Silver Buffaloberry | From the Ground Up

Silver Buffaloberry | From the Ground Up

We all know that Russian olives are a highly
invasive plant in Wyoming. Many times, we get questions about “Why
does my Russian olive have berries growing on it?” Well, this is actually not a Russian olive. It’s a very close cousin to Russian olive,
but this is actually a native plant know as silver buffaloberry. Silver buffaloberry are great for our landscapes
because they provide us with a bright orange to red berry that are edible for wildlife
and humans. These plants are drought tolerant. And they can be placed in fairly small areas
because they don’t get really tall. They do, however, tend to spread out. A possible alternative for many landscapes
is pruning these to more of a tree shape, instead of a wide-spreading shrub. It should also be noted that these plants
have fairly large thorns and can sometimes form thickets if not properly pruned. There are both male and female plants for
silver buffaloberry. So, if you’d like berries, you need to have
both male and female plants. From the University of Wyoming Extension,
I’m Brian Sebade and you’re watching From the Ground Up.

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