Silver Jewellery​ from Sadar, Chandni Chowk and Amazon!

Silver Jewellery​ from Sadar, Chandni Chowk and Amazon!

hey girls I’m Prerna welcome and thank
you for joining. apart from showing my silver jewelry collection in this video
I will also share ways I style these pieces starting with my sterling silver
collection this is of course on the affordable side as it is a mixture of
silver with other metals hence inexpensive first are these
earrings I bought two years ago from Amazon I have worn them on multiple occasions
sometimes with a Kurti and Palazzo to office and sometimes for weddings
I believe silver jewelry looks exquisite especially with Banarasi sarees that have
silver Zari work just like these two now after a good experience with these
earrings I bought an entire silver jewelry set online consisting of
necklace earrings and a nose pin these are again two years old and the
design is inspired by Maa Durga. Perfect for my art loving girls and anyone looking
for something offbeat to accessorize their ensemble I wear the full set
depending on how simple the top wear is on which the necklace falls if that make
sense like for example the slip is plain and simple so the necklace does not look
crowded same concept applies to this plain white shirt and then sometimes I
wear just the earrings like I’m doing here with an indigo print wrap skirt and
a white board neck top next up is this gorgeous pair of silver earrings with
glass work my mum bought them years and years ago
for me it is a classic lightweight piece that won’t hurt the earlobes necklaces
time now I bought this pendant type necklace
again from Amazon two years ago I have worn it both with Kurtis and
sarees and even with tops this picture is from my friend’s wedding I attended in
2016 and like I said at the beginning of this video
silver jewelry goes beautifully with Banarasi sarees. Here I’m wearing the same
earrings I showed you before and I really like how these simple jewelry
pieces add grace to the look you know like the perfect balanced outfit one
needs for a friend’s wedding next three pieces I bought are from Sadar Market
in Delhi first this choker style teardrop beauty I styled this pieces with my white shirt for
the how to style shirts video since it is simple and sleek I mostly gravitate
towards this piece for day-to-day wear second looks like a string of peacock
inspired pendants together as a necklace I styled this piece with a casual grey
sweatshirt I feel silver and greys is for sure a
match made in heaven in fact silver jewelry in general
infuses an understated magic to your style even if it is something as simple
as a grey sweatshirt last is a tribal chakra pendant peace with Tree of Life
hangings I accessorize this piece with my simple
solid black dress and with this burnt orange kurta for a Diwali party look
yes Here I am wearing this piece as a maang tikka! coming on to my fine jewellery
pieces I bought all these last year as a part of my wedding trousseau because I
wanted to invest in pieces that I would actually wear after getting married
first is a dainty choker with teardrop glass work a versatile beauty that goes both with a
silk spaghetti and a chic blazer next are three pair of earrings this flower like
piece is perfect for daily wear lightweight and comfortable it goes with
any outfit Here I am wearing this with culottes then with a flared Kalamkari
print kurta and then I wore it for my mehendi ceremony as well
second are these intricate and eye catching long drop earrings they look sophisticated and I have worn
them with a sari or a kurta palazzo combo or even with a plain top third
fine piece are my most elaborate jhumkies..quite heavy too they are my go-to piece when I wish to
take my look to the next level they are dressy and my statement pair of silver
earrings I have worn them with something simple like a polka dot sari and a
spaghetti top or with a heavily embroidered Kashmiri jacket that is it
you guys this is my Silver jewellery collection I hope you liked this video
and found some tips to style your own silver jewelry pieces this video was
actually requested by a very dear subscriber of mine you too can leave
your video requests in the comments down below and I will make sure that they are
completed give it a thumbs up if you liked watching this video and of course
subscribe to my channel thank you guys bye


  1. Wow! All pieces are beautiful but Your real silver jewellery collection is so so exquisite. Pricey but Definitely worth investing in.

  2. This makes me so, so happy, Prerna! Thank you so much for putting this up and I must say, the wait was absolutely worth it! You have quite an eye for picking up exquisite jewelry and I loved your entire collection, though the ones from Chandni Chowk truly have my heart!

  3. There r no rules…It all depends on ones interest md creativity..How u carry them..Ones confidence..But ur tips r always very helpful

  4. I just wanted to ask that, are the jewelleries you bought from amazon are of real German silver? And how are quality wise?

  5. sb bht sundr h but last wale to bht jyda hi price wale h. i dont think ki y itne mhnge hone chaiye from chadani chwk. 😅😅

  6. Hi
    Video is amazing 😍
    Ur subscriber from 1 week n so happy to see that so many people are subscribing ur channel coz u totally dsrv it❤️
    Just a request plz stay relatable n practical even after getting million subscribers.
    N could u plz tell me that from which shop u got ur real silver jewelry in Chandni Chowk?

  7. Lovely collections. Specifically the silver jewellery from Chandni chowk.
    Can you pls share shop details for silver jewellery from Chandni chowk

  8. Prerna, I was a huge fan of oxidised jewellery until I found out that the fake jewellery is very harmful to the body, even if it doesn’t give your allergy, it enters the body as poison. It can cause serious issues to health brain,etc. Could you please do a video on pure silver jewellery, oxidised pure silver jewellery. Which is a true investment of your money and not harmful to your health. Thanks!!! There are more people like me who are aware of harmful effects of cheap metal jewellery, I would love a video like that thanks!

  9. Suggest shops in chandni chowk and sadar bazar for a non delhiites like me
    So i can plan my visit And able also to buy such preety silver jewellery..

  10. Golden oxidized jewelry styling pr koi vdos ni h you tube pe. Also on golden jewelry ko kaise colours k kpde pe pehente h aur silver ko konse kpdo k saath pehente h…. Pls di ispe video bnaiyye, hm dhundhte dhundhte thak gye h. Please

  11. Hey, I have recently started watching you and liked you so much. I nvr comment but i m actually commuting here 😊. I nvr wear traditional dressse like saree or salwar suit etc etc. But I m so interested now. I m a thin woman with excellent body. I m runner actually. Can u get some time and help me how should I start. I want to get tht elegant look 😊😊. My bf always wants too see me looking elegant rather than wearing short dresses 😀.

  12. Beautiful jewellery. Last pieces (which are costly) are real silver jewellery??? Please share links if such types jewellery is available online.

  13. Ma'am…will you plz make a vedio for newly Wed office outfits…or college I'm in college now..I'm getting married next year and I wanna discard all my old clothes and add some new outfits to my wardrobe…will you plz make a vedio for some chic and elegant looks as well as that wille enhance my newly Wed look

  14. Very beautiful collection Prerna! I love accessories especially the oxidized ones. Please make a video for taking care and storing both precious and artificial jewellery…..

  15. You are a very relatable blogger and I have been binge watching your videos ever since I found you didi 💜💜 please do a bag collection video na pleaseee 😕😕

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