Silver Lätt In The Bag 2019

Silver Lätt In The Bag 2019

Hi! My name is Silver Lätt. I am a Latitude64 player and this is my in the bag 2019. I would like to kick of this introduction with my Latitude64 Core bag. I have been using this since last year’s Worlds. What I really like about this bag is the fact that it’s super light weight and holds enough discs. The only downside in my eyes is the lack of extra pockets where to put extra discs on a tougher course or a jacket and extra towels on a rainy day. Lets get down to business. I only use trilogy discs. That includes Latitude64, Dynamic discs and Westside discs. Let’s start with my putters I have 3 putters in my bag. All of them are Classic Blend Marshals. The blue one has been in use for a longer period. It’s more beat in and flies very straight This is what I use for jump putt approaches and anhyzer putts. Up next my two main putters. They are identical so I grab a random one from my bag whenever I am putting. What I really love about these is the glide and stability so it gives me confidence to run longer putts with them. Then i have two amazing putt approach discs called Harp. To be honest I have a few more but my desire is to have one beat in straight one which I use for all of my forehand approaches up until 70 meters. The other one is almost brand new for windier conditions and unhyzer upshots. I also use these for shorter forehand rollers. Moving on to midranges I have the legendary lucid suspect which I bought in 2013 if I am not mistaken. Shout out to Harri Reimand who sold it to me on the Nationals in Viljandi that year. Ever since that time this disc has had a massive amount of flight hours. It is very beat in and fits like a glove. It pops up from hyzer in an instant and flies straight for a long time. I also love this for narrow tunnel forehand shots that need to finish left if there is no room for a backhand hyzer shot. My bag would not be complete without my two Compasses. The first one is a Gold Line that is super beat in but very straight and has a lot of glide. I use this for straight shots up to 110m especially in tunnels. It is super comfortable, very reliable and it does not fool around. I can really rely on this to hold a straight line. The other one is an Opto-X Compass which I initially put in my bag for backhand shots in windier conditions but turned out to be a great choice for forehand approaches. It’s very flat and feels great using a forehand grip. It flies 90 meters with little to no effort at all and has no fade or turn what so ever. I really love this as one of the newest additions in my bag. To finish off midranges, I have 2 Lucid Justices. It is the most overstable midrange disc in the Trilogy family. I use this for both forehand and backhand shots when scrambling. Anhyzer shots, super hyzer shots, skip shots this disc is hard to replace. If the conditions are more windier than usual, I prefer Justices to Harps for shots up to 80 meters. Off to my favourite speed discs – the fairways. What I use the most is a really beat in Fusion Felon. It gets the most air time in forests and tunnel shots. It pops up from a small hyzer and holds a straight line for a long time. I put a little more force behind it, it flies in a mild flex line but does not look like a drunk driver. I don’t use this for windier conditions. Then I have the brothers which I use for longer approaches Tournament Ahti and Vip Ahti They fly the same but swap between them depending on the temperature and humidity to keep the grip ideal. They are my go to discs for forehand and backhand shots around 110 meters on open fields and longer tunnel shots. Also for anhyzer scramble shots. This disc is known as the Westside equivalent to Innova Firebird. I strongly recommend every forehand player to have a weapon like this in the bag. Continuing with fairways I have a Westside Discs Fortress that is an easy to control straight disc that has a strong finish. It flies very far and if there is less room in the forest, Fortress is here to help. It does not need much room to fly far. I only throw this only with backhand and mostly in the forest if I need a finish to the left. Next in line there is an Opto Explorer which was selected as the fairway disc of the year 2018. This one is 169 grams and flies amazingly straight. On open courses this usually never gets out of the bag but in the forest with a backhand throw it flies as far as regular drivers would. Incredible glide, straight all the way this should be the disc everyone asks for in the store. I also have a beat in Opto Saint Pro. I only use this for turnover shots with forehand and backhand as well as forehand rollers. I really like to throw this for late flips as this starts to turn at 90 meters and holds the anhyzer line until it lands. As I am a forehand dominant player I use this for forehand turnover shots in the forest since I don’t trust my backhand in narrow gaps. The latest addition in my bag is the Lucid Witness. It makes backhand rollers very easy and travels faaaaaar. Most likely this will be in my bag only for courses that require rollers and wait patiently at home most of the time. Now for the big guns. There is not much to talk about here since I only have Defenders. In total I have 6 Lucid Defenders and each has a different beat in status so they fly a little different. All of them are maximum weight – 170+ grams and I select them according to the wind conditions. What I love most about the Defenders is the shape. They are perfect for forehand shots with their flat top and feel very good in my hand. They are easy to control with a predictable flight and travel super far. Last but not least I have 3 Fusion Defenders that I only throw backhand. They have a good grip and are pretty soft so I can push in my thumb for extra strong grip. The first one is very beat in and starts to turn over once it leaves the hand. It changes direction a lot but flies very far. Then there is a medium one that pops up from hyzer but does not turn over and has a strong finish. The newest one is for extra windy conditions. You can be sure that this will not turn over no matter the blow. Surprise – there is something extra in my bag. This one is brand new and I have never thrown this. The Fluid Enforcer is there for super windy forehand shots and I can really trust this to have a hyzer finish no matter what which makes it easy to control. There are no more discs in my bag but there are some things I would like to share with you. I always carry 2 mini markers so if I forget 1 on the course or a friend needs one I can be the good guy. I use the USDGC marker which looks cool and makes me feel really confident to stand behind it. There are always some extra towels packed in plastic for rainier rounds. I suggest at least 2-3 extra towels should always be in the bag in case the weather starts playing tricks on you. Another thing that gets a lot of usage is the Compress Sport sleeve. i strongly recommend it to all the forehand dominant players who have experienced elbow pain or injury. It keeps the hand warm and prevents injury. I have been using this for 4-5 years and put it on each time it’s a little colder outside. I also always have a few snack bars in my bag when I play. Here we find the 2 worlds greatest ones: Barebells caramel cashew and chocolate almond. If you feel your game is falling apart or you are tilting, cocolate always knows how to cheer you up. And of course you need to have water in your bag. At the moment I have a norvegien water which is rich in minerals and vitamins. Ok, that’s it from my side. This was my In the bag 2019. See you guys on the course!

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