Hi, this is the Prizmatix silver LED
high power fiber coupled light source it is a simple-to-use system with various
control features that make it an affordable and good solution for a lot
of lighting needs curing, spectroscopy, illumination, industrial videoscopes,
photochemistry, photobiology, NMR, microscopy and all your other fiber
coupled or like that couple design The unit has a 10-turn potentiometer on the front the silver LED also features an
optically isolated opto-couple TTL pulse control and an analog power
control for external control of the unit there’s also an option for USB control of the LED various other accessories such as collimators and many different
types of fibers are available many wavelengths from deep UV to infrared and white are available a full chart is available on our website we have a program to help you see how much power you get out of each fiber thank you, and have a good day

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