Silver falls below $14 and may go to $13.50 soon

Silver falls below $14 and may go to $13.50 soon

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 11th September 2018 and we
are addressing the fact that silver has fallen below $14.
We were going to release Is Gold Money part 2 yesterday but were called away as we received
news that silver was going to fall imminently and we spent yesterday investigating it. So
we shall publish Is Gold Money Part 2 tomorrow but wish to address todays fall in the silver
price. As we produce this video silver stands at
$14.08 having dipped earlier to $13.96. Well it rebounded pretty quickly off that level
but this is the important thing to note, and the reason for our distraction yesterday – the
dollar index stands at 95.19 up just 0.07 on the day. So it hasn’t moved much to affect
the silver prices lower. However, it is deemed by investors, even at this level, to be a
strong buy. Yes you’ve heard it, a strong buy for the US dollar even at this level.
Forget all of those doom merchants who are still stating the dollar is at the precipice,
it is not. Equally the Dow has just again passed through the 26,000 level and we are
being told to expect 27,000 Dow very soon. The elections in November are not far away
and for the moment the polls are showing a Democrat victory for the Congress. Not withstanding
this, there are a number of factors which will still serve to push the Dow and the Dollar
higher before we get to that stage. In addition there are movements in the Emerging
markets which are going to be revealed very shortly which will cause a further outpouring
of funds into the US dollar and the strong employment data and production figures make
an interest rate rise likely, though if the dollar strengthens further from here before
that announcement, the FED may very well hold off and raise rates the following month – though
our money at the moment is that it wishes to maintain a strong dollar and would not
mind short term if it strengthened even further. The important thing for investors to watch
is whether there is enough interest in silver at this level to prevent it falling further
in price. Our view, and this is based on our calculations and not our gut feel, though
where politics can affect momentum, its not always a precise science, but our educated
and calculated view Is that we shall shortly see $13.50 silver. Now for us to state that
in a month when silver normally rises is quite a profound statement, however, we are quietly
confident, that as long as the President doesn’t launch a military attack in the interim, then
we shall be correct. Now for most of you who are long term stackers
it frankly does not make any difference if silver is $14 or $13.50 – 50 cents is unimportant.
We are just a little cautious, in that despite all of the political turmoil, the momentum
is still down on precious metals and this is further assisted by President Trump and
Kim Jong-un potentially agreeing to another meeting.
If we are right and silver does fall below $14 and moves towards $13.50 in a month that
is traditionally strong, then do not be surprised to see silver quickly fall to $13 thereafter,
as momentum paper trading may cause that fall. We are not there yet but we have predicted
for the past year that we shall see $13 silver and we have, albeit briefly today, and we
are expecting it to stay here for a while, though we are expecting a short term
bounce back. Disclaimer:
Illuminati Silver owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. Thank you so much for what you guys do! Thanks to you I've started stacking with the right knowledge and mindset! I understand more from watching one of your videos than watching all the videos of others because of that I started a YouTube channel that is based on your fundamentals. Thanks again! 🙏🏼

  2. $13.80 Silver
    $950. Gold

    I love the fact that Illuminati Silver has been the only accurate source for something. We have to test $12.80 eoy now.

    Sorry boys & girls the next bull run for the metals will be 2075 to 2080.

  3. What is that new safety net government policy? Freedom is the best safety net. Commercial is awesome. Nobody can take better care of you than you.

  4. The drop and rebound was so quick, I don’t think many US dealer websites reflected this. Again, thank you Illuminati Silver for your guidance. When everyone else was looking up at $15, you correctly stated we have much further to fall!

  5. You guys are the worst. That’s all you use is “ if “ or “ may “ ….. we can all do that. Add some real value or stop doing videos

  6. Populism, geopolitical transitions and kafkaesque discourse – something's going to snap, sure dollars and US equities may be the only place for so much capital to hide – however this system has so much pent up force and unresolved potential energy I think you could be a little too caught up in being a counter voice to the "doom merchants" – we're 2 years past "authoritative sources" seeing nothing but trouble ahead.

