SILVER contacts recovery – running large batches

SILVER contacts recovery – running large batches

heating until the solder just melts, then quickly removing the silver point and moving to the next one, this is the tricky bit if not heated enough the silver point will not come off, if overheated the base metal underneath can melt. contacts with holes through are threaded on steel wire then hung over a metal tray. while heating the silver points, “tapping” with a rebar for example, on the steel wire will make them fall into the metal tray underneath 114g silver contact points x 0.900= 102g Ag from about 890g contact plates smelting 250g silver points 5-6g lead is added and reducing flame is used for the smelting first half of the smelted silver to be cupellated The last stage – cupellation First melt remelting


  1. Nice silver bar! Any idea what the purity of that kind of process was??
    I know it was almost 2 years ago, but I'm looking to start my silver recovery in the future and I'm looking at different techniques!!!

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