Silver Landcruiser 200 Series Conversion: Part 2 – The Details ► All 4 Adventure TV

Silver Landcruiser 200 Series Conversion: Part 2 – The Details ► All 4 Adventure TV

So we’ve come down to the TJM workshop here
in Brendale. Now the Creative Conversion team have finished their part, so we get a good
look at the paint job and see how that came out. I’ve had a quick look myself earlier,
and it’s schmick. And of course, the TJM team here are going to put the frontal protection
on the front of the 200 series, so bullbar, sidebars, winch, and I think there will be
some spotlights coming along. And also the rear winch on the new 200 has been set up.
So let’s get a look at that, hey? Well here we are. The boys have been pretty
busy. They’ve ripped the front bumper off. I think literally. And they’ve come in, they’ve
got the winch sitting in here, because that’s the winch frame as you can see here. So now
the bullbar is going to come on. So you’ve got the new flash 200 series bullbar. Now
I’ve got it colour coated to the same colour as the car. And it’s going to look pretty
good. I remember when we did the white one it’s come up schmick. Winch, bullbar going
on, sidebars will go on, and that will cover the front protection for the 200 here. Now
I see they’ve got some batteries, they’re going to put some new batteries in, because
I’m going to run the IBS system. So that will have a little display module inside, and then
in here will run a dual-battery system. So 200 series, would you believe, comes with
2 batteries to start this engine. So they join the 2 together and they use that to start
the engine. But they use these little batteries, these little 500cca batteries. So what we
do is we get rid of both of those 2 little batteries. We put one big deep-cycle battery
in one side. And then we put a cold-cranking, like an 800cca cold-cranking battery on the
other side. And then that way you can turn it into a dual-battery system quite easily.
And that will allow you to run something in the back. But with mine, I’m going to have
batteries in the back as well. So we’re going to have some more. So we’ll go around the
back and have a look there. So I come around the back of the 200 now,
and you’ll see we have the rear winch installed. We’ve got the control box for it. Now inside
the cabin, there’ll be a little switch, and that operates the wireless remote. Now I don’t
go off the beaten track without a wireless remote. I reckon they’re just sensational.
But what happens is the Concept Canopy boys have come down, and they’re now sitting the
bed or the frame for the bed of the canopy. The canopy, well that’s getting spray painted
around at Creative Conversions at the moment. And that should be ready to go on soon. But
what they actually do here, and this is the tricky part, is rather than welding a lot
of this canopy, they weld the frame, but they actually glue the floor and the sides to the
frame. And that’s what makes it so strong. Now we’ve got the Long Ranger, I think it’s
180 litre fuel tank. So that gives us 2 fuel tanks now. It can carry a total of 271 litres.
That’s something like 16,000 kilometres without refuelling. So that makes a big deal when
you’re out on the bush tracks. Well, Jake, run us through, mate. Run us through
this absolutely awesome rig. I see it’s got this kickass bullbar on it. Absolutely, mate. We’ve done the T-13 Colour
Coded Steel Winch Compatible Bar. Winch Compatible, so what do we got here? We’ve got a 12,000-pounder? We do, mate. We’ve got the 12,000 lb TJM winch
with synthetic rope. Oh yeah, we like that. We don’t do cable. All right, so of course, we’ve got the XRay
Vision spotties. We do, mate. The Britax XRay HID lights. Yeah, these 2 are HID. They’re both HID. Matched up with the Britax
also LED lightbars. Yeah I see that on the corners. What are they
for? Shooting, I don’t know, kangaroos on the side? Possibly, mate. So you can see around corners. Aha, that’s it. This is the new one, isn’t
it? It is, mate. That’s the new Brixtax 60watt
spread/spot combination. Oh yeah, I see that. Spread on the outside,
and all the spot in the middle. That’s a pure white light, isn’t it? They are, mate. They are unreal. Awesome, awesome. All right, so I see we’ve
got an aerial. So we’ve got a UHF radio in there somewhere. We do, mate. Absolutely. Mate, down the back we’ve got another 12,000lb
TJM winch. Oh, look at that. Look at that, mate. I don’t have to ruin my truck pulling your
ass out now; you can get your bloody self out. That’s it. So it’s the same as what’s in the
front. Absolutely, mate. With synthetic rope again. Nice and tucked away neatly there for you. Is it all remote? It’s all remote, mate, with TJM remote controls. Mate, that’s gold. A rear winch on the back
