Silver nanoparticles and health: Seven things you should know

Silver nanoparticles and health: Seven things you should know

Are sliver nanoparticles good or bad for you? To help answer this, we thought we’d round up seven facts about silver nano that may surprise you One: Silver nanoparticles are released from silverware. Drink water from a silver jug
or eat with a silver spoon and you are drinking and eating silver
nanoparticles. As silverware has been around since Roman times we’ve been doing this for a couple of millenia now and of course if you were born with a
silver spoon in your mouth you’ve probably been doing it more than most. Two: People have been intentionally dosing themselves with silver nanoparticles for over a hundred years. Colloidal silver –
suspensions of silver nanoparticles in a liquid – were popular before modern antibiotics
came along Their use has become widespread again in
recent years as a cure for well if you read the claims almost
anything apparently. There is no clear evidence that drinking colloidal silver is good for
you, but evidence never stopped people from self medicating before. Three: Silver nanoparticles are pretty good
at killing microbes but it’s the silver ions that they
slowly release that do most of the damage. This means you don’t necessarily need nanoparticles make products that kill
bugs using silver for instance, the Michigan company Crypton makes commercial fabrics used everywhere
from Hyatt Hotels to McDonald’s that use silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and
products using X-Static silver technology are widely used
by athletes, the military, medics, and others.
Both companies use silver as an antibacterial agent but as far as can be told neither
company uses nanoparticles. Four: It’s hard for pathogens to develop resistance to silver nanoparticles because they interfere with microbes in multiple different ways. However, indiscriminate use of silver as
an antibacterial agent could still increase the chances a
resistance developing which isn’t great news if you’re relying on it
to protect particularly vulnerable patients. Five: If you’re exposed to enough silver it’ll turn your skin blue, a
condition called on Agryria. This is cosmetically interesting but not fatal. In fact it’s thought that
Royal were originally called Blue Bloods because you guessed it those silver
spoons turned their lips delicate shade royal blue. Six: Silver nanoparticles aren’t likely to
be much more dangerous than other forms of silver in the human body
as it’s the ions that cause the most damage. Although it’s still possible that research
may throw up some surprises nanoparticles for instance might find it
easier to get to sensetive places like inside cells before dissolving amd
releasing their payload of silver ions. And we may still find that the
nanoparticles trigger the body’s immune system in ways
that ions do not. That said a couple of millenia of imbibing
silver nanoparticles hasn’t thrown up any obvious risk red
flags yet. Seven: In contrast silver is bad news for the
environment. We learned this with environmental
contamination from the photographic film industry. Silver nanoparticles were at least as
harmful as the same amount of silver in any other form – possibly more so if the
nanoparticles gets places other forms of silver cannot. This has got
some people wondering whether putting silver everything from socks
and kids toys to bed sheets and carpets is a bad idea. To learn more about silver nanoparticles check out the blurb below and as always
please do join the conversation in the comments.


  1. british rubbish 🙁 7 surprising facts about silver nanoparticles and health.

    Governments seize colloidal silver being used to successfully treat Ebola patients 🙁

  2. What does big pharma pay you for this hit job?  As to enviormental concerns (I guess you want to regulate it out of existance like coal), do you know how many millions of metric tons of silver are on the earth?  Do you know how many trillions of particles of nano silver are already in every metric ton of dirt?  There are literally billions of tons of nano silver in all ocean water on earth!  You can't pee up that rope 🙂  I suppose Seratonin re-uptake inhibitors are much safer?  Was Al Gore your daddy?

  3. Come on silver 50ppm (particel per mill.) eyes drops was cure the eyes infection of my friend in germany,he went to many doctors and hospitals and no one was able to help him,now he is in good health!!!
    i think behind the video is the pharma industry they do not like nano silver will be used because nobody owns a patent  and it cost less then any antibiotic!

  4. Downright Big Pharma propaganda and lies.  For example there is no way that microbes can become resistant to the silver ions, unlike all of Big Pharma's products.

  5. Many reports on the BENEFITs of Colloidal Silver are out there..just suppressed by BIG PHARMA! Totally good stuff this colloidal silver! All should have it on there shelves!
     It fixed my autiimmune disease when nothing else could.

  6. 1. Advertise this video callled skip : silver coilloide  healing your ebole bacteria or virus  but the Enriched specialist dont wanned admit this .. then this type men cant not buy his rich villa -cars -hollydays  who are here evil and not supporting cheap solutions ? !

  7. I found out most people make Colloidal silver, wrong and that is why it is sometimes not as effective, when you use low voltage and use an impurity like salt or Vitamin c or anything else to act as an electrolyte ( so it can conduct electricity)  you make silver compounds that are in effective. Also when you use D C current you get silver oxides. The research stated, silver works best when it is at atomic size, it can penetrate cell membranes to disable the enzyme of the bacteria so it can not breathe and it dies.  If it is a compound it can not permeate the cell membrane  to do it right you need high voltage A C current. For free plans to do t safely see on you tube Himacmovieman

  8. There is zero(0) evidence to show that bacteria can or have formed a resistance to silver toxicity. 
    That said, colloidal silver is keeping me alive to this day. Which is something that no approved treatment could ever do. 

  9. I use sterling silver forks and plated spoons.  No they don't match and they rarely get polished but it has been my preference for many years.  Didn't know i was nano-dosing myself.  Great.

