Silver Chariot Requiem

Silver Chariot Requiem


  1. 1:12 what song is this and when are we getting it. Its not diavolos theme so don't tell me that I've already listened and they aren't the same

  2. Anyone here know the name of the OST for Silver Chariot Requiem's and Polnareff's themes? I really want to listen to them without all the manly voices.

  3. Btw discoloring in Italian means the devil and diavolo is below like the devil and dio in Italian means god and god is above

  4. I think these requiem stands are really cool, but the names are a bit boring. No matter how powerful the stand gets, they just slap requiem at the end and that is it. I feel like the requiem stands deserve cooler names.

  5. I remember first reading when polnareff died against diavolo and tearing up because the dude has been through so much shit and this is how it ended… or so i thought. The animated version almost brought me to tears again and then i remembered his goofy ass was gonna be a turtle

  6. The song just dropped and its called uncontrollable in the new jojos soundtrack that just dropped. Go peep in honor of Chariot Reqiuem

  7. I can probably think of a couple ways 3D artists could incorporate the anime’s interpretation of deleted time into a future game, otherwise if they continue doing what VA, ASB, and Eyes do, it’d still look weird… <w<

  8. In part 3 Polnareff meets DIO (God in Italian)at the Top of the stairs, and now in this very part meets Diavolo (Devil in italian) at the Bottom of the stairs

  9. Notice how Diavolo was at the bottom of the stairs when Polnareff confronted him, whereas Dio was at the top of the stairs when Polnareff confronted him.

    Pretty fitting

  10. Silver chariot requiem:
    Untouchable stand who can control your soul to even kill you regardless of how strong you are, can make sleep all living creatures on earth instantly and make their souls swap. He can make all the bodies that exist evolve into a new type of life just by walking around it. Probably one of the strongest stands that ever existed in jjba, so powerful that he doesnt have a user anymore, and can only be destroyed if you are ready to blow your mind and sacrifice your life.

    But still, falls like a shit when he is hooked.

  11. Is no one gonna point out how even with Diavolo being unable to get hurt while "Skipping Time",Polnareff managed to tag him? Imagine if it was Polnareff in his physical prime.

  12. 1:45 Remember when Silver Chariot didn't have the strength to drag Polnareff across the ground during the fight with Vanilla Ice? Because he literally just fucking YEETed him here, wheelchair included.

  13. Silver Chariot Requiem’s design is epic. Too bad his physical strength is weak and the only thing he could do to defend the arrow was use his soul manipulating abilities.

  14. If you hadn't read the manga prior to watching the anime, this would've been one of the most absurd cliffhangers in the series for you

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