of the 200. I think there’s only 2 in existence. Simon’s going to be driving one, and I’m going
to be driving the second one. That is gold. Mate, this is a tricked truck.
This is a sick piece of gear. I think we’ve got exhaust here, haven’t we? Chip and exhaust? Absolutely, mate. Peddle torq, exhaust and
chip on this. Yeah, the Torqit. Torqit, yep. It’ll be something like 200 horses hanging
around the rear wheels there somewhere. Yep, they’ll be able to hear you coming from
a mile away, mate. Yeah, Simon’s a bit of a cowboy. He likes
horses. I do. Alright, check this out, Jase. You’re going
to love this, mate. Oh, two compressors. Twin TJM compressors running off an airtank. Yeah, where’s the airtank? The airtank’s tucked up neatly behind the
tray. Running 120lb all the time. We’ve got independent switching on both compressors
for when you want both of them running for when you’re doing your tyres. And when the
truck’s on all the time, you’ll have one running doing the airbags in the back. That’s gold. That’s absolutely gold. You’ll
almost be able to run airtools off it. You can, mate. You absolutely can. At 120lb,
you’ll be able to run a rattle gun off this. That’s some pretty neat work going on there.
Twin TJM compressors. I’m going to need it to pump up those big 35s that I run. Got a WAECO. Get your 65-litre CFX, mate.
I’ve got an inverter and stuff over there. Let’s have a look around the other side. This is where all the action happens on this
side here. What I’ve got here is I’ve got a RedArc lithium battery charger. So this
truck has been set up with the new lithium batteries, which means a third of the weight,
twice the power. Insane new technology. So lithium batteries. 280amp of lithium batteries.
Now I’ve got solar on the roof. Pump power in. I’ve got a lithium battery charger, if
I need to hook up the generator. And of course, I’ve got the car itself which
runs on the DC-to-DC RedArc lithium battery charger. Now in the front of the truck, I’ve
got a separate system which is a lead-acid battery. So dual battery in the front, and
that runs a DC-to-DC RedArc battery charger as well. And they’re 40amps. That means, I
turn the car on, and 40 amps starts charging into my batteries if they’re flat. Awesome
system. Awesome setup. Everything at the finger touch. Which is the way to go. You need to
be able to access all that really easily when you’re out in the bush. You want to charge
up camera batteries, all that sort of stuff, and that’s why we need so much power. And there’s even an inverter sitting up there.
1500-watt RedArc inverter. Mate, this is all very flash, but what’s the
most important thing you need on this truck? I tell you, I tell you what the most important
thing is… the suspension. Because without suspension, you’re not going to go far, are
you? And an engine. What do we got under there, mate? Well, remember we put that 2-inch suspension
lift? Straight off the shelf. 2-inch, 200 series, EFS XTR shock absorbers. They’ve got
the heavy-duty rear shocks. And then we’ve got these coils. There’s a set of coils in
the rear. And a set of coils sitting over those struts in the front. And don’t forget
those torsion bars we put in. We had to change the A-arms on the top so that we could bring
the wheel alignment back in. But I tell you what, I would not go — this truck, the amount
of weight and the amount of gear that we carry… We wouldn’t be able to take it. Mate, you wouldn’t leave home without the
suspension, would you? No. Well, there you go. It’s looking pretty good. It’s one hell of a truck. So let’s get her
out on the track and give her a whirl.


  1. I'm going to get this exact same set-up, I'm just gunna give away the kids and leave the wife, work 7 days a week & prostitute my self out at night and in about 5 years I reckon I should have the cash.

  2. Not only 2 200series Ute chops in Australia. My friends pop has a 200 Ute chop. Seen them advertised in mags and newspapers.

  3. After seeing part 1 was so glad it didn't take long for this second part to be uploaded!  Terrific setup by some really amazing providers / companies you have there…

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  6. I saw one exactly like this from Creative Customs & Concept Canopies up at Cape Melville in Far North Queensland a few years ago. The owners were a couple from WA. Very nice rig indeed.

  7. Any concerns with the Lithium battery system out in the heat and dust? I'm just thinking of all the problems with the boeing 787 and the Li batteries in that.
    Sweet rig though!

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  11. That is a very cool rig. Would love to do this to a 79 series when I'm older. Who sets up your control centre??

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