Silver Bottomed, Gold to 3,000 in two years – John Embry Interview

Silver Bottomed, Gold to 3,000 in two years – John Embry Interview

Daniel: Greetings and thank you for joining
us at I’m here with John Embry. He is the chief investment strategist
for Sprott Asset Management. John, thank you so much for joining us.
John Embry: It’s my pleasure, I assure you, Daniel.
Daniel: John, before I even start, I recently saw a picture of a gold coin in your office.
To describe this as gigantic might be an understatement. How big is that coin?
John: I think it’s 100 kilos. The thing is ginormous. The day they were installing it,
I mean it took about three guys to move it. Daniel: What does that convert to ounces?
John: I don’t know. I’m terrible going from pounds to kilos.
Daniel: No worries. I would have cheated anyway. I would have went…
John: It was worth, at one stage, I think close to a million bucks.
Daniel: Oh, man. Gold is the topic I want to discuss with you. We have almost, actually,
hit a new low, but it looks like we bounced off that 1,180 mark. But I wanted to ask you
a question about, are we at a bottom? Because a lot of people are saying we’re at a bottom,
but I’m a bit confused and I’m, obviously I can’t even scratch the surface compared
to your experience. But I look at these stories about physical demand being at highs and huge,
huge physical buyers coming in. To me on the surface, that would seem that
that wouldn’t be a bottom, because yes, the price is down, but people are still buying.
Is it because just a few big buyers are buying, or what’s going on behind the physical scenes?
John: I think you’ve got to understand the nature if the market. That is the that, basically,
there are two markets in effect. But the price is currently still being set in the paper
market, the future market on the COMEX or over in the LBMA in London. It has been, obviously,
a ploy of the world central banks, or particularly the western central banks, but they, under
the auspices of the Bank of International Settlements, took control of the gold price.
They’ve been able to do that. I’ve been wrong. I never thought the price could go this low.
As I didn’t understand the full extent of financial innovation today, the use of massive
quantities of derivatives, high-frequency trading, algorithm programs, all of these
things have combined to allow these forces to create artificial prices in the paper market
that really have little to do with the true fundamentals of the metal.
What this has permitted is those people who had not been taken in by this and have become
bearish, to buy as physical at these depressed prices as possible, which begs the question,
where is the physical coming from? It’s been my contention for many, many years that it’s
coming out of the vaults of the western central banks, and a lot of it is moving to China.
I think, my perspective, this is a dreadful development for the west and when China finally
figures they can’t get any more at these depressed prices, you’re going to see this full price
take off like a rocket. But in the short run, I can’t tell you whether this is the bottom.
I never thought it would go this low. It’s a triple bottom right now bouncing off of
that 1,180. I would like to believe it’s a bottom, but I certainly can’t guarantee it.
Daniel: Do you think before we have a bottom we need to see the physical demand dry up,
where people are just throwing in the towel and they give up on gold?
John: Won’t happen. The guys that are buying it are people like me and an awful lot of
people who understand the true fundamentals. Basically, I think it’s where there isn’t
any more physical to satisfy the demand at these levels that the trend changes, and it
will change violently. Daniel: Have you or your team, and I’m sure
you’ve done some research, but has anyone narrowed down how much physical is out there
to when this could stop? Can this go on for another 10 years?
John: No. I can assure you it can’t go on for 10 years. I would be surprised if it would
go on for 10 months. We’ve done a lot of work through the years and the amount of, the true
demand for gold and the amount of gold that’s been going into the east India, Russia, China,
et cetera, et cetera. I think that the western central banks have
been one of the main sources of above-ground supply, are getting very short on gold. I
think a real tell is that the US allegedly has 8,000 tons and they hold a whole lot of
gold in custody for other western countries. The Germans got a little uncomfortable, at
least their public did, and they demanded some of their gold back a year and a half
ago. Basically, there was 1,500 tons being held
in there, 1,600 tons to be exact, being held in New York on behalf of the Germans by the
Bank of New York. They asked, finally, I think they asked for 300 tons back, and it was decided
they’re going to get it back over seven years, and in the first year they got five tons back.
Look, if the gold was there, they could have put the gold on three airplanes and flown
it over there. I believe that the western central banks reserves for this sort of activity
are getting extraordinarily low. Daniel: A lot of people, especially in the
gold analyst industry, are making a really big deal about silver and gold being below
the cost of production. Again, I’m a rookie here. I’ve only been looking at this stuff
for four or five years now. But I know coal, uranium, and platinum have been not meeting
the profitability for miners for years and years.
My question is, is just because silver and gold are now below the cost of production,
my assumption is that this doesn’t mean there’s an imminent problem. This, too, could remain
for years. Am I correct? John: That’s a good question, but I would
say no, in the sense that if I’m correct and my numbers that I’m looking at, the physical
demand for gold and silver are quite robust, and as a result they’re having to consume
above-ground inventories to keep the price here. If you have a, in the case of silver,
like a pure silver mine, and to be fair only 25 percent of the silver coming out of the
ground comes from pure silver mines. But if the average pure silver mine now can’t
get it costed out of the ground for much than $25. If this were to continue for any length
