Silver Argent Rally Wheel Paint from Eastwood

Silver Argent Rally Wheel Paint from Eastwood

hi this is randy here at Eastwood and
even trying to find a paint that matches the original color on a set of wheels well you’re in luck because Eastwood
offers a wide range of paint to match many of those factory colors including
our silver argent wheel paint it has the correct tone sheen and look of the
original factory coding but offer superior durability and long-lasting
great looks and actually withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees
Fahrenheit and for added protection and gloss make sure you top coat it with the
east with diamond clear and visit for more information on our
wide selection of paints


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  2. Hi. Your video states that it matches many factory silver alloy wheels colors, but witch one? I would need it for an Acura TL 04-08 oem wheels. Will this silver color match my 2006 Acura TL? Thanks

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