SILVER 5 DR. MUNDO 4,800,000 MASTERY POINTS- Spectate Highest Mastery Points on DR. Mundo

SILVER 5 DR. MUNDO 4,800,000 MASTERY POINTS- Spectate Highest Mastery Points on DR. Mundo

Mundo will go where he pleases! You may ask himself is it possible someone who played out? thousands of games pure tank champion. Damn, my old mic sounded really really bad . The highest mastery points Dr.. Mundo last time We did a video he had two point five million mastery points, and now he’s got four point eight million And still mastery level 5. 2 million mastery points ago He was silver 5 and now he- is still silver 5 but that’s okay. Dr.. Mundo, TP’ing back to lane, and he hits the cleaver straight away Kled decided to stick around a bit too long There is another cleaver. He’s going to chase him down! Skaarl is gone. Kled is the only one left to die Dr. Mundo Gets the kill is he going to survive? Oh! Heal at the last second. That is why you take heal on top lane mundo, Dr. Mundo uses his ultimate he wants this Teemo. Oh look at that, insane kiting from Teemo, But Mundo Oh looks like he’s got him and mundo is going to take him down mundo too strong for you Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to spectate the highest mastery point Dr.. Mundo again Let’s do this It doesn’t look like his strategy has changed too much He still takes heal and teleport and starts with boots only And he goes with pretty much the exact same build Here’s a gank coming in from Graves and Teemo does not have flash So, oh!. Flash in from Graves and the ultimate picks the kill up. My man Dr. Mundo still has in fact. He’s got 92 Cs Already is actually farming pretty well, and now he’s going all in again because his ultimate is back up Teemo had to flash away He’s dodging the shrooms, but he gets hit by that one but still gets the kill he is finally making his first back He’s already got one kill one assist and 97 Cs Let’s see what he buys he buys a spirit visage a bami’s cinder and a cloth armor. That’s about 4 K gold Graves is here for the gang but Zac is also here for the Counter gank I think the blue team will win this fight because they are ahead in levels the jungle and the top laner Zac doesn’t have his passive. So he is the first one to go down and now Dr.. Mundo He might tank this he’s going to kill the team are either. Yes He is two kills so Vayne has made her way to the top lane to help out this Teemo oh, Dr. Mundo uses his ultimate Vayne is only level seven five levels behind the Monday Oh, so he’s barely taking any damage, Vayne has to flash away now! And Dr. Mundo looking for the kill and can he get it he could try. Oh, he does he lands the cleaver he may go down here, but he has heal he still has heal Teemo is gonna flash for the kill! and No, he gives up Dr.. Mundo is he going to back? Not today he sticks around but now Braum has made his way to the top lane to help out the Teemo. Oh, but mundo has got his ultimate back, and they just do no damage Oh watch out now. Everybody is in the top lane to stop this dr.. Mundo It’s a 1v4 at the moment his teammates are not going to help him can he get away from this one? He did use his ultimate and the ultimate from Malzahar suppresses him. He’s not taking much damage Which is so much CC, and he is going to get away? It’s almost like playing against Singed . Four players again. Can they get him this time they should and they do? Zack jumps in and goes down just way too strong just way too. Tanky He’s even got some damage now with the frozen mallet he picks up that kill and he’s going to get the double kill before Ending the game. I don’t know how he’s still silver 5 he seems to be smashing every lane He’s got 150 Cs. The most in the game. He’s 2 levels ahead of this yorick, Yorick has to flash away There’s the cleaver and this should be the kill there it is He seized the Draven and he wants the draven using his ultimate Janna is here as well Janna Shields the Tower not sure why I guess there was a miss quick, but exhaust and Dr. Mundo in some trouble has to use heal and Vayne uses it as well He only has armor items – or he could do some damage, but he is three levels the heads and the flash and from Vayne The Big Fella he’s dominating another lane uses his ultimate look at this is going all-in Vladimir has to use his ultimate but Mundo is just healing up all but look at that hill from Vladimir as well The two healing machines going at it, but I think Dr. Mundo’s got this one He is now five levels ahead of the jungler Jax what has Jax been doing? He’s going to tower dive this let’s see how long you can tank the tower It’s not going to be a problem at the moment And he gets the kill he has finally decided to help out His team his bot lane has been struggling, but he’s just so far ahead at this point He should be able to get this double kill gets the one kill, now Kalista, Lux actually gets the kill whoo Yeah Gg. Well played Who needs to back? 57, 58 make that 59 Cs without backing so far. Oh he’s going to go in using his ultimate and Pantheon straight away He was having none of it, flashes away But Pantheon just walked straight back up. He gets hit by a cleaver and has to use his stun and well Dr.. Mundo He’s going to get the kill can he survive He does! Well as soon as Pantheon walks up to take some cs, Dr. Mundo straightaway uses his ultimate and Pantheon still doesn’t have his flash, and it’s just all too easy uhh? Xin Zho flashes in and, well, He was only level 6 trying to kill someone who’s 5 levels ahead and They are going to get the tower just before Ahri comes who’s looking to take down the Lux does get the kill, but Dr. Mundo who is super Fed lands a cleaver does Ahri have, no, She doesn’t have any more procs of her ultimate and oh, but she does have Zhonya’s and oh Here he goes again. He’s on a mission They get the shut down on Ahri who is actually 10-0, so that’s a big, big kill down goes Pantheon as well He’s tanking the tower without any worries they get three kills. Oh, he may get four and he gets it himself Welcome to the tank meta are all three of the red team going to chase him his ultimate is up now They give up all though Xin Zhao. He wants to solo chase him he is four Levels behind, it’s not going to happen Twitch is all by himself and Dr. Mundo sees that so he’s going to use his ultimate look at that epic kiting from Twitch, but it’s just not enough Master Yi is cheater. Don’t think you’re good man with cheats. You’re not good Xin Zhao still looking to chase the Mundo. He’s got no backup though, so I don’t think this is going to end well Master Yi is cheater. Don’t think you’re good man with cheats. You’re not good Master Yi is cheater. Don’t think you’re good man with cheats. You’re not good Ladies and gentlemen there you have it that is the highest mastery points Dr. Mundo with over 4.8 Million, he actually currently is the third highest for a single Champion just behind the Twitch who also has four point eight and then the guy who’s number one is the Ashe (our boy Mihabe?) Who now has over 6.3 million, the legend himself from Turkey, Mihabe, at this rate No one is going to catch the Ashe One trick and then you can compare those mastery points to me on my one account. I’ve only ever had three champions get over 100,000 and then tell on who I’ve been playing a lot of recently only has fifty nine Thousand anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. 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  1. its clear that this mundo has a general idea about how his champion works and has the skills to land (atleast in this Elo) skillshots. However he still lacks basic game knewledge and iam afraid that he may remain silver if he doesnt "notice, admit and repair" his mistake. He has the potential to master Mundo, but first he has to work on the foundations ( backing, wave control, wards etc).