of time, a lot of these mines are going to have to be mothballed, because nobody in their
right mind is going to use up a valuable resource and take a large loss on it.
With limited above-ground inventories and strong industrial demand for silver, rising
industrial demand, I don’t think it can remain down here at these levels for very long. Just
as a total aside, the open interest on the COMEX in the silver market is so far out of
line with physical inventories than any other commodity in terms of the size of the short
position that this is, this is one of the great explosions waiting to happen to the
upside. Daniel: When you look at the precious metals,
I know you guys are resource in general, but you, specifically, have a special background
in precious metals and research. John: Yeah, I’ve been actually looking at
them for 40 years, so I do have a bit of experience. Daniel: That’s longer than I’ve been alive.
That is a long time. John: [laughs] It just proves that I’m getting
awful old. Daniel: [laughs] Hey John, out of the four,
gold, silver, platinum, palladium, which one is the best buy, or which two? Which ones
do you like the most? John: By far, silver. That’s not denigrating
the other three to the extent, I just think silver is one of the great investment opportunities
of my lifetime. This is going to sound a little outrageous, but I think…There’s a gold-silver
ratio that has been, people have monitored for many years, and it’s ranged from a high
of 100 to 1, or just over to 100 to 1, where we’ve taken 100 ounces of silver to buy an
ounce of gold. In the last raging bull market in precious
metals, that number got down to 15 to 1, so it only took 15 ounces of silver to buy an
ounce of good. Currently, that number’s around 70 to 1. I believe in a raging bull market
that I foresee in precious metals in the next two years, I think the gold price, just to
pick a number, could go to 3,000. If that happened and the gold-silver ratio
fell down to 15 to 20 to 1, I mean, silver’s going over 100 bucks, and it’s currently trading
at 17. I think it’s by far the best opportunity versus anything on the planet.
Daniel: John, my big concern, I started buying heavily into the junior resource space just
over the summer, and really, I told Rick Rule, I had to have a weekend of like watching Rick
Rule videos to have the courage to go in as big as I did. But my biggest concern going
into the junior resource stocks was that cyclically the US is due, is overdue now for a, even
a cyclical recession. Even if, I don’t personally believe we’re out of the recession, but…
John: I think we’re going to have a, not to be pessimistic, but I think a depression might
be a better explanation. I think that that will be extraordinarily bullish for previous
metals, because at that point it will undermine the dollar and the banking system and finally
the safe havens, the metals with no counterparty risk will come into their own. That scenario
is actually extremely bullish for silver and gold.
Daniel: What about if oil goes down like in ’08 and production costs drop, demand slows
across the board, your assessment is that it’ll be more of a monetary event if we go
into another… John: Daniel, that’s exactly what it will
be. Finally, it will be a monetary event. The fact is the central banks, and I don’t
blame them, they’re trying to defend a failing fiat currency system. Their worst nightmare
is gold and silver catching the public’s attention. Because when they do, there’s so much money
that can move from the other spaces, bonds, stocks, real estate, et cetera, into gold
and silver and the markets are so tiny, the impact on price is going to be spectacular.
It’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen. What we’re debating is when it’s going to
happen. Daniel: Last question for you, John. Behind
the scenes, you guys are, when people think natural resources investments they think Sprott.
What are you seeing as far as capital flows for the junior sector, and the physical side?
What are you guys seeing behind the scenes at Sprott? Is the money starting to come back?
Is it looking like the worst may be behind us for the juniors?
John: I think, yes. I think the sophisticated investor realizes that the opportunity is
so large. I mean, as I’ve told people, until such time as we can get the silver and gold
prices turned around and going the right way, and you’re going to have to be patient with
the stocks, because they can’t make money at these levels. There’s so little interest
in the sector, exploration vehicles can’t get the kind of support.
But having said that, if you can find a company with a balance sheet that will withstand another
year or two at worst of ban conditions and it’s got a great oar body, I think you’re
going to make 30 to 40 times in your money. Daniel: Just real quick, and this puts you
in a conflict of interest, but you might also enjoy the question, because it’s self-promotional.
I was looking at Sprott. It traded for over 11 bucks, today it’s less than 3. It seems
like a safe play, no debt, lots of cash, major exposure to the sector. It seems like, for
someone who’s like, “You know what? To hell with these individual junior miners.” What
about just buying Sprott? John: Sprott would be a different way to play
it. I think, the leverage is in the junior miners. The safer way to do it is to go, because
we are not only a precious metals company, we’re a diversified money manager. But we
are now undervalued, and we are associated so closely with previous metals that if they
go, the whole attitude and sentiment towards our stock will change dramatically.
I’ve got to be careful here, because I’m a large shareholder, but I think it’s a reasonably
safe way to play the sector. Daniel: John, thank you so much for your time.
Sprott Asset Management. Don’t forget, everyone subscribe to Sprott’s Thoughts. It’s a weekly
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many other specialized guests who discuss precious metals and other investments.
John, if somebody would like to reach out to Sprott Asset Managed to become a client,
what is the best place for them to go? John: Just go to the website,
Daniel: All right, John. Thank you so much, and you have a safe trip to Europe.
John: It’s a great pleasure talking to you, Daniel. Take care.