    How this is going to unfold I don't know but with so much so ready to fly apart in all sorts of different directions I wouldn't want to be on the opposite side of safe haven assets and nobody else does either – bears in crypto sought $4000 as a bottom – they didn't get it because they all intended to buy back in at that point, this is the same, people waiting to put themselves in at the best entry point – which tends to mean you never have the entry point people are eye-balling.

    I might be wrong – but I know if people are waiting to get in there are others who are smart enough to see that opportunity might not turn up.

    Just saying.

  7. Jim Rodgers will buy when Gold hit a $1,000.00 an ounce and Silver $10.00 An Ounce and I am with him. He is a very shrewd investor and has made a lot of money in the market. I think they are trying to break the Silver Market. Thank for your excellent report. Out.

  8. Good news for buying bad news for selling. My 2016 purchase that would have come in handy in May of 2019 (selling) due to a property purchase coming due looks like it will not be of much use in the matter. Someone in this thread mentioned 2075 as the next bull run, I hope he is wrong. If so this stuff might be useful for something like ballast in a sailboat perhaps. If it is really going to go down for that long I might be best served to take my lumps now rather than later. Love your work though, no rose colored glasses here just your best take on reality.

  9. It makes no difference here in the UK as unlike Americans we can't buy silver at 50cents over spot or even spot plus 20%VAT plus 50p

  10. Buying in heavily depreciated Canadian dollars, I need every help I can get. I'd love to see $10 silver, but not too quickly, as people would either stop selling or raise premiums. A slow gradual decline is less painful and allows buying at close to spot.

  11. I hate precious metals. Better off buying classic cars and luxury watches. Apart from computer chips, I can’t think of anything else in this world that loses value as much gold and silver.

  12. For all the ones waiting for lower prices to obtain your insurance policy……warning to you all….there will be no silver to buy at those prices….you see all it would take is one of the many billionaire families out there to scoop it all up taking all the silver available on the market ….one shot

  13. Keep on stacking, that's all I can say, this is like a payrise, make the most of it, second hand silver is staying off the market, hold, hold, hold.

  14. Agree. Based solely on my gut, I believe silver will drop considerably further before it begins any sustained rise. In fact I am waiting for it to drop below $12 before I buy again; that's how strong I think the dollar will get just before the bubbles deflate. We'll see…

  15. It matters little what happens to the dollar or events around the world because the metals are all manipulated anyway, rendering world events irrelevant. The metals will explode, but only after the manipulators have been arrested.

  16. illuminati silver might save you a dollar per ounce but he will cost you $100 per ounce.
    You dont have time to stack silver slowly, that time has gone. The reality of economics is about to hit hard. Americas deficits are already $1.2 trillion, the world has stopped buying their debt. Next year when the recession hits they will have $2 trillion plus deficits, it will be covered by money creation. Americas fed is going to create money like they have never done before. central banks are buying gold in huge quantities. Asian individuals have gold and silver as a tradition. I tell everyone in the west to buy as much gold silver and cryptos as you can, while you still can, while these currencys hold value. Saving a $dollar per ounce will give you nothing if you lose out on $100 per ounce.
    Take my advice or leave it. i know what indians pakistanis and other asians are doing. They are buying it now, as their currency loses its value, that economic fallout is working its way here, make no mistake its coming and it will burn every one who is holding paper currency.

    The price of precious metals will move – you will be unable to catch it.
    Mark my words.

  17. I was sitting in front of my computer this morning with a large buy order for silver just one mouse click away as it dropped below $14. I was very tempted, but then I remembered that all my indicators were pointing to an even lower price so the mouse remained unclicked. I don't think I'll be able to resist at $13.50 but time will tell. As for the US Dollar, I'm reminded what my first trading instrustor told me when I asked him what happens when an asset becomes technically overbought. His reply was "It becomes even more overbought."

  18. Went to buy some silver today and everything larger than 1 oz is sold out! The 2 shops I went to all had several people spending significant amounts on silver which is not typical. They said they were nearly out of silver eagles. Even if wall street hates silver, consumers are stacking up now.

