Silver 1 HOUR 48 MIN GAME (Veigar 2700+ AP)- Longest Game on EUW Server 2017 (Solo Queue Ranked)

Silver 1 HOUR 48 MIN GAME (Veigar 2700+ AP)- Longest Game on EUW Server 2017 (Solo Queue Ranked)

ladies and gentlemen my name is makisi aka the lower hounds and today I have a very special a very unique video now the longest game in soloqueue for 2017 confirmed by riot was a two hour and 42 minutes on the Oceania server and the second-longest was under two hours at 1 hour and 56 minutes on the NA server I do not have replays of those two games but I do have a replay of an EU s silver game that went for 1 hour and 48 minutes which is most likely the longest game on the EU s server and in the top five for 2017 I am about to spectate a 108 silver game wish me luck so in this game in the top lane we’ve got Vladimir and allowi in the jungle we’ve got Xin Zhao and Fiddlesticks in the mid lane we’ve got Lux and Vigo and in the bot lane we’ve got Israel and Lulu up against Lucien and so now by the way shout out to the Lulu support who provided me with this replay oh man we are only level 1 in this game and already something is happening as Israel has to flash away level 1 and uses heal the flesh from photo 6 he picks up first blood and Lucien also dies who lux lands her binding the e as well the flash way from Vigo the flash or a check from Lux gets the kill meanwhile in the oh okay 108 minutes of this hello Lux are you there Lux Lux well there you go Lux has disconnected and so has Vladimir we have got a 5 V 3 at the moment 11 minutes into the game no Lux is back Vladimir has finally reconnected but he’s struggling his 50 CS behind and he’s taking a lot of damage as he how comes allowing with the flash and gets the kill 16 minutes in this game is super even as Veigar flashes in M his stun they spot out allow he allow his two levels ahead they’re going to try and fight this one but allow his so good in these situations in the 1v2 situations and she takes down sins oh and gets a double kill oh boy allowi is killing it so far the fiddlesticks ultimate as well as they get two more kills red team are getting ahead twenty nine minutes into this game and the red team I’m going to pick up another dragon that’s a fourth dragon they’ve got to infernal dragons as well how does this game go for so long I do not know Red Team about to get the first Baron of the game the ultimate for fiddlesticks the Baron was almost stolen from lux blue team trying to deny his fifth dragon as fiddlesticks is gonna alt in to try and steal it but he gets blown to shreds and the blue team are going to get one infernal Drake the red team didn’t really do much with the Baron both Lucian and sown are dead now but it looks like Vigo and fiddlesticks are looking to set up a trap yeah they want to kill this Vladimir as Vigo goes in with the stun the fiddlesticks ultimate coming out and Vladimir gets shut down okay it appears this Vigo is trolling a little bit as he just wants the farm and stack as much AP as possible he’s already level 18 the red team are falling apart at the moment I’m not sure what’s going on but they’re just pinging and they’re never grouping looks like they were just following one another someone must have said something in the chat so it’s time to troll pls 9 times allow me trolling afk farming the blue team are looking to secure the second barrel Lucian is gonna try seal it as he dashes in but he does not get the steal and he gets blown up once again the blue team trying to push down with the Baron buff with vigor and allow er just too strong defending the base but Sona does go down and shutting down Vigo with another one-shot a double kill he’s got so much AP allow me so so tanky allow he could go down though users barrier the flashing fiddlesticks is here with his ultimate allow is still alive how he survives and gets a double-kill bygone now has over 1500 8p you can see that allow e is refusing to group blue team on the Baron and Lux is going to teleport involutions right yeah and okay blue team are going to secure there no they’re not as Fiddlesticks seals the Baron for the red team and they get the kill on to Lulu but it looks like blue team may win this fight in the Baron put and they will do so but meanwhile Lucian is going to get the first in him of the game Lucian looking to get the second in him of the game he’s the only one doing work for the red team at the moment he won’t be able to get the second as Lux flashes in and misses everything look at Lucian go doing work putting in work for his team now on to the top in here can he get no he can’t okay Baron is up again and the blue team should be able to secure this one without any steals I’m not sure what’s going on with the red team but none of them seem to want to play but when it comes to defending their base they do everything they can the blue team are pushing the top lane with the Baron buff Vigo has to flash away but the red team have got the middle in him and they’re looking to end as they’re going through some kills Lucian does get the kill on to Israel but he will also die in our blue team with the burn buffs we’ll have to back careful sticks get the inhibitor for his team for the red team he will be able to do so but he will also die forward by the looks of things and the flash from Lux gets the e gets the slow Fiddlesticks uses zhonya’s and does go down 63 minutes into the game and Vigo now has over 2008 P I think Vigo is just completely focused on just farming allowi is making sure that the enemy team are aware of any backdoors solution with the backdoor and now the red team are going to have all three in here but at the same time everybody’s full build and we’ve got some very interesting builds to Luden’s on Vladimir and then three on lux blue team looking for another Baron buff but fiddlesticks is gonna come in with his ultimate to try and steal it he will not be able to steal it he’s going to flash away and he’s actually gonna die both sona and fiddlesticks die fertile six now looking for the back door by himself he should at least get one inhibitor the blue team are now looking to back he will get the inhibitor he’s gonna try and escape but he will not be able to do so as he will die for it as the whole blue team collapse onto him so I just looked up did a little bit of research and it appears that this allow en vigor our duo queue they are both trolling by not ending the game but at the same time they are defending and the blue team just cannot break through them because they are so strong Veigar just one shots minion waves with his W on it like a two second cooldown and look at that how much damage he does is he