Silver and Gold prices Plunge below $15 and $1200

Silver and Gold prices Plunge below $15 and $1200

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 15th August 2018 and we
are commenting on the recent and important price plunge of gold and silver this week.
Gold opened the week at $1,211, rose $2 for a brief moment and then plunged to $1,192
yesterday and has fallen even further this morning to its current price of $1187. Silver
began the week at $15.31 rose 3 cents and like gold plunged yesterday to $14.99 and
has fallen again further this morning to its current $14.89 an ounce.
We could literally see the panic the gold and silver pumpers went through, when on Monday
and Yesterday there were a plethora of videos stating this is just temporary; ‘gold and
silver are about to bounce back with avengance.’ Now for months, yes months we have said that
gold will fall below $1200 and silver below $15 and we took quite a lot of scorn for this,
especially as many pundits were claiming $1300 and then $1400 for gold was next on the cards
and $17 then $18 silver would follow suit quickly.
Incidentally, The Gold to Silver Ratio rose from 79.10:1 at the close of last week to
its current ratio of 79.71:1 The Dow Jones is down slightly compared with
Friday’s close and the Nasdaq is up slightly compared with Friday’s close. Brent crude
is down just over 70 cents and US Light Crude just over a $1 since Friday’s close. But
the most revealing statistic of all is that the dollar index is up again from 96.35 on
Friday to 96.74 today and there is still every indication that it may strengthen even further.
Now the question clearly everyone is asking is where are prices likely to go from here?
Well we are in that territory now where technical analysts believe that gold, should it fall
below $1184, then we can see a fall to $1166 and then $1162 – these are the resistance
levels last experienced in December 2016. Some are also predicting levels as low as
$1140. So, direction now depends upon where gold rests during the next couple of days.
If it consistently closes below $1200 then $1162 is on the cards, if it manages to close
above it then $1210 is the most likely immediate upside figure.
On the silver front, technical analysts seem to be providing a wider gap potential. Many
believe that $15 is a true resistance level and any move below that will rapidly correct
itself. Others on the other hand believe that we may indeed see prices crash below $14.50
and resonate around $14 which they conclude has almost impenetrable resistance.
Well there is no doubt that the uncertainty in Turkey and fear of some contagion has led
funds to move into the US dollar and therefore the major reason for gold and silver’s weakness
at the moment. How long can this continue? We believe for a while yet and our inclination
is that whilst we may see a small rebound in gold and silver prices from current levels,
they will be short lived, and the downward trend is likely to continue. This of course
is excellent news for those buying physical and creates a great opportunity, though we
are still waiting a while longer before we re-enter the buying phase – prices still
aren’t quite low enough for us. For the conspiracy theorists and supporters
of Alex Jones, perhaps you should know that even twitter has banned him this morning – albeit
for just a week – his tweets are available in read only format but he cannot post any
for the next 7 days. Whilst we believe him to be a lunatic, we do feel that all of the
social media outlets are going to create a rod for their own back in these bans, as we
cannot see how they will ever have enough staff to regulate their platforms properly
– which means that ‘overkill’ is likely and that there are and may be many people
having their accounts closed down who perhaps shouldn’t. Of course, if only UK or European
law applied, then almost nothing could be said without absolute verifiable proof – so
those who criticise the lack of Free Speech in America should feel grateful that they
do not live in the UK or Europe. We hope you have found this video interesting
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Illuminati Silver owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
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advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. The biggest thing that confounds people–me included–is that so many times, we've heard that silver is being sold for less than the cost of pulling it out of the ground, when it is sitting below an average of $17.50 USD.

    "This here deliberatised mathemalogical confrustication" is further complicated by the fact that, while we know that a large percentage of mined silver is produced as a byproduct of either gold or "miscellaneous base metals", this makes it that much more difficult to get an accurate "out of the ground" cost.

    I guess we won't really know until mines start seriously shuttering…and at that point, it will be "several years" before production CAN be resumed to fill demand, once demand exceeds supply, which on mine closures, is fairly inevitable.

  2. Up until 640 I was with you 100%. As a member, and follower I am in utter disbelief to the lack of knowledge regarding free speech in UK. I am a proud American living in the UK, and that last comment was UTTER NONSENSE. You're usually good with content and accurate information. But you failed miserably on your last statement. FYI if free speech is so readily available in USA explain why speaking out peacefully against TRUMP leads to chaos?

  3. Spot is trending downward and physical prices and supplies are lagging. I’ve watched many deals sell out on Ebay, one within minutes for AGEs near spot! I appreciate your analysis as always.

  4. I think the reason gold is dropping is because Turkish gold has been flooding the market. Just check out the new arrivals on any large-scale bullion website for proof, only $21.99 over spot! (I saw it on JM bullion, no affiliation)

  5. Thank you, your analysis is accurately insightful. Platinum below 5 yr low and spdr etf holdings of gold falling, silver unchanged Jim Rogers recently predicted sub $1100 gold.

  6. wonder if you have ever listened to an AJ broadcast and not what others have to say about his organisation, thnx for the update I tend to agree although this might be the final death roll of the petrodollar standard

  7. Morning Illuminati S. you did mention that you will get into some crypto talk to us after a fort night, I like to say I been watching and listening keenly to your observations and you been very on target. Thank you for your services.
    ALso, in regards to the last minutes on this show, in regards to free speech in banning Alex and a few others, I don't agree with, as you said its more regulated in Europen but more so in a dictator environment such as a kim Jong Un and Fidel Castro Environment where USA freedom fought against this.

