Silk Thread Braid Bangle(Eng Sub)

Hi Viewers Now lets see how can we make Silk Thread Braid (Jada) Bangle and the materials required for this are.. Khada Bangle Silk threads( Different colour) Cutter Stone Lace Glue and lastly tape viewers.. now apply glue to the inner side of the Khada bangle stick the white color silk thread taken in 20 strands and wrap it slowly line by line If you want to see how to take and wrap the silk thread to a bangle please watch my previous video on Checker Bangle making like this wrap the silk thread line by line without any gaps wrap it whole bangle with the silk thread As you can see, wrapping was just completed and lastly cut the excess silk thread and stick the thread with glue Now I am taking different color silk threads As I have bangle(wrapped with white thread) with white base I took bright colors like Pink, Blue and Yellow for the Braid design Next take 20 strands of each colored thread and stick one end with glue and leave other end freely Now take a tape and stick all these threads side by side with out overlapping as shown in the video I have stuck these threads to a box like this so that they will not overlap with one another and also easy to braid these threads one over other I have arranged all this to a box you can take anything as per your availability to stick and braid these threads step by step hold the threads with your finger and cross one thread over another like this crisscross these threads till you get three strand look like braid sufficient for the length of the bangle like this as shown in the video, adjust these threads and braid them ok Viewers I have now the Braid of silk threads to stick around the bangle lastly, stick the glue to another end like this and press all of them to stick as One and then cut the excess threads at the end so that the braided thread will not separate into individual sections next again apply glue to the edge and now remove the tape from the box and the thread as well and next apply glue to this end also and press all of them to stick as One cut the excess thread using cutter Ok Viewers The silk thread braid is ready now and to stick it on the bangle Apply glue exactly in the middle of the bangle like this apply glue exactly in the middle of bangle we will stick the silk thread braid on the glue applied stick it exactly in the middle of the bangle and cut the excess braid thread if any using cutter and adjust and stick them properly to the bangle using glue at the end let it dry for few minutes.. After it got dried up we need to stick the stone lace on both sides of this braid for that, apply glue on the bangle just adjacent to braid stick the stone lace and rotate the bangle and press the stone lace to stick properly for the whole bangle cut the excess stone lace at the end using the cutter adjust that again to look good and stick properly In the same way, apply glue on the other side of Braid and stick the stone lace Viewers.. As you can see, I have placed stone lace on both sides of Braid equally This is finished neatly and beautifully, right? We have prepared this Braid Bangle with very easy and simple materials Viewers.. You too can try making these Bangles This will be look so good in Parties and for daily wear as well If you like the video, please like, share and comment on this and and please don’t forget to subscribe Thank you..!

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