SILVER DUST ~ European Tour 2019 | Episode 5

SILVER DUST ~ European Tour 2019 | Episode 5

Good evening everyone, I’m Arnaud from Bretagne. Here is my brother, Damien. We would like to say a big “thank you” to Silver Dust for a great night, an awesome night! We loved it! It was a wonderful surprise, we didn’t expect this for an opening act. A style reminding Lovecraft, Allan Poe, a real show on stage with music and theater. Really nothing to feel ashamed of! Honestly, we were immediately warmed up.
It’s really awesome! For those who don’t know the band yet, don’t hesitate to come! As they say in the series Kaamelott: “there is nothing better!” It isn’t wrong! At this type of event, we meet passionated people, people who collect guitar picks, with Silver Dust, the name of the guitarist, with the signature, it’s simply awesome! We will do that properly. There you go! OK my friends, welcome to the House 21! I just hope I won’t slip again on the floor. I come! Wow! I’m hot! I’m sweating tonight! With Ben, look at that! And I’m there as well! Hello! We are extremely happy. We are here at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. We’ve just finished our show, it was crazy! The venue was packed, it was sold out. Honestly guys, it was pure madness! It was crazy, crazy, crazy! I think it is in the top 3 of all our gigs. Thank you, Paris!

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