Silver / Gold ETF Scams & Price Manipulation – Mike Maloney – Why Gold & Silver?

the other half of this manipulation I believe is the exchange-traded funds if you’re going to invest in gold and silver please investigate these things totally for yourself before putting a dime into them take a look at their Securities and Exchange Commission filings and take a look at their prospectus and read them with a very suspicious eye as to how could these people cheat me these were armies of the world’s best attorneys that work for the world’s largest banks that that crafted these documents and what you’re going to find is that most of these clauses will have a word inserted into them somewhere that will either give the clause two meanings the opposite meaning from what you think it’s saying or no meaning and also the entire gold community pretty much has come to the conclusion that these are entities are simply another means of manipulating the price of gold and silver what better way to keep gold from rising than to suck up the majority of the investment capital and then not buy gold with the proceeds you can make it mimic the price action of gold with futures and options not real physical gold in bars the if they had all that if DIF GLD for instance that’s the ticker symbol for the gold fund GLD if they had all the gold had accumulated all the gold that they say they have gold should be at far higher prices than it is today and that’s one of the things that the all of the precious metals dealers see that is very very suspicious so our belief is that they don’t have the gold and silver they say they have to back them and they’ve written in clauses like in the SLV fund the silver fund which is also called the iShares there are clauses written into their prospectus and they’re SSL they’re Securities and Exchange Commission filings to cover these things things like under certain market conditions where illiquidity exists the price of the air shares might diverge from the price of silver and fall their silver is held in exchange volts so how could their pile of silver be worth less than the pile of silver next to it this is what I want to know I you know the reason for having this clause is if they were not buying the gold and silver that they say they are supposed to be and then that is exposed there would be a rush out of that fund the price would go down and wood would diverge from the price of silver and fall and so they’ve just kind of covered their butts so that nobody goes to jail also with regards to the exchange-traded funds I can’t understand why anybody would take the most private investment that somebody can possibly make when you buy gold or silver like when you buy from me it’s a private investment that’s just between you and I government isn’t informed that you’ve got precious metals and then but if you deal with these exchange-traded funds you’re taking that ultimate private investment and you’re handing it back over to the banks that have caused this financial meltdown in the first place by gambling with your deposits I you’re also making it so that it depends on the performance of a counterparty a you’ve got the bank that is going to have to when you want to redeem those shares you sell on your brokerage account and then the bank and the brokerage house have to both perform and and credit your account and then you can write a check against it finally when you’ve got gold and silver you can walk into any precious metals dealer you can sell it when we go into a blow-off top I guarantee you that people would love to take to trade you their home or their car or whatever for precious metals so that happened back in 1980 it’ll happen again like I said everything is waves and cycles and the great news is that the greatest wealth is created in the shortest period of time when we’re going back through these crises the first phase of any bull market is sort of a stealth phase where it’s quiet accumulation then the second phase is you

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