  1. The elites can pull the rug out from under the economy anytime in the next couple years and they will. During those times metals go up. Im a metals holder but my surplus income is going into bitcoins for the the rest of 2014. In january I'll equalize the two assets and continue buying whichever is lower during 2015. Then equalize again in january of 2016.

  2. This guy's view on the German gold repatriation is nothing new. Everyone thinks that, therefore it is likely wrong. Jim Rickards has a different take, which is that the Germans actually don't want the gold back and they are totally fine with it taking 7 years to just get a portion back. The request was made due to political pressure from their constituents, not from the gov't itself.

  3. Wow, how old is John Embry now- 1000?
    Some of us are old enough to remember the end of the gold standard. Embry is old enough to remember the beginning.
    Embry follows the Silver to Geritol ratio.

  4. Silver has a higher markup than gold. So retailers earn more money selling silver than gold. It is clearly why everyone is pushing silver over gold. They make more money on it. 

  5. Daniel do you feel the most important issue is 'control over your assests' with low counterparty risk  before the performance of an individual asset. In the inflation/deflation debate, I could see a bifurcated situation with inflation for banks and governments, and deflation for the people – is that an accuarate description of stagflation? -. involving bail-in's, or bonds directly defaulted on, pensions confiscated, or large quantities of broker stocks turn out to be just derivatives, with no title, or claim to the asset?

  6. "According to the decennial pattern developed by Edgar Laurence Smith, years ending in 5 have the best returns" Bill Meridian (I guess we'll see soon enough.)

  7. We have a long way to go to the bottom. 

    Could go on for 2 years yet!!!  These guys have been wrong, wrong, wrong. 

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  9. damn pumpers!!!!  these snake oil salesmen should be in jail.

    Silver is a shot duck.

    Stop listening to these criminals.

    Gold tumbles after Swiss referendum, silver slumps to 5-year low


  10. I don't understand why do they keep saying dates? We all know FIAT money system will fail one day. When? It could be in a year, it can be in 5 years, it can be in 10 years. The only certain thing is: the risk of failure is increasing with all QE-s, shorting gold, silver, and by time: depletion of valuable natural resources (including oil, gold, silver, fisheries, and many more). Will it fail in 2 years? No idea, maybe. Will it fail in 30 years? Very probable, by current trends. Furthermore the correct behaviour buy things when they seem cheap, sell them when they seem expensive, don't sit on roller-coaster "it went up 700% last 2 years, buy now, it will go to infinity! Now seriously!". Silver and gold are fairly cheap, keep up stacking them, not hysterically, just invest some money which you probably can afford not to have for some years. The prices will go up, but nobody knows when.

  11. Howcome everytime they talk about an all time low we only se a chart of 1 maybe 2 years. people wake up, it is not a all time low, but it is low within the last couple of years, and before you answer this please check a trustied source, and I will be happy to respond. But no hating for the sake of hating, I am just wondering. I have seen older charts and it is far from an all time low. Ask yourself what could anybody gain from you overspending? the simple answer the more you spend the more someone else get. Regards Michael from Denmark, Europe. 

  12. how can anybody trust something sponsored like this???? They are not not telling you what you need to hear, but what they want you to hear. 

  13. Silver down $2 since this Video and Gold down $100
    only 19 months for Gold to hit $3000
    These guys never come back and apologies
    Surprised if it will go on for 10 months???!!!!! only 5 months left……. from this BS in October 2014

  14. Anybody listening to Mr. Embry deserves to lose their hard earned money. He probably believes that the 9/11 was a conspiracy organized by George Bush. But I digress. I don't like it one bit that Mr. Embry is touting gold, but I think that gold is about to have its day in the sun. No asset class goes to the moon. Recall the land and stock market bubble in Japan? They are still recovering from it. The fall once it started was to lose 75%. When interest rates are this low, as they were in Japan, assets appreciate in value. Until they stop appreciating. And it may very well be that this is the case right now. Gold has not had its run and it could very well be that this will be the new vehicle that rockets up and up into the stratosphere. Yes indeed. Every dog has its day. The day to buy the useless yellow metal has arrived. Take note.

  15. 7/19/2015 Update: Spot Silver $14.60/oz Spot Oil (WTI) up $0.30 to $51.10, marginal uptick in core inflation (CPI) read last week.

  16. Well the current fiat money system will crash. It's mathematical, it's only a matter of when. The powers that be will manipulate it and milk it for as long as they can. When the elite tell people gold/silver is worthless and horde as much as they can shows they want it all for themselves. Once the curtains fall the only other currencies will be physical gold and silver and a possible bitcoin or bit silver. As bitcoin even though it's not tangible could be the next currency as the masses rush in.

  17. hang in trust me 2020 to 2024 you will see it load up silver down today and I loaded up and loved it. it's on sale and once it goes up you will never buy it for these low prices again.

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