Shout Out for a Brother Subscriber – Silver Futurist – by Illuminati Silver

Shout Out for a Brother Subscriber – Silver Futurist –  by Illuminati Silver

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 2nd August 2015 and we have
produced on this occasion a slightly different video, hopefully to lighten the environment
a little, as we have noted that one or two of our subscribers are being a little aggressive,
not just with us but also with each other. We would like to ask all of our subscribers’
one small favour. We accept you do not know us, and that you are likely to be, and possibly
should be, suspicious of us. After all, we appeared out of no-where and thanks to you
have gained a considerable following in just a short period of time. We put forward what
our considered views of the precious metal market to be, focussing on Silver as the mainstay.
A number of you will disagree with us and that’s fine. After all no-one has the monopoly
on the “Truth” and we all make mistakes from time to time – so one person’s view
is no better or worse than another. The only difference sometimes, is that someone may
base their view on analysis, others on sentiment, others on cult following or hero worship and
others out of pure emotion, and some on personal experience. One would like to think that more
often than not, those who base their views on analysis and experience will arrive at
a more accurate answer than those who merely base it on gut feeling and hero worship – but
even then it does not necessarily follow. Whichever your approach, we ask that everyone
respects each other’s feelings and beliefs, by all means argue with them, but please avoid
any name calling or insults. We will reveal where we believe hypocrisy and dis-information
lies, whether its Government, Industry or Individuals, but we shall not defame anyone
nor insult anyone personally or their family. We know you who are listening would not wish
to do so either, and we would ask therefore, that no matter how heated any argument becomes,
that we refrain from being tempted to hurl insults at each other. After-all this is becoming
a most interesting and growing community of those interested in precious metals, and we
would like to make it a welcoming community regardless of whether you oppose our views
or support them. Now to the task in hand. Every week we are
going to give a positive shout-out to one of our broadcasting subscribers. To be honest,
they are being presented in no particular order of favouritism, but we have watched
many contributors on You Tube and have put their names into a hat and drawn one out for
this week’s attention. We shall do the same each and every week, and that contributor
may support us or may oppose our views, regardless, if we believe they produce a good channel
and offer a fair and honest view, then we will place them in our ‘hat’ and yes,
for those who ask the question, it is a ‘bowler hat’ as we are British you know .
Ok todays Shout Out is ………………………Chicken Man – Silver Futurist and we have placed
a link to his channel below our video. This zany guy set up his channel on December
14th 2009 has more than 10,600 subscribers and 760,000 views to his name and he is has
zany as hell. Often filmed feeding his chickens and talking to them, this guy has won our
attention and hearts. In the early days, he admits he joined the silver pumping brigade
because he believed in the story that gold and silver were ‘going to the moon;’ and
he even admitted in one of his videos a little while ago that he had removed a number of
these videos because he felt his ‘bullishness’ may have contributed people to have made investments
in gold and silver, when it was not the right thing to do at the time. What a great guy
he is admitting that fact. Also his latest video which he broadcast yesterday proves
he’s a modest guy too just listen to this :
He then adds that in essence, trading is assessed primarily on Fundamentals, Technical Analysis
and Sentiment and he admits that trading on sentiment has been the most successful outcome
from his trading experience. This
is what he says: His views are most interesting to us. He is
an ordinary guy, with a passion for chickens and precious metals, after all, who hasn’t?
and is sharing his views and experience with us in a most positive manner.
Welcome to our community Brother and together we shall all climb the ladder to personal
prosperity and enlightenment and please continue with the excellent work and contribution you
make to the precious metal community. So listeners, please look him up, if you haven’t
done so already, accept his idiosyncrasies, and at least you know you are listening and
watching someone in our community who is genuine. Thank you for listening, we hope you have
enjoyed this video and please give us a thumb up and if you haven’t already done so please
subscribe and share and follow us on twitter @illuminatisilv1 Disclaimer:
Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. i admire your views and cool head, truth always hurts, you are a voice of wisdom in a sea of salesmen noise,silver will drop to bellow the $10 price per ounce as deflation take place soon, however hold some silver because after that shortly lived moment of deflatin,inflation will hit in a big time to drive silver price to around or above the $70 pre ounce range.good luck to you sir, i find you informative,level head person.thanks for your contribution.

  2. It is reassuring to hear your views on PM's.  You really provide some sobriety to the PM community some of whom can tend to be a little gullible.      PS I hope Australia win the Ashes, do you ?

  3. Excellent, I nominate Rawdogletarde for another honest approach… and await new bowler hat channel revelations. It's promising to be a fun and mysterious approach… like a Charlie Chan mystery. Jai Meher Baba

  4. I like this approach much more then your last video. One thing I really found of value  from Chris Duane was "Listen to All, and Follow None." I think this format you have chosen amplifies that thought line. Thank you for taking the time and consideration to go in this direction.

  5. I recently found your channel and subbed. I like your approach and agree we should encourage disagreement & discussion without animosity or bad manners. Are you a club/organization or just a group of like minded friends? I think a knowledge pool is a great advantage. I enjoy your videos because they always stimulate new perspectives and ideas. Keep up the good work – best to you from the Pig (a colonial cousin).

  6. Since I have no debt, silver seems like a good thing to buy…why not, it beats spending money on smokes, pop, and hookers.

  7. I think this video was awesome! Its nice to see people being recognized for their honesty and friendliness! Thank you for sharing!

  8. A shout out to Silver Futurist? Another guy from the group you belong to, you guys are so predictable and certainly know how to stick together.

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