Silver Chains | Review in 3 Minutes

Silver Chains | Review in 3 Minutes

Silver chains is a first-person horror game developed by cracked heads games You play as Peter who crashes his car in front of an old mansion and ventures inside to find help Despite seeing signs of life when he walked up He finds only Horrors inside scattered notes and scripted interactions reveal the fate of the houses residents The story is held up by commonly used horror tropes and while it does tie all three of them together It doesn’t do anything new with them. Despite silver chains emphasis on story Every reveal will feel familiar The developers did an excellent job making the house easy to navigate without a map the gameplay mostly consists of exploring the mansion to piece together the story by solving puzzles Finding keys to unlock new areas and shortcuts and hiding from a mysterious creature while the graphics mostly look good Their appeal is cheapened by the repetitive use of limited assets Every dilapidated room is a mixture of sheet-covered furniture chairs debris and two or three other assets Aside from the main creature the animations were stiff and lacked any Personality the well mixed and designed audio scape helps set the tone for both exploring and chase sequences silver chains mostly relies on jump scares But the build up volume and variety of situationally specific sounds adds to the tension The moment-to-moment performance was fine But harsh framerate and sound stuttering precedes the creatures surprise appearances killing the tension by alerting you it’s coming Turning the graphics down helped some but it didn’t cure the problem while silver chains is built on exploring There’s rarely anything unique to see in the rooms and few things happen between destinations You’re also forced to do a lot of backtracking since you can’t pick up key items until you know, you need them There’s also several points where progression was unclear or relied on stumbling upon a scripted event elsewhere in the mansion the result Is that it can feel like silver chains is wasting your time between set pieces if you like B-movie horror or the jump scares or atmosphere of games such as layers of fear or five nights at freddys You may enjoy silver chains But with very few ski moments an unremarkable story and a forgettable setting I wouldn’t recommend the game to anyone else Silver chains is available now on Steam with ps4 switch and Xbox one releases coming later


  1. man these 3 minute reviews are really quick but what if you cut out all the punctuation, surely then they'd be even quicker?

  2. So I guess you guys mainly review indy games…. How would a dev point you in the direction of a game they wanted you to review? Also, would that cost the dev anything?

  3. Watched a few of these now, I like the format. As much as I'm a fan of ZP, sometimes a straight "This is what it does" is very welcome as well.

  4. Past 2-3 years, I've played 2 dozen 2-3h long games similar to this, just because I haven't had the time to commit to a 30-50-100-200h long game.
    So i think I'm not alone in that regard and games of this size and scope should and will always be profitable to make. They are almost like shortfilms.

    Seriously guys? You can review a game without showing significant spoilers on screen. What the fuck was that?

  6. I really like these, they are objective if possible without forgetting that a review is something personnal, you share what you think without forcing a viewpoint
    So… thank you for doing "real" reviews I guess?
    Also, I was wondering, are some games not interesting enough to do a review, resulting in you just not doing one on the game at all?

  7. This is a great addition to the escapist, it’s obscure games Yahtzee wouldn’t normally review while also having an entirely different style making the reviews unique

  8. As someone who usually watches Zero Punctuation, I do find it nice to actually see what the game looks like while it's getting reviewed.
    Edit: Also, while I do appreciate reviews that are bite-sized, I wouldn't mind if these reviews were a little bit longer than 3 minutes. 🙂

  9. This is my first experience with your 3 minute review. Normally, I want a much longer and more detailed review before I decide whether to spend money. But I gotta say, you got a lot of info into those 3 minutes, so kudos for that. So while I will still default to longer reviews, I must admit that there is a place for these short ones as well, as long as they're done right, and this one is. Nicely done.

  10. Ever since Alien: Isolation, monsters in horror games that are supposed to stalk me are just boring in comparison to the absolutely frightening intelligence of the xenomorph. And now, just seems like an unimaginative ploy to add artificial tension to the gameplay.

  11. You just saved me 25 euros. Cause I don't feel like I want to play such a game. The cliches are overdone to death. Great review, short and to the point – subscribed!

  12. I love Silver Chains! ❤ Those who hate this game, go and play mario or tetris little kids ! This game is for special persons who know what is a horror game.

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