  10. finally came upon some disinformation.. trying hard to raise doubts no doubt 😛 I"m gonna go drink some colloidal silver while I think up ways to avoid GMO's and have a sigh of relief cause I don't vaccinate. 😀

  11. The "blue man" began as a LIE because mainstream networks sponsor pharmaceutical drug companies… and God forbid if they are threatened by REAL solutions such as colloidal silver. On CNN, a guy named Paul Karason, who really was blue, was paid to say that it was colloidal silver that made him turn blue. He later admitted that it was actually the introduction of SALT during his electrolysis method of concocting colloidal silver that actually made him turn blue! Using salt during this process creates the element "SILVER CHLORIDE", which does, in fact, turn you blue — NOT colloidal silver!! In other words, it's silver SALTS that cause this blue man disease called Argyria (ie: silver nitrate, silver arsphenamine, silver chloride and possibly silver iodide). Don't fall for the myths — colloidal silver is COMPLETELY safe.

  12. Nice video….. I'm hoping to start selling CS, but need some more great videos like these to help kick-start my biz….. Would be great if you could help!

  13. Did anyone get sick after the first time taking Colloidal Silver. I got it yesterday took as directed and feel like @hit today. Any info on this will be appreciated. Some people say not to take it cause its a heavy metal. Thank You

  14. @jason markson
    if you are referring to copper being in the times

    of them bronze age it was indeed called
    bronze and came in many different colors besides blue..

    I believe your answer was irrelevant as was Einsteins theory

  15. ionic silver will never turn your skin blue… If you mix salts during the electrolysis process, it creates a silver chloride which makes big particles of silver… this silver then settles in the skin and causes argyria… The body and handle Nano particles better and passes easily out the body… I use ionic silver and have done the milk test which does prove that Silver does kill bacteria.

  16. you've successfully captured the "crispy slime/slimy crisp" quality in your vocal recording, audio production process very well. Only question (one question at least) is why?

  17. Evidence? I've been trying to find testimonials / case studies / real science / scams? It did not work for my ear infection it actually made it worse and I HATE BIG PHARMA, I hope this it didn't get marketed and hyped by an MLM scam or something, is there REAL proof that an amateur scientist learn off of?

  18. I take silver along with colloidal gold and have only had a good positive experience, this is maybe 4 weeks. I emphasize the colloidal gold is an adjunct. The gold has helped my brain noticeably and positively by my own observations.

  19. All these youtube videos use the words Nono silver, colloidal silver and ionic silver interchangeably. They are not all one and the same and for that reason it is very difficult to do adequate research on the net. I give zero information credit to any that use the terms interchangeably.

  20. all this is a theory! with NO proof! You PHARMA asses spent a billions to proof any bad affects. It took jet 100 years and all you`ve got after all this time is Mr. blue smurf??!??!?!??? It seems that people WON in this war and they dont care about your theories while you giving them really toxic and particularly ineffective antibiotic! BRAVISSIMO 2 people! There outside is coming an era of super viruses and super bacterias! What will you asses do then? all antibiotics arround the world can handle only 6 type of bacterias and viruses! We easy handle with colloidal silver over 650 typs of them. And after 5 years of using CS my skin still looks not blue. Thnx for your care but I dont buy that shit .!. .!. .!. .!. .!. .!. .!.

  21. It is a fact that the British Empire took over India long used medicine through media stories about hydrogen peroxide killing people so that they could bring in their new fucked-up British Empire medicine for profit look it up.

  22. I fume silver on glass by heating up a pin head size of troy silver and spray it on glass with a torch at high temperature. This coats the glass with pure silver particulate. No blue blood here. No silver spots on me. Worked as a silver smith for years. After 20 years i figure i should be super saturated with silver particulate. Still alive and well at 62 years old. How come. It must be my vast consumption of beer perhaps. Any ideas whilst i am still alive or heavy metal fatuique issues i might incur.

  23. Well silver has been around since time began and amazingly were not all dead.

    Especially from this guy on here was he put on here paid by the pharmaceutical companies. No evidence colloidal silver is good for you really that's why there's hundreds of scientific studies on it for human consumption, in case of infectious diseases. Not to mention that before pharmaceutical antibiotics were invented more harsh colloidal silver were used and burn centres in hospitals still use it today called sulphur silverdiasine I believe it's spelt.

  24. I watched nano particle colloidal silver 100% knock out hand foot & mouth disease in a mother and her 2 young daughter's literally over night. They went from being miserable with mouths so sore, they hurt when they tried to drink water, to attending and participating in a horse barrel racing event the following morning and going out for lunch in the afternoon. All felt great.

  25. well this is full of false claims and outright lack of research, colloidal silver will not turn your skin blue, silver nitrate will though, silver nitrate is made when someone uses water with salt content in it to produce colloidal silver.also you can make silver chloride if fluoride is in the water, I cam here hoping to learn new things only to find a lot of misinformation and flatout lies. you do not even know about colloidal silver at all do you? are you just reading a script someone handed you without second guessing or fact checking it first? seems this way, so thanks for nothing and i hope others that watch this video will fact check everything you say.

  26. Thanks for the video very interesting but you are just another YouTuber that wants to play music when trying to explain something very annoying but at least no robot voice and no one scribbling on the screen Thank you

  27. …….. just because this guy has a cool English accent doesn't automatically mean his information is accurate! …… DOWN WITH BIG PHARMA!! …..😠

  28. Colloidal silver has blown me away with how well it works, got rid of an abses far quicker than antibiotics, and haven't had a cold in 3 years since I started taking it daily plus my allergies are gone. I have never found anything that works this well.

  29. Complete NON SCIENCE ‼️ Remove this FAKE SCIENCE CROOK ‼️ I’m of royal blood and born with silver spoon and eat drink and supplement with colloidal silver. Argyria requires consuming unnatural amounts of pure oxide to remotely develop. Silver oxide is not silver. It's like saying poop is food ! Conversation ? You’ve just made a non science packed with FAT LIES uninformed video ‼️ 🤬

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