  8. Another perfect forecast for the metals. Bravo! Take a bow. On the political front the firing of Peter Strzok was another blow to the bogus Russian witch hunt. For the commentary on Alex Jones- love him or hate him, banning his voice on public platforms is a blow to the 1st Ammendment and nothing to be happy about. There are multiple Democrats trying to introduce bills of even more censorship. 'Hate Speech' is quite subjective and a the Globalists love it because it gives them complete control without people realizing. Lastly, this channel has proven the best metals information I have found. Would love to hear a call for the bottom and what will happen when confidence for the dollar breaks. Interesting call by Kim Dotcom this week on the dollar supremacy reign coming to an end soon. Hype?

  9. You’ve been right on target with your price predictions, however, just come for silver updates. I don’t need anything else

  10. Alex Jones is one third shill, one third infotainment, and one third truth (or half truths, lol). He and his show are still available on internet and radio, so he's not really any less available in the US than before this Orwellian banning by Twitter and YouTube. As far as "verifiable truth" in UK news media, it's actually not…it's similar to the half-truths and propaganda of US news media, though more restrictive.

  11. from what i remember you said it COULD go under 1200 not that it WILL go under 1200 big difference. That is like saying it could rain in the next week and that later I say see i said it would rain this week. Silver going down .25 cents is not a crash. Your starting to sound like a fear monger type channel now. Gold PLUNGED? It went down a little bit it didn't plunge. If anything plunged it was crypto currencies.

  12. The only reason the dollar is "strong" is that people are forced at gun point to buy it. Destabalization of economies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. and now Turkey forces those people to seek a more stable currency. Ironically, it's from the same country that caused their destabilization. How long will this last?

  13. 'Free Speech' isn't and never has been absolute in real life. Laws & Declarations are toothless in protecting it.

    Power is the only rule.

  14. I will buy gold at 1,000- 1,050 and silver at 11-12. I the moment I hold no stock and bonds. Euros, US$ and Swiss Francs. I am retired in Panama.

  15. It dosn't matter of ye think that Alex Jones is a lunatic, he still have the right to be heard. When someone is censured it is not just their right that is violated, but ours as well.
    As Voltaire once said: "I hate you and despise what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it"

  16. What of our political business is it of anyone that is Not part of this country? So tell me what Trump has done that is so fkin bad for the US? Progressive twit! He has done more for this country and it's citizens than the last 5 presidents. This is AMERICA and we Americans have voted. If you want the money that our country has given places like the UK and other places, maybe it's time your governments make change and take care of yourselves. It is Not the responsibility of the U.S.A. to be the welfare payout of the world! Progressive Twit! How about you open your country to all of these non-Americans that live here and get out of the way of American progress. Apparently the terminology eludes the progressive establishment. I'll keep America as America and let all of you Globalist's unite and wallow in your nasty shit from a proven failure of fked up ideology that has time and time again failed miserably over and over and over again! Progressive pigs, you Are the problem, you are the little Hitlers, you are the violent, you are everything you blame the people on the right of doing. Waste of my time and waste of air!

  17. I am a pensioner. So I am happy when the price is down. I buy as much as my meager pension will allow, not much, but better than nothing. I have had nothing, and I can tell you it is a shit place to be in.

  18. We American's are very lucky. But Europe, home to our best allies, is lost. That's why we need to invest in precious metals. People like Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson are great patriots.

  19. Buying dollars in country where the total debt is 174 trillion (U.S.Debt Clock)…not to smart…our creditors will never be paid back principal,we borrow money to pay interest on debt now.

  20. Of course the Comex will plunge, it has no inventory. JP Morgan is currently unloading it’s short position of 800+ million oz. But they are are long on physical. Get the Big picture?

  21. Metals may plunge, doesn’t mean you can buy it that low, dealers will mark up their premiums just like they did on 08.

  22. Now tell me why would the dollar be up?????????????:
    The USA is in a debt bubble it can never escape its basicly bankrubt even with the current shit low intrest rates the USA is paying massive amounts to keep the serviced and now the Trump goverment is lowering the taxes and expending the it spendings meaning the debt will run up faster then ever in history + its in trade conflics with 60% of the world…………………How long before people realise the dollar is not what it promises on the long terms….I brought me another for 3000€ in silver last week cause i see fiat money fail over and over Turkey Argentina now and soon to follow more on the future….

  23. If gold and silver are a result of a strong dollar, then why not focus on the dollar and all the reasons it is spiking up…..Just another professional guesser at work here.

  24. There's nothing left to buy right now living in a tax free state. I bought all the silver I can. The shelves of bullion dealers look like Venezuelan grocery stores

  25. not sure how the silver market will be by end of year… only that I am buying! im getting my silver at these low prices and paying the lowest premiums I can find through  I highly recommend this route. its proven to me and I am earning extra cash while getting my silver, Best of luck to everyone with their investments!

  26. I'm curious as to a true fair value of silver today. I use coinflation to see the current value of a silver quarter and compare that to the current cost of a gallon of gas. Currently (8/22/18) a silver quarter is $2.66, but a gallon of gas averages $2.83/gal. that suggests, assuming a gallon of gas in 1964 was $0.25/gal (silver quarter). If that is the case – silver should be a bit higher – maybe not a lot – if maintaining purchasing power is a quality of PMs. I listened to the analysis and can't find a reason to disagree with your outlook – how do we determine the proper value of silver? I'm not an investor – just a saver.

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