Silver Cross Wayfarer Stroller Carrycot Demo Pramworld

Silver Cross Wayfarer Stroller Carrycot Demo Pramworld

Hi! I’m Kelly, and today I’m going to demonstrate
the Silver Cross Wayfarer. The pushchair is suitable from 6 months, it
has 3 recline positions, to recline the pushchair just lift the lever at the back and pop it
into the required position. The pushchair is parent facing and forward facing, so to
swap the pushchair around to forward facing, very simply lift the buttons on either side
and just lift off and it very simply slots into position ready for use. Again, just to take the pushchair off, lift
your levers located on both sides and just lift off. The handle on the pushchair is adjustable,
so to adjust the handle just push the handle and lift into the required position. To fold
the pushchair down, just lift a button and lift the lever, and again on this side, the
lever, just lift it up and it will collapse. It does automatically lock into place, so
to lift the pushchair up, just move the lock out of the way and put it back into position. The pushchair does come with Carrycot, which
allows you to use it for your newborn. When the Carrycot is on, the shopping basket is
still accessible. To swivel the wheels, you have two grey buttons, you just push the button
to the opposite side, which allows you to move the pushchair quite freely. For more information on our products, please
contact our Sales Team on 01942 214864, or visit our website which is


  1. I bought Silver Cross surf and on the 2nd month I started having problems with it. The handle of a carriage drops out when the child is in a carriage and it could cause danger, because it happened when I passed across the road. Sometimes the handle falls on a floor without any reasons, it doesn't hold. The button to release the upper part has fall down and now the baby carriage can't adopt the vertical provision.
    I addressed in service and a support service but anybody helped nothing to me

  2. just about to head off to hospital with little prem – couldn't work out how to reassemble pram, thank you so much for this demo,  it was perfect

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