Silver Laced Wyandottes | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith

Silver Laced Wyandottes | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith

Keith , this is a bird that I believe was
bred for both beauty and utility. No, absolutely. Absolutely. You know, these Silver Laced Wyandottes,
I guess they came from the mid-19th century, up around in New York? Yeah, up in the northeastern
part of the U.S. is where they were created up there. One of the old American breeds that
we have. Now, the breeding for these is really bred for those cold winters. Right. And it
is, it’s a good duel purpose type of bird, primarily geared towards the cold weather
environment. Very large bird. Heavy set. Heavily feathered. You see the comb sits close to
the head. A rose-type comb that sits very close to the head, so it can withstand colder
temperatures. It’s not likely to freeze. Right. Like a tall standard single comb would? You’re
right. And it does very well in really cold climates in the U.S. And it can be considered
a good egg laying–a decent egg laying bird. And also, a dual purpose meat bird. Some of
these types of birds, with the silver lacing on it, this is also very striking to look
at. Yeah, so for the home flock this is a beautiful bird to have around the place. That’s
right. Absolutely, absolutely. They lay a beautiful classic brown egg. With some variation
among these hens, we’ll get all shades of brown with the eggs. As a general rule with
chickens, if they’ve got a red ear lobe, they’re typically going to lay some sort of a colored
egg. Now, like you said, they can have variations in that coloring, from dark brown to a lighter
brown. But a lot of people like that brownish egg color rather than the white. Kind of reminds
them a little bit more of the farm-type setting. You know, for a family of four, depends on
how often they eat eggs–you know, 10, 12 hens would probably be good. Particularly
a Wyandotte breed like this. But it’s not going to be the best laying bird in the world.
I discourage people from having 2 hens, or 4 hens. You know, if you’re going to have
the effort to have a pen–giving them feed, giving them water, and giving them the right
environment–you might as well have 8, 10, 12 hens. And give some to your neighbors.
They’re gonna love you for it anyway. Well the chickens, they’re a social animal. They
run in a flock, and so you really need–they like having company, don’t they? They do,
they do. And there are some regulations within city limits–that certain cities will allow
you to have 4 hens, or 6 hens. You kinda have to pay attention to that. But, you know, they
do–they like to run in a flock, and they watch out for each other. And it’s kind of
their nature. The minimum space is 2 to 3 square feet per bird would be minimum. Yeah.
Very, very bare minimum. What’s the industry? Industry is 2. 2 square feet per bird, for
the hens. A little bit more for the males. And that’s a minimum. That’s in a confined
situation, and that gives them room to do their thing as a chicken and, you know, give
them comfort. They do well in that situation. But for a home flock, we typically aren’t
gonna want to do that if we can help it. 10 square feet per bird, even. Well, yeah, 10
per square feet, if you had 12 birds, would just be 120 square feet. Yeah, and that’s
not much. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And, yeah, that’d just be a 12 by 10 pen. Right, right. That
doesn’t take up a lot room in your backyard. And part of that can be in an enclosed area,
were they can get in at night. And then a small part of that can be a little open area
where they can get out and enjoy the sunshine. Yeah. Until dusk. And they can do the things
that chickens like to do. Scratch around. Well, the thing that I always suggest to people
is make sure you can lock them up at night because it’s those nighttime predators that
tend to get them. Yeah. Raccoons, or possums. You know, house cats can even get some of
the smaller breeds. Yeah, absolutely. You gotta protect them at night because even neighbor’s
pets will become predators at some point. You know, one of the nice things about the
Wyandottes is that they’ve got just a great disposition, you see how gentle these things
are. Yeah, they are. They’re a very friendly bird, gentle, slow moving. Not considered
one of the hyperactive, high maintenance, high strung birds. Right. Great for a family-type
situation, especially if you’ve got kids and you want to go out and feed the chickens and
interact with them a little bit. These are pretty young, about 9 to 10 months old. So
just beginning to start to lay. I’m gonna let her go. Here you go. Yep, I think they’ll
both be glad to get away. Well, you may need to take a few Wyandotte eggs home with you?
I’ll probably will. They’re a good bird to have. Good to have you here again, Keith.
Of course.


