, cuz I was like. This is gonna. Feel really awkward if you only have one so I assume this right here is My word look at this dude packaging on point like I was making fun, but these things are made with precision and finesse searching for peripherals ah Okay, so this is a charge pod. Oh you see these this metal this like metal beveled edge That’s actually the connectors You can see in there it actually connects to it So I put that in there and I plugged this in I’m assuming to activate them No pods found that’s a bummer. Dude. They don’t include instructions on how to actually first get them connected I mean there’s no buttons on this taking a break looking at all the YouTube videos on how to start it up now none of the videos tell you how to start it up and Other reviews of this product said a very similar thing. How do you even get it to work in the first place? I mean, I’m sure there’s this thing that it’s just going right over our heads, but this is a Critical failure maybe I’m thinking maybe you give it like there’s got to be movement things in there does that wake it out No, maybe I put it in the pod to do it I felt them vibrate and now there’s a flashing light pods found there you go connect register what we just did this I’m so frustrated I Literally can’t get this product to work. That is a quit what you’re just so easy. Yeah. Yeah, let’s quit I would have wakened it I’m like is this bad the app is this bad the product is this hard to get good And I think that’s the biggest travesty in these modern-day like companies is that they make these hardware products And they just don’t fully think through the application, and it just destroys what could be a potentially great product We’ll never know padlock wristband smart wearable that breaks bad habits Behavioral technology mild electric stimulus. Oh so you’re you’re familiar with Pavlov had a lot of dogs. Yeah, okay? Well you were that I wasn’t expecting that explained to me so Pavlov dogs is a Experiment based off of conditioning right okay explain to me like I’m a every time he shocked them Into believing that Oh my boss sleep. I fell asleep. Don’t quit your day job Add the car padlock cool packaging feel like we’ve seen some good packaging today Yeah, I’m impressed so this thing every time you do a bad thing It will shock you so here’s what is dumb about this product, and here’s why this product fails out the gate Who’s gonna go and shock themselves it doesn’t work you can’t like you can Potentially condition yourself, but wouldn’t it be just as effective to just not do it in the first place have discipline Discipline yes exactly what happens when you eat sugar and you’re like. I don’t feel like punishing myself better. It’s kind of masochistic Yeah, I know That’s what I’m saying So this isn’t gonna help a person that wants to quit a bad habit that they don’t hate you know what I mean I’ll probably just give them a new habit of just wanting to shock them Yeah, exactly, but what if you gave someone else to control? No, but then you can just be like no huh no oh But I mean maybe on an ass as you can control it from a nap, but then you have to have someone by you 24/7 all right All right, I’m gonna try and train tanner tell me if this worked. It was a vibration. They’re heavily read every time Oh, yeah, seriously check this out right. It’s working, but it’s only vibrating is it supposed to hurt. It’s supposed to shock you I don’t get a zap I get a vibe okay So here’s what here’s what we try take it out of this hold both ends, and then just press the center What’s the same thing? I just don’t wanna do Oh Okay, that word that word did it work Will’s out Okay, so there’s another functional problem in this is that it wasn’t making contact with your wrist So it wasn’t actually Zoey try this again Can you control this via app – yeah, you can control it via app you want to like to ask me questions And if I get them right, I don’t get zapped if I do get them rest. I’ve got the app open right here Oh, it keeps connecting and disconnecting. That’s not a good sign, okay Yeah, it has to be pressed really hard because Owen Gavi I have to wear it like really really tight against your skin like a chef and probably shave yeah Like a shot cut and probably shaved your arm ready is that yeah, okay? You felt that yeah, all right intensity 100% Commit what is my favorite color blue wrong-o? Green it’s great. Thank you. What a weird man Green who did I eat lunch with yesterday? Oh, yeah good? Thank you, who did I eat lunch with the day before Amanda wait? Who did I? Write with me. Who are you looking at the wall? I’m here without looking shut your eyes right now. What does the neon sign say goodbye blowing alright? Nope oh? Let’s get weird Pretty good so after some finessing we can get it to work, but in my opinion. It’s really just a novelty gag gift It’s not gonna actually be something functional that you can use to retrain your brain to not make bad habits quit This video right here is ten unusual products that we found at a mall and Let me tell you there are some weird ones in this video right here is a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy Will you I don’t know let’s find out by clicking That video and this right here is a big old subscribe button if you’re new here Cuz if you are we want to see you here more often high-five


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