  19. Just a note: There are many who do not believe there will be a "blue wave" this November. Many Dems are increasingly becoming disillusioned with the useless/divisive identity politics of their party while beginning to see the GOP as good for the economy. The GOP may lose a few seats in the House but will probably hold the House after the votes are all counted. The GOP will surely hold the Senate. Keep in mind that because the VP (Pence) is a Republican that a 50/50 split in the Senate still gives the GOP an advantage as the VP casts any tie-breaking vote.

  20. I ordered 20 ounces yesterday. Jim Rogers says he will buy when silver goes to $10. I really like the guy, and have followed some of his advice. I do already have silver, so may plan is to do as he is doing, wait till $10. If and when it does, I might buy around 1000 or 2000 ounces…heck, why not….at $10, I'm sure you can't go wrong. I do buy collectible silver coins though. Lots of my coins are selling on eBay for around $20-$35 per ounce where bullion is just over spot. So, for me, silver is around $30 per ounce, not $14 for the bullion guys.

  21. I find it quite interesting that all of these silver dealers are selling out of their cheapest silver rounds and yet silver prices continue to go down

  22. Thanks for the videos!
    I agree with "Those that dont remember the past are condemd to repeat it".
    However, the problem is sometimes the past doesn't account for future enviroments or events. In my opinion its best to purchase pm based on the possibilities that it could go either way if you don't have insider information. So in general, buy low sell high and average it out but, never sell the farm.

  23. A 'Bottoms Up Revolution' is where the people represent themselves as individuals, SILVER is lawful money, and the Lawful system is the peoples system; attention is not given to the Legal 'Top Down System' Of the criminal Elite.

  24. You may have done one, or you might be scared to do one, but you may want to do an assessment of how far graphene could displace silver in the electronics sector, what percent of total demand is Industrial demand for electronics and solar panels, and what the change in the supply demand curve would look like as a result.

  25. I listen to all sides and make my own decisions. This is another resource I enjoy listening to. I then weigh it against info from other areas. I take nothing at face value.

  26. Although Iluminati Silver explicitly declares not to give any investment advice the question remains where to put your penny at this stage of overvalued stocks.

  27. As the spot price falls below miners cost to produce silver the silver premiums charged by the dealers will rise. If people think they can buy all they want if it's $10/oz they will find there is little to no physical available. Many say the reason the US mint has stopped selling eagles this year is because they are losing too much money at the current silver price. If you want some you may want to buy it soon. The guys selling short paper silver are doing physical silver buyers a huge favor right now.

  28. Below $13 Silver?? The real inpoderable is for how long? Since in order to EXTRACT Silver takes no less then $20.00 x Once?? How long can the Manipulation Last?? Not Long.

  29. I am laughing at the obvious lack of the European Markets, and the Brexit situation. The FTSE 100 and the LMBA. To ignore world situations which are GREAT and will effect the USD and its deficits is just naïve. The world does not revolve around the USD. And the Bullion market doesn't either. I hope this is not sounding rude or counter productive but I felt it very important to mention. Thank you for the update.

  30. Have you guys come across pumpers who blindly believe and accept things like, the world economy is going to collapse in 2020? These guys are so blinded by group thinking that cannot comprehend anything else apart from the material they've been spoon feed by Jim Rickards and no analysis on their side at all.

  31. If you don't have any or very little buy now. You will not regret $14 silver in 2018 dollars. If you have a decent amount already may be worth a gamble to "potentialy" buy more at ten to twenty percent less than it is now. Do not expect less than $11 and even that for only a brief period of time like a flash crash.

  32. No, it did not, unless you are referring to the BID price and not the ASK price. which is 10 cents higher which is what you pay with the over spot premium.
    Go look at the 30 day Silver chart.

  33. We had a very long period of consolidation. All the predictions were, it is going to break out.
    Its going to break… Its going to break… Its going to break… Its going to break. Well, it did in fact break, However, to the downside. Had it broken to the upside you would be hearing screams…. We told you so. Buy, buy, buy. The trend is clearly downward, but the answer is always the same. Buy, buy buy. There is always risk. Do not be fooled into thinking silver is a risked free trade it is not. What may very well work for one person, may not turn out so well for another.
    Exercise caution.

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