  2. How do people not get so bored of the champion they main? It gets boring after a while… Plus I think Mundo is like the second most boring character (Right after Malphite)

  3. in 2019 this guy still play Mundo with same spells and same items and he is now . IN SILVER 3 CONGRATULATIONS FOR HIM

  4. Serious question does he like not have a life outside of league? He's got like 2k+ games ranked each season. Doesn't that person have school or work ?

  5. I like how you haven't figured why hes still stuck in silver2…. it's obvious that he isn't that good when people know how to play well in gold and diamond, so that means he probably trying to stay in silver cuz its more fun

  6. I don't quite get it I'm currently in bronze and everyone including me is always kiting and the plays are not bad like in this vid

  7. just played this guy today in a flex game (I'm silver 1). his team said he was trolling because he went heal/tele…. but this video clearly explains why he does! hahaha. he's apparently g4 now in solo/duo and flex

  8. “Master Yi is cheater. Don’t think your good man, with cheats your not good.” That Xin Zhao legit had me fucking crying 😂

  9. Classic example of what happens if you don't learn from playing your games. He's still doing the exact same thing as last time, which is probably also the same as what he did the very first game he played mundo.

  10. This is the shitty match-making in LoL. 4 people go top for Mundo and his team doesn't even push the other lanes. It is all made so the single games are kind of evened out, but this just produces a ton of people in too high or too low elo and makes the game rather unbearable in single queue…

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