Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Pure Michigan

Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Pure Michigan

[music] remember recess? where we could put down our work and studies
and go out and play in the middle of the day a time that was ours to do whatever we wanted well there is a place that remembers we need
a little recess every now and then welcome to Silver Lake Sand Dunes found on Michigan’s Western shore here recess lasts all day but a run through this playground takes us
up and over 2000 acres of sand dunes across miles of tree line bike trails and spills us into the refreshing waters of
lake Michigan so lets put away our deadlines and assignments
and ramble off in a dune buggy float all day on clear blue water, climb and
become king of the hill at Silver Lake Sand Dunes, the recess bell
is ringing, time to come out and play in Pure Michigan your trip begins at


  1. I spent the first 18-years of my life growing up in Michigan. Lord knows there are some good folks there but, to be honest, the place has some really, really crummy people too.

  2. I used to go riding my dirt bike at this place back around '72 with my buddies. Down the road there they had a nudist camp and we'd climb trees and look at naked people playing volleyball and horseshoes. I never did understand how they could do those things in their birthday suits as the pricker plants, sand burs and biting bugs of Michigan are not to be taken lightly.

  3. I miss you Grandpa and Grandma I'm gonna play on the dunes and I'll stop by for my visit I know you two are better off with God, but I still want you two back see you again someday I love you guys oh one more thing give Autumn,Muttley,Doedoe,and Little Kitty a pet for me. Tell Uncle Joe OH YES! he'll know

  4. This is the STUPIDEST, LAMEST, promo video I have ever seen. There's ONE picture, for the entire video!! Not many, in a collage of photos, which would make it semi-interesting, just one ph*cking picture. Are you ph*%king kidding me?!?!?!? And the narrator is a ph*%king joke. Seriously, who the ph*%k came up with the video. This can't be State funds going to waste, on this rancid garbage called a promo video. This has got to be some joker, pretending to be important, like all the other wanna-be internet, amateur, losers. I could do a better job, and I don't even live in Michigan. I could find pictures on the internet, and use MS Movie maker or whatever and put together a decent video, without the stupid, lame-ass commentary, and make it 10 times more interesting. I've been to Silver Lake and I know what it is, and what there is to do here. Who is gonna take this guys word, for anything. How about a "Woohoo", as a video shows a buggy catch'n air, over the top a dune, and the riders yelling with their hands in the air. That would be a little bit more interesting! << sarcazm >> it would be ALLOT more interesting!!!! 

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