Silver Linings Playbook – Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook – Movie Review

and to act like and kristy this is not
missus alonso and then i thought about several lines but but but i have not
seen completely outpour trapping the you guys will and
validate my expectation or not i didn’t want to watch the david russell
whose first film since the fighter uh… it is the kind of movie that with
it when i describe what the plot is using quincy that button in trust me you
do uh… bradley cooper plays a substitute
teacher who’s just been released from mental institution after having a file meltdown discovering his wife
with another man are now that he’s back only with his parents were played by
robert deniro and jacki weaver he is determined to turn his life around and
win her back even though she has a restraining order against him alive in
the meantime he meets a young young widow played by jennifer morris who has
problems of around and she manages to convince him to join her uh… in a
ballroom dancing competition but you want to see this movie i promise
you check it out i have one incident come home from work mislead by waste
shall and for the progress he said that he just denies on paper this move into the work excels
corazon you know if this guy who’s bipolar buddy you know you know alibi for heroes
like this i don’t see the philadelphia eagles they’re not only do what is the
level control that he will do that you could describe differences
characters the standard manic exceeding girl time and uh… recovery well maybe
i can do this also so it’s so causes but it but it was so let’s it’s not activist great acting as though
it’s not a bill russell bike the meals taking the monkey uh… artwork
properties i get the it’s it’s more the fighter did rule russell worries dull are more compassionate to the
characters uh… and and uh… but it but in a
really good with this movie is basically a screwball comedy about
actual school although i guess is the best way to describe it because uniindia at you know there are
two of our dear people complaining how it’s not an actor portrayals bipolar
disorder and it’s not our great you would like to do what it will save
people mental institutions don’t necessarily look as attractive as
everyone exactly at this this is movie in which you know like that this
is a hollywood treatment of mental illness whether it’s sort of black
making a talking about how how have you he was which way he’s awesome like if you have
to get locked up in this outcome out with one of the but half win he land as in this way you have to make
some effort and the best part happen list are before he takes a pill when you had to practice in the disciple
decisive seen india it really hits a lot of he goes really happens we will be an
actor but he’s really you know denominated nec he takes you
down the road of his of his madness and you can you understand and you see how somebody you don’t necessarily see
going there someplace about and you see how could he does a
realistic to me what was a very realistic portrayals reading that
self-destructive advertise jennifer watch this as does the nearer i think it
was a member of the year of analogue clock he was an intern real suck ass movies and aggravated assault
red lights but that the harris performance i’ve ever seen from him or
anyone get line celebrity not overly so good in this iggy remind you we have the
girl you’re like great i think i’ve dealt with him at night with three it is the strong
contender for couples uh… interest rates were little uh… i think this is a really fantastic there’s something there should work on paper right certainly add notes and written
two hundred they know how it might lead to was aren’t around dot optimize our
atmosphere realities eighty-seven percent eighty-seven disneyland sent
this is opening in manipulating because today about this
big pot apple week and that we got wider next week cycle apartheid


  1. I loved I Heart Huckabees and didn't care for the fighter. Especially after Skyfall being a huge let down I don't know if I can trust you guys.

  2. Why are these so short now? Fucking hell, the best part of WTF is the banter between the hosts.

    Also how does 9.8 and 9.0 average 9.2?

  3. Exactly…I just enjoy listening to the WTF guys and gals bullshit with each other more than anything.

    Five minutes? Really…why bother?

  4. Yeah the long reviews were better. I have been a WTF fan since the very first review, and watching this show is as a big part of my week coming home from school on a Thursday. So yeah, go back to the longer reviews (like 12-15 mins) because in a weird way it's more interesting to hear natural conversation than just critical points of the movie.

  5. I loved this movie. The acting is top shelf with a great cast. Jennifer Lawrence proves she is not the strumpet of the week, yes she can act, and she is easy on the eyes. Bradley Cooper has come a long way from The Globe Trekker series. You can't help but love him in this. Bobby D pulls back from his crappy paycheck movies to give a great manic performance. Chris Tucker was fun it's good to see him back. Lastly j

  6. I have two independent movie theaters in my city plus a bunch of normal theaters and this isn't in a single one of them wtf.

  7. I thought the film was fantastic. I disagree with you on one thing, which is the point about how bipolar disorder, etc., are shown in the film. The friend who I went to see it with who actually works with people suffering from bipolar disorder and other mental health problems every day said it's a very accurate portrayal of them.

