Silver or Black Wheels? NT01 or R888R?

Silver or Black Wheels? NT01 or R888R?

Cheers Hey, what up, guys? We got a few things that we’re doing today first We have to go to the WMDs shop and pick up the 15 x 8 silver RPF1 alongside the Nitto NT01 225 45 15. We’re gonna go get those mounted at Texas track works So we have to drive over to their shop which is in Fort Worth, Texas Texas track works has helped me not only with this project But also with my Miata NB that I had they’re pretty much known for their high end work with BMW track cars. But yeah, I hope you guys are having a great day Let’s head over to the shop pick up these wheels and then head over to Texas Track Works. Bye, boy! Okay, we’re at Texas Track Works let’s get these tires mounted and say what’s up to our friend Forest Can I just unload them by the door? Yeah. Let me grab Johnathan he can grab for you. Okay, cool. This is isn’t the Miata set up that I hear about? No, it’s an E30. The ones I have on there now are the 225/50/15’s In the back. Yeah slightly… what color these? These are silver. The SBC wheel. They still make that? Yes they still make it. I want that. I’ll need that in my life That’s the deal yeah, okay well It’s gonna be like an 18 by something. We have this 15×8 in SBC to. You can’t pick it up and not smile. It’s 11:30 (11.3 lbs) Doing a motor swap on it or anything? We we’re talking about it I had a head and cams an intake an exhaust. My S52 car had… 10,000 track miles on it. Oh, wow. Yeah like yeah. Yeah Yeah, it lived there it’s spent a lot of time and I would drive it down to Texas Motor Speedway on the stock wheels and tires and with five wheels and tires in the backseat Run like 157 with all the fast Corvettes and drive it back to Fort Worth Yeah, then I sold it and bought a Miata because I’m dumb 99 NB I bought it because I have an s54 like out of an E46 that I was gonna swap into an e30 sedan I always wanted to do like over the top clean e30 sedan and then when I started here All these guys had Miatas so when we would go and do track stuff it just made more sense For me to have a Miata too. So we all having a car at the same horsepower. Mm-hmm And like I’d be lying to you if I told you I don’t have fun with because it’s a lot of fun. You ever do any track stuff with it? I want to, that’s the goal but… Thank you It was good to meet you. Thank you. Thanks Alright guys, so we have the tires mounted on the RPF1’s thank you very much, Texas Track Works I’ll put a link in the description so you guys can go follow them if you ever need any kind of BMW stuff Done in the Texas area or if you want to make your make the drive out to Texas make sure to hit them up super professional guys and Just nice guys overall man. Anyway, let’s go grab some lunch I’m right here in the neighborhood kind of where I grew up so I’m gonna hit a spot that I always go to Juanitos which is kind of just a burrito Mexican place Really good stuff, and let’s go pig out Good morning, a cow tongue burrito please add rice and beans For here please Man this stuff is so good It’s a lengua (cow tongue), rice and beans, cheese, cilantro, onion burrito and it freaking delicious. You know you have to top it off with a Mexican Coke. I usually don’t drink cokes but you have to do it. Anyway, that was delicious. Now let’s go mount these wheels on the E30. Alright guys, so it’s actually the next day. It rained yesterday after I left Texas track works and had that awesome burrito But we’re here now. We’re gonna put these wheels on and see how they look Oh man, I got the first one on Looks pretty dope Let’s get the rest of them on. It’s so damn hot. It’s really not that hot. It’s just humid. I think it’s like 85 degrees right now or something Maybe maybe a little hotter but humidity is through the roof All right, this is the last one and Let’s bring it down Man that looks so good. Check it out Damn! Alright guys, I have the silver RPF1’s on there. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I think that’s gonna be it for now I really like the way this came out, a lot cleaner look. Of course It’s not gonna be as aggressive as the Toyo R888r’s But I think that this is a good look for the car as well I’m gonna be going back and forth with the black wheels and silver wheels So let me know which one you like better or if you like both of them, that’s cool, too let me know in the comments make sure to subscribe make sure to send me DM’s if you have any suggestions on how I can make the e30 look better and also how I can make these videos better and more entertaining for you guys. kind of just trying to learn myself how to edit and how to You know do some storytelling and just talk to the camera correctly and in a way where where it’s again entertaining and I’m also showing you guys something that you haven’t seen Somewhere else. But anyway, I hope you guys have an amazing day. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace


  1. Idk if your a tire letters guy but it may look good. Also you cant go wrong with the yellow foglights. I like these vids

  2. I think you come across well in the video's imo, I actually didn't even realise you were new to this so that says something, just keep doing what your doing. On another note I don't know what mods the car has being new to the channel but when I owned my 325i I fitted a purple tag steering rack from an e46 m3 and it made the car feel so much nicer to drive, if your looking at mods to do, it's one that is well worth it!

  3. Thanks for checking out my E30! Really appreciate the love and the suggestions. Planning more videos of this E30 and other car related stuff. Thanks again! – Alex

  4. Hey couple questions, when you put on the enkei set of rims on did you use spacers to make it look like that? Also what rim and tire size for the black set of rims and enkeis?

  5. I think the black wheels are so blend or too harmony by the dark color of your E30 trunk but the silver wheels give more contrast and make the wheels looks outstanding.I prefer the silver just like the silver RF 1 wheels on my E30.

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