SILVER DUST ~ European Tour 2019 | Episode 1

SILVER DUST ~ European Tour 2019 | Episode 1

We have… We have really worked a lot to complete successfully this tour. The big challenge was to know that we would meet a different audience than we had before in the other tours. And here we will really be in front of an audience really oriented to metal even extreme, I would say. We have really worked hard on the preparation. The preparation of the songs, the energy of the set. The attitude as well. I truly think that we have something that is really huge and we are looking forward to presenting it to the audience. So, Lord, how do you feel? My feeling is very special because we are going to meet Moonspell and Rotting Christ in a few minutes. I’m quite excited because I’m a fan of Moonspell and a big fan of Fernando! Fan of his voice, of his musical universe. I’m like a kid! I’m a bit stressed… Like the fan who is going to meet one of his mentors. But I will especially try not to show it too much… Because it would be cool that the team and especially Fernando don’t know that they have a fan in the bus! Because it could ruin his tour but I will be very quiet and I won’t show this, I promise!

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