SILVER from silver chloride – lye and sugar method

SILVER from silver chloride – lye and sugar method

just like silver cement, silver chloride should be washed with plenty of water only this time tap water was used adding NaOH in small increments, with a pause between each addition as the reaction is exothermic – produces a lot of heat (it may boil over) adding NaOH should continue until there are no white spots in the beaker. silver chloride converts to silver oxide when white spots are barely seen its time to add the sugar common table sugar, like the one you put in your tea note the mirror forming on the beaker’s wall with continuous stirring the “mirror’ comes off and the once black residue (silver oxide) coagulates and changes to grey colour. This is your silver. the silver has to be washed from the syrupy liquid with copious amounts of hot water otherwise you are going to have a very hard time trying to melt it due to carbon left over from the sugar. once you’re happy with the washing water – it should be only water, proceed to drying there you go – pure silver, with no palladium present


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