Silver Charm Celebrates his 25th Birthday

Silver Charm Celebrates his 25th Birthday

Silver Charm turns 25 today and Old
Friends wasn’t about to let him celebrate on his own. Fans and friends of
the popular Kentucky Derby winner flocked to the Georgetown farm for a celebration complete with cake and a card-making
contest. The TDN stopped by to wish Silver Charm a happy birthday and
Michael Blowen told us about what the horse is up to you these days. Silver Charm’s celebrating his silver anniversary. Is doing great, somebody told me that that 25 is like 83 in human years and I hope I’m that good
and I hope I last till I’m 83. But he’s doing great. Nothing bothers him, he stress-free. He comes out every morning at 6:30, he’s in
his paddock until 3:30 or 4 o’clock. You can’t get in past 4 o’clock because then
he gets irritated, so it has to be before 4 o’clock and then he goes in at night
and Afternoon Delight comes out in his paddock and then he come back in. In
the meantime we feed him carrots. He’s very cordial and very gracious and
very patient with all the visitors. It’s a perfect tourist attraction, perfect
tourist attraction, he’s like it’s…like having Elvis here, everybody comes from
all over to see him because he’s so famous. It’s really nice that people come
on a kind of a cold blustery day to pay tribute to Silver Charm. It’s a- it’s
not only a tribute to Silver Charm, I think it’s a tribute to the whole sport
and one of the keys to keeping people interested in racing is to making
sure that these athletes are really really well taken care of both, you know,
while they’re racing, while they’re breeding, and while they’re retired, and
whether they come here to be retired or would they go on to new vocations or
someplace like that to be retrained, that people realize that they still
have tremendous value even though they’re not racing and breeding anymore. They got a card from Japan, from one of his fans in Japan, he got a wonderful
flower and fruit arrangement from second grade class. I talked to Jill and Bob
Baffert and they were all excited about today and they wish they could come too
but they got other things, getting their horses ready for the next Derby. We really missed JB McAfee who died, you know, he was responsible for buying
Silver Charm, his brother Kevin and we put up a memorial plaque in the barn and
right next to Silver Charm’s stall is JB’s name.


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