Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss (HD 16:9 edit)

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss (HD 16:9 edit)

Silver Moon… Crystal Power… KISS! Beautiful!


  1. @veodetodofull The dvd's of Sailor moon are on sale on CD Japan. The prices are high, around 150 dollar for half a season.

  2. @ElAquadora It's been a long time, so I don't remember exactly. I applied Reverb in Audacity several times, checking that the voice was still clear, until it had a stereo-like quality because of the echo. And I probably played with the EQ a little too.

  3. The awesome quality comes from the R2 (Japanese) DVDs. You can find rips from them in SailorMoonCenter (google it). That's how I got this. I only resized it and cropped it.

  4. Well, I resized it to 1280×720 and did an automatic crop, and then I adjusted the panning for some parts of the video.

  5. i see. And can I ask you once more? What size appeares when you cut vid (without 1240х720) the original size is 640×480.

  6. I don't know. I use Event Pan&Crop and then Match Output Aspect, after setting the size of the project to 1280×720. So it does it automatically.

  7. Ah OK.

    Well either they both had the same artists or at least the same sub-departments working on different series. Compare Sailor Stars to Cutie Honey Flash and you'll see it's VERY similar to this style. 🙂

  8. i just realized that the addition to her weapon/staff thingy is the upgraded holy grail! omahgoodnessimsuchadummeh!!

  9. this does the same as starlight honeymoon theraphy kiss so what was the point of this upgrade? the phages aren't even different…

  10. This attack was used for so few episodes yet it was probably the best animated and had some sick music along with it.

  11. I wish the Eternal Tiare was closer to the manga, much more elegant and simple. The colors and chunkiness make it look like the plastic junk they peddled to the kids (no doubt on purpose). It looks SO much better extended to full length, and topped with the ginzuisho in lotus mode!

  12. They did a really extra-sweet job with the background music, sounds literally angelic. Also a big improvement both in name and that last sound effect (prior one it sounds like clown music something someone in supers should've had) from "starlight honeymoon therapy kiss."

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