  1. I really liked this video. Thanks for sharing. We have a small home flock and we live in New Brunswick canada with harsh winters and extreme cold temperatures. I was wondering how hard it is to get this breed of bird to add to my hobby flock?. I wouldn't mind seeing them pecking around my yard. thanks again for sharing

  2. I have a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen among my flock of 12 layers. I acquired her as an adult, and unfortunately she didn't get much human contact or socialization, so she's rather aloof and stays to the outskirts of the flock. But she's a good, consistent layer and VERY pretty.

  3. I absolutely love these chickens. They are perfect for a dual purpose breed. I am interested in starting my own flock next spring. I was wondering if you could give me some information on where to buy. I have been raising chickens for many years so the experience I have just can not find good breeders and not sure the quality from a hatchery is enough for showing in the future.

  4. i am in south east asia country..there's no breed like this in my country.can i have a pair of it possible? can i have them via mail…

  5. Silver Laced Wyandottes are wonderful birds and are great pets. Please do not eat them. I had a wyandotte named "Scratcher" and she used to ride around in my truck with me when I would go and do tree work estimates. She had her own milk crate in the passenger seat with a nice towel over it and she would just love to go for a ride. We would go to the farmers market where she would walk right with me and get little freebies from the sellers like bits of lettuce or a couple of strawberries. One day while she was in my yard  with another hen named "Redster" which was a rhode island red they were scratching around together and when I went inside just for a minute to make me a sandwich a damn coyote sprang through my yard and grabbed Scratchers as I ran outside and chased it down to the river, it had scratcher by the neck and I could not catch it as it ran through the river and up the bank on the otherside and into the woods. It was simply horrible and I still cry about it to this day. It happened in 2007 the last sunday of the 5th month. R.I.P. Scratcher you were truly a magnificent bird.

  6. Do you sell chickens and if you do can you ship to trinidad (which is a Caricom country in the Caribbean )
    I have a very hard time trying to get true strain of chicken in my country
    All the breeders seems to like the money making part of chicken husbandry
    The trend is to mix all the breeds

  7. I've heard a lot of people say 4 sq ft in coop if they get to be out, 10 sq ft in the run, and even 10 sq ft. in the coop if they dont get to free range. what do you think?

  8. I want to have this kind of chicken Silver Laced Wyandottes here in the Philippines and the NJ Black Giant hope I can found this breed here in our country if not How can I have this? 

  9. I had Silver laced Wyandottes and they got bullied by the other breeds I had.  They were probably the worst layers I had.  But they layed enough to be useful and were by far the best looking chicken I have ever seen in person.  If you want a good looking bird that isn't  hard to find they are perfect.  Not  exactly something I want in my future flocks though.

  10. Light Brahma can be found in many places in the Philippines. Roosters get to grow 12 pounds, about 2 more pounds than Wyandottes. As a kid back in the Islands, my mother used to tell me she had Light Brahmas in the 30's, the biggest in town.

  11. I wish Skyrim would take this into account when they make their chickens. In the game, the chickens just look like some off mix breed of buff orphington and rhode Island Red. Thing is, Skyrim is an almost Ice Age Tundra, being like that place from Game of Thrones. Now if Bethesda did it's research and that's the kind of chickens that the Norse and Scandinavian (and Celtic Highlander) peoples the Nords were based on commonly had, more power to them. But to make things more interesting, they should have some of these chicken breeds. Makes sense. This one's for cold weather.
    Any largely Imperial influenced towns should be stocked with more Foghorn Leghorns, given the history behind them as explained by this gentleman.

  12. We live in south Louisiana with hot temperatures and high humidity in the summer. You said that these are bred for colder weather. Would these be a good idea for our weather and climate?

  13. I really love the Wyandotte chicken breed. Where could I get a start of the Wyandotte bloodline that you have here in this video along with the black australorps that I seen in the background? I don't see this quality of chicken in hatcheries. Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  14. depends what you want and if you dont care where the money goes……like feeding several dogs.
    Instead of quality food you buy cheap trash and good food for animals that are just expense .
    Buy real layers for eggs and meat birds to eat .
    These will eat immense amounts over a period of months or years .

  15. hello how are you, I'm from Baytown TX, and I want to tell you that your birds are beautiful, I follow your videos here on YouTube, my question is if you can sell, I would like to have your birds, In cases if you sell chickens I can communicate with you???

  16. I don't think any animal of that size would be comfortable in 2 square feet. Industrial farming of chickens is sick. On the farm all of our creatures were free to roam.

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