  8. I'm sorry, but every heterosexual adult male in the world wants to have sex with Jennifer Lawrence. And 35 really isn't that old dude.

  9. Alot of heterosexual adult males want to have sex with 12 year old girls too, doesn't mean it's not weird. And while 35 isn't that old, 22 is pretty young too. I think anything over ten years at that age is kind of weird, the older you get the less age matters but that young it's still a little odd IMO.

  10. I loved this movie. I think it will be a serious contender for Best Picture, even though the final act was a little too conventional. I love Jen Lawrence. Also I'm 36 & dating a 23 year old cuz I guess that's weird? I get along better with younger women.

  11. No way. He was good in some scenes but overacted in others. Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro were the real stars here.

  12. I have bipolar disorder and I don't think they did the best job at portraying it. However, that was only based on half the movie I've seen. Perhaps it'll be different if I watch the whole movie.

  13. I have Bipolar, If you cant joke about it then what can you do? The film isn't about you specifically remember. Everyone i watched the film with enjoyed the fact that some of his characteristics were very much like mine we made it amusing, which is good for such a difficult topic.

  14. Oh no I'm so sorry. I thought you were someone completely random disrespecting me. I understand now. I'm so sorry. But you're completely right! Again, I'm so sorry I misunderstood. lol

  15. Just watched the movie, it was the most awsome movie Ive seen in 2 years… and Ive seen most of the other "great movies" like zero dark 30 and Lincoln

  16. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Not by the acting, everyone played their parts really well, but it wasnt a very good story. Im sure the book is very good, although I havent read it, but the movie was just a typical hollywood story arch, and I really didnt think a film about people struggling with mental illness should have such a neat bow tied on it. If this makes any sense. Plus the story was jive as hell, like they said. But I wont knock the acting or cinematography.

  17. As someone who went into a mental hospital for a good portion of my early twenties — I went in thin, came out fat. When you take the fact that all you can do is some tame volleyball once a week in a cramped "gym" for activity, coupled with the robust food bar (and forced 3 meals a day), you come out a bigger man in every sense of the phrase.

  18. for all the people who are saying this is not an accurate portrayal of bipolar disorder, you have to know that there are two types of bipolar people. There is the manic and the depressive. Of course people with bipolar disorder have episodes of both types but their most consistent state is what defines them. I know because my dad has that condition.

  19. Based on your review I should have seen this one a lot sooner, but, oh, what a gem. Well worth the wait. I don't buy many films, but this one I'll add to my very tiny collection when it becomes available on DVD next week.

  20. Sure, it's shameless Oscar bait, but…I still enjoyed it.

    I'd give it a 7.5 or an 8…definitely not a 9.3, but still…I liked it. That's all that matters at the end.

  21. on the subject of the bipolar not portrayed accurate; in the original book Silver Linings Playbook, were never told what Pat has as diagnosed with. when writing the screenplay, this was brought to mind because David Russel's his son is bipolar, so he scripted it in 🙂

  22. Bought the movie and have watched it several times. Still LOVE it. Cry everytime she runs out while Johnny Mathis sings "Misty." Sadly there isn't much extra material on the disk. Thought the Blue Ray disc might have more, but no. When I buy a movie I enjoy watching the film with director's comments. None here. Boo!

  23. Bradley Cooper isn't the only reason for the movie's popularity, it's the chemistry between him and Jennifer Lawrence. If they didn't mesh, the rest of the film would have fallen flat.

  24. @Tiffmidon in regards to the "inaccurate" portrayal of bipolar, I'm no expert on it at all, but he does state in the movie that his disorder is relatively mild and infrequent 

  25. Disgusting review, not on the actual review but the shit they were saying. The guy in the centre specifically. You dont go into a psych ward to get in shape and be attractive. How very ignorant, they completely missed just how respectful this movie is when it comes to bipolar disorder. Since they dont depict it as cool, hip or attractive. Its an ugly mental disorder

  26. just finished watching it. you know a movie is good when it makes me like bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence. definitely worth 2 hours of my life

  27. Bipolar is subjectively manifested. My condition is very similar to what the film portrays….if you're symptoms are different, that doesn't mean they aren't portraying bipolar inaccurately…

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