Should I Buy Silver or Gold?

Should I Buy Silver or Gold?

Should I Buy Silver or Gold? Should I buy silver or gold? It’s a
really good question. Oftentimes, when people call they will have already made
up their mind as to what it is they’re going to do which is fine, which is fine.
But, if they ask me or if they’re open to advice I usually suggest that they would
purchase both, for a couple of reasons. Number one, they don’t always track
exactly with each other. Sometimes one is undervalued relative to the other.
Secondly, they really serve different purposes, silver tends to have greater
utility for those people who are concerned that someday they might have
to actually, possibly use this to conduct commerce. In which case silver would
really be the metal of the day. Gold on the other hand, has always been and still is the holder of wealth, a store of wealth. Where in a very small item you can
contain a lot of wealth, easy to store, easy to carry, where silver doesn’t quite
have that same value. So oftentimes when people start or even a little further down
the road, I’ll encourage them to overweight slightly in silver until
they’ve really had their fill from a storage standpoint and then start to
layer on more and more the gold.

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