Silver is beautiful. – Logitech G413 Review

Silver is beautiful. – Logitech G413 Review

Gaming keyboards… They’re… all the same
nowadays, aren’t they? Black plastic body, RGB lighting, mechanical switches, that one
gimmicky feature that doesn’t really matter… pretty much. In my reviews, I rarely focus
on those random gimmicky features because you forget about them within a month or two.
With that in mind, the gaming keyboards that really stand out to me are the ones that really
go all-in on a good design, without sacrificing the actual ergonomics or normal functionality
of the keyboard. I think Logitech has done a good job in achieving
this with the G413 that I have here today, though it’s not perfect.
The G413 comes in 2 flavors: Carbon and Silver. The Carbon is a darker theme with red backlighting,
and the silver, the one I have, obviously features a silver metal plate with white-ish
lighting. And it’s freaking beautiful. The compact nature of the keyboard is the
first thing I noticed. It’s not any longer or wider than it needs to be – haha funny
male genital joke here – but it doesn’t cram the keys together. It’s super slim,
I absolutely love it – especially with my multi-keyboard workspace. I complemented the
G430 on not taking up as much space as most gaming keyboards, but this is even thinner.
The keys all sit above the backplate, allowing dust and crumbs to easily be cleaned up, and
giving it a very nice look. The white backlit Romer-G switches shine off of the aluminum-magnesium
alloy silver plate, revealing one of my issues. The silver plate does a great job at highlighting
just how blue white LEDs can be. At a glance it might look white, but look at it long enough
and it starts to look very blue. Thankfully, blue and silver still go well together. The font here isn’t obnoxious or gamery.
I find it kind of pleasant. The keycaps are nice to use, but they actually include more
“tactile” keycaps for Q W E R A S D and 1-5, for gamers who really want to feel their
gamer keys doing gamer things while they game at a gamer.
No, but really, I do appreciate the inclusion and the fact that they’re optional. Especially
since Romer-G switches and Cherry keycaps don’t exactly get along.
While I was tying a video script on this, the keycap on the C key fell off. It’s not
broken, it went back on correctly, and I can’t recreate whatever happened. But… it happened. A function key is included, adding media keys
to F9 through F12 and the Printscreen, Scroll lock, and pause buttons, as well as a brightness
toggle to F7, and a “Game Mode” to F8. Strangely, they only included LED indicators
for caps lock and game mode. I love the sleek design of these indicators, but they totally
had room for at least NumLock, and I would have really preferred they keep it on there.
This time the Logitech G logo does not light up, and actually looks pretty slick in the
corner. Behind the corner logo is a USB port. This
is where I have another problem with the keyboard… The USB port is on the right side, which means
anything you plug into it might interfere with your mouse usage. Since the USB cable
isn’t detachable, you’re stuck with this monstrosity. Okay, it’s not that bad – it’s
a thick, soft braided cable that’s a joy to run until it clings a ton of dust. BUT
the dual USB ends for both the keyboard and passthrough, with no indication of which port
you need for just they keyboard really bugs me. Back to good points. The keyboard is heavy
for its size, and super rugged. No flex, and it won’t slide out of the way while you’re
using it. The rubber feet and solid risers on the bottom do a lot to help this, as well. The Romer-G switches are a delight to type
on. As I mentioned in my G430 review, they have a short actuation time, making them feel
a little “stubby” on first use, but very easy to use once you get used to it. They
feel way more comfortable to type on than almost any MX switch I’ve used with my hand
issues, and they’re a lot quieter. I plan to make a full separate sound comparison video,
but here’s a quick sound sample: [typing test] It’s that time of the year again! Awesome
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right now. Overall, this is a very beautiful keyboard.
Logitech appears to have reached a point of realizing the keyboard market needs less gamer-y
flair, and more slick designs, and they have delivered! For only 90 bucks, too. I would
love to see them support Mac and Linux more with their software, though. While they’re at it – G15, G510, something
like that. Please, give us a mechanical backlit version. I’m begging you. I’d pay like
150 to 200 bucks for it. Please? I hope you enjoyed this review of the Logitech
G413 Silver mechanical keyboard. If you did, smash the like button, get subscribed for
more awesome tech videos, and I’ll see you next time.


  1. TKL version please! G410 is garbage with it's faux handle, over-the-top "gamer" aesthetic design. Even though this was just on sale for $60 I passed on that and purchased a used K65 RGB LUX for $70 lol! Come on Logitech, stop hiring retards to design these things.