one shots to Lulu and allow he is just way too tanky they need some armor penetration they need some magic penetration maybe get a void stuff and maybe get a lord Dominic’s regards I think that’s what the blue team need baron buff is up again this time allowi and fargo are here to steal it as vigo just gets it with these W and Xin xao also dies 76 minutes into the game and Vega has close to 2,500 AP 80 minutes into the game and these are the gold scores Vigo with over 37,000 allowi with over 34,000 and Xin xao with over 33,000 okay well Lucien is now trying something different three infinity edges and a static Shiv didn’t quite work out though three members of the red team I have Peter afk but the blue team just can’t get past the allowi and vigor even in a 5v2 yep so no 100% once this game to end Lulu asking if they will forfeit I don’t think so as Veigar and allowi refused to forfeit so that means they cannot do so Fiddlesticks and sonar looking for another backdoor can they do it they will be able to get another inhibitor as Israel gets exhausted and flashes away but they are going to get collapsed on and they both gonna end up dying for three of them on down now can the blue team do it in a 5v to get something let’s see all sudsy I was going to make the big play as he immediately jumps it forces the flash away from by gore can you get the kill you will get the shutdown he will go down as well and allow me so wait a minute what is that huh hello now that is a work of art as allowi just survives oh it looks like they have started another one on this side as well okay blue team will secure yet another barren blue team now pushing the bot lane not quite sure why they don’t just go for the inhib okay then they are finally looking to get the inhibitor cam blue team get their first inhibitor of the game in the 90th minute they will do so and look at this Vigo and allowi doing it all by themselves once again as they take down Xin xao Lulu also goes down vladimir goes down as well Sona is busy backdooring and looks like lacs will die as well the blue team just can’t do it Sona and Fiddlesticks trying to finally end this game can they do it they need one more Nexus tower and then the Nexus but now Israel’s yeah oh no fertile sticks is too low so he has to back off they will not be able to end the game just yet Oh fiddlesticks uses Anya’s Lucian it may go down they will kill the Fiddlesticks will who should be able to get away no he will not it’s a double kill now is it the blue team’s chance blue team are pushing down the mid lane can they kill this allow my god they will be able to kill the sona yes they do this is their big opportunity got super minions pushing down he gets stunned and he oh my goodness bye-bye see you later Xin xao as now it is a 4v to look at this allow he is just way to the tanky they do no damage we need the void staff sweet okay Vladimir’s gonna go in he’s gonna take Vigo down to half health but it’s just gonna be some poke damage allowi come on we need some void stops we need some armor penetration oh look at the damage Vladimir is going to die no he’s just going to get out he’s just going to survive well then if you’re ever wondering what happens in a 108 minute game this this is it blue team are going to get the baron for the 10 millionth time we’ve got some more backdoor sona now with two Infinity edges will can’t you get the top lane in him she will do so but she will die for it meanwhile Vladimir is still trying to fight in the enemy base but just gets destroyed by the allow E wait a minute Fiddlesticks fiddlesticks is going for the back door fiddlesticks is on the Nexus they expect Kate can he do it the blue team are backing does he have enough damage no he does not as he now backs off and he may die for this as the lacs ultimate misses he’s going to get polymorph and he will go down oh I thought that was the moment sona attempting the back door once again it looks like Xin Zhao has now finally given up he wants this game to end as some of the booty my backing but o Ellucian gets one shot they will get the inhibitor they’ve got two in Hibbs now the Nexus is open little six and Sona could be looking for the Nexus but no Sona will die or fight has broken out it is a 3 V 2 Oh Lucien gets one shot and fiddlesticks has to use his as zhonya’s and this is going to be a double kill for Xin Zhao he gets done though and ok there we go again blue team yet again looking for another Baron as the teleport is coming in but look at this Fiddlesticks and Lucien are looking for the backdoor and the Nexus is open you’ve got to be aware of that they will get the barren as Sona shuts down shona kills the Lulu and they could get the backdoor is this going to be the moment in the 109 minutes Lucien and Fiddlesticks wins the game it is finally finally over I want to see how much ap Veigar head Vigo into the game with 2783 AP and that is that look at those stats 214,000 gold to two hundred and four thousand gold 78 kills 268 kills xin zhao with 30 kills lucian with 27 deaths and lulu with 50 assists allowi with almost 1000 CS ladies and gentlemen that is the one hour and 48 minutes aim of the EU where server I hope you guys enjoyed this video if so drop that like button and as always have a nice day [Music] [Music]


  1. This shows the problem with the surrender system. A troll duo can just hold the game hostage even though majority have vote.

  2. Quiero agradecer a Lira Steamwood por la traducción al español, excelente trabajo amigo por la edición, estuvo bastante interesante jaja me suscribo

  3. If your veigar in that game, and you don't hard stop and end so much earlier, your inting. If ur a vei, the absolute longest a game should last is 1hr

  4. Wtf was thies veigar doing
    he was farming with his w all game long and gets nearly no ap compared to what he should have gotten

  5. Remember my game which last 1hour and 10-15 min. We were loosing but our jinx managed to do solo baron and then penta and we won

  6. Year ago i played a game, normal, just chillin and it turned out that game was going on for 117mins like leggit i ain't lyin but unfortunately i don't have proof soo…
    Btw i was silver back then

  7. Veigar’s mom: it’s time to go to sleep Viegar

    Veigar: Let me just play one more game then I’ll go to sleep

  8. I get around 1k AP with Veigar on ARAM in just like 20 min, how is that he did not manage to 1 shot the xin zhao with BT after 47 minutes? (7:25)

  9. why are this guys silveeerr??? OMG i can’t fuckin get out of bronze and i don’t buy 3 infinity edges in same game. F my luck

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