silver.eShop – Die B2B Shopsoftware in 3 Minuten

This short video demonstrates the advantages of silver.eShop the modern B2B e-Commerce solution. High performance shop functions, innovative content management tools and numerous interfaces turn silver.eShop into a masterpiece of flexibility. silver.eShop is completely responsive for desktop, tablets and smart phones. All product and customer data are used directly from your ERP system. silver.eShop uses the business logic of the ERP or real-time prices or real-time customer data. The shop connects to the ERP whenever it is required but only as often as needed. For a better performance and high security. But what if the ERP is not available? No problem. A fallback process makes sure that all orders are saved and queued for later delivery. silver.eShop supports all kinds of pricing rules such as debitor specific prices, scaled prices, or campaigns. It does not matter how complex your pricing rules are, the customer will get exactly the price which is setup in your ERP. Your customer has access to all delivery addresses regardless if they are used in the shop or setup in ERP. A new order will be sent automatically to the ERP system and is stored there. Depending on the workflow it can be booked and delivered immediately. This saves time and money. Under “Order History” registered shop users will find all important documents like invoices, delivery or credit notes. One click to the basket and you can easily reorder single positions from any of those documents. No need for long searches. silver.eShop is more than just a shop. The integrated enterprise CMS enables you to combine content and commerce. It comes with ready-made content types such as news, blog posts, events and landing pages that make publishing content a piece of cake. For a better customer experience and higher visibility in search engines. The powerfull search encompasses all products and all content in the shop and on the website. Variant functions lead you quickly to the desired products. No matter if you have 500 or 2 million products. The search will always be fast. You are interessed in more detailed information about our e-commerce solutions? Visit our website or contact us directly.

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