  2. I have this keyboard, same model in silver too. the only strange thing to me is why is there no NUM lock light? And the weight!! I thought I would use it for LANs but no way, its too much to carry around. The keys are very much like Cherry MX Brown, but quieter, so im very happy with it

  3. Plis i can you make a full video on Playstation 3 CFW with perks and explanations and ways to do it, Also warnings. Basically proper videos you always make.

  4. Really strange thing with my Logitech Pro TKL that arrived today. All the keycaps have a solid matte look and feel type of texture except for the M, L Up arrow, <, Home, and End keys. Those few keys are glossy. Wtf

  5. Mechanical keyboards may be inherently somewhat niche, but I've gotta say, the boards you've reviewed are mostly "normie" boards. I'd like to see less common switches like mx greens, zealios, blue alps, topre, etc. on here. Also, I don't recall you reviewing many if any programmable boards. just released their k-type, I think you'd probably like it. You often only see programming in 60% keyboards, so having the same features in an 80% is a bit interesting. They've got other interesting boards as well, such as their Infinity 60% and Infinity Ergodox (a fork of the regular Ergodox with some improvements).

    My comment got a bit long, but just wanted to say I'd definitely like to see more niche keyboard videos.

  6. This is really only if you prefer Romer-G to Cherry MX Browns. Considering the G610 is cheaper while also featuring white back lighting. Last I saw it was around $70.

  7. When you see two USB plug-ins needed, and are like hmmm Just a use for my FRIKEN 8 USB PORTS ON MY MOTHERBOARD, like seriously I only use up 3 right now, also would use the pass through for my Astro mix amp since its already on the right side and slightly above my keyboard, like seriously, would be super useful. thus keeping my usb port usage back down to 3……. whatever shall I do with the rest? usb fan? usb drink warmer?! please I need something to use them, and not including the 4 I have on my case io.

  8. I just ordered the Carbon version. As I am a professional writer, how do you think it will do for someone who has to type roughly 5000 words a day? I have used a mechanical keyboard with Unionbest switches before and while it was great, the buttons started to malfunction in roughly 10 days and the entire thing became useless within a month. As this one costs a lot more than the Chinese product I bought earlier, do you think it will be any better? I can't go back to membrane keyboards now…

  9. Hey, nice review. I just got this keyboard and I am really happy with it !
    The falling off cap thing that happened to you, has happened to me as well, twice. If you have used the board has it happened any more times? The caps got back on after applying some pressure but it seems strange that it happened two times so fast.

  10. I love the style of g413 siver, I need white key light. But g413 silver only in usa, only in one store, this terrible! g413 siver doesnt exist in my county! Because I will buy A4Tech Bloody with RGB and set white lgiht.

  11. USB port dose have indicators for what they do… one of them have a keyboard logo drawn and the other one have the usb icon on it.

  12. Great video but a couple of things… 1. The LEDs are meant to be blue. They're advertised as such at all stores I've seen this at. 2. There ARE visual indicators on the USB ends as to which powers the keyboard and USB port.

  13. is it possible to set per-key/individual backlit on this keyboard? eventhough with only 1 colour?

    or doing an audio integration?

  14. Why don't these brands learn? Why do they keep changing the standards? The NumLock indicator should be maintained. Also, it's really stupid that they didn't think about the placement of the USB pass-through.It's like there's always something wrong keeping a product from reaching perfection.

  15. i know im late on this one, but i know what happend with the C key. same thing happened to me when i swapped out the key caps. it simply wasnt seated all the way down into the switch. i had to bottom out the key in order to get it seated all the way down and not be loose

  16. the production quality of this video is amazing. Just bought the g413 for $46. I can't believe this keyboard is so good.

  17. I know this is late but do you have wrist tests you would recommend for people who type and game for a keyboard like this. I plan to get it and my only concern is if it will have a lack of wrist support and what my backup wrist rest should be.

  18. Which is better?The Logitech G413 or the Corsair Strafe?It will be my first mechanical keyboard so any help would be much appreciated(both cost the same:80 euros).

  19. You could use the USB passthrouh for the mouse, so nothing will interfere with the mouse cord. And it'll free up a USB port on your actual PC.

  20. My F and Esc keys pop off randomly, and I've had other keys do it less frequently. The keycaps on this keyboard are quite meh, a warning to potential buyers. Hopefully the G513 is better on this front.

  21. there is indication for which usb is for keyboard and which is for usb!! check the plastic around the usb it will ether show usb logo or keyboard

  22. Lol. I finally got this keyboard after it being out for 2 years now. The price is only $64 at Walmart which seems to be the lowest price for the carbon model while the other color seems to still be at $89. This keyboard is still awesome, even after 2 years. 🤠

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