Silver Pipe to the Head, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

Silver Pipe to the Head, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER: What’s going on? WOMAN: There was a
black guy on a bicycle. He came riding from
that direction. He said that Tatiana
was kidnapping and because my boyfriend’s– OFFICER: Where’s your boyfriend? – –white– he left. OFFICER: Mm. – But because he was white he– – Where’d he go? – –hit him in the
head with a pipe. I don’t even know who
he’s talking about. – What were you doing
when you got hit? Were – Eating– eating– eating a sandwich. – Did he say anything to you? – You know what? He was rattling a bunch of– something about, you
Aryan mother [BLEEP].. OFFICER: Where’d
he get that from? Do you know the guy? MAN: No, I’ve never
met him before. I just– I looked
up, he was there. OFFICER: OK. MAN: You know? And he just went, pow! OFFICER: And he
hit you with what? MAN: A steel pipe. OFFICER: A steel pipe? About how big was it? Do you remember the color of it? – It could have been– it could have been,
like, handlebars or some from a bicycle or something. That’s what it looked
like– silver, you know? OFFICER: And how did he hit you? Was it overhand? was it the– – Overhand. Pow! MAN (OVER RADIO): [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Put your
hands in the air! MAN: All right! – Get off the bike,
lay on the ground. Do not grab anything. – I don’t have a gun. OFFICER: Lay down! MAN: What is this? – 41, we got one at gunpoint. Lay out. Hands down in front of you. Got him? OFFICER: Yeah. Grab the pipe. [PIPE CLANKS] OFFICER: Somebody’s telling
me that you hit them with that pipe. – The same people who
called you and told you I have a dead body in my house? OK? Who shot the gun in my
house told you that? OFFICER: The guy
they told us to hit him has a crease in his head. – They’re very [INAUDIBLE]. – Being transported to
the hospital right now. OFFICER: I need the
truth, because that guy– – I’m gonna give you the truth. OFFICER: All right. – He pushed me, I pushed back. I had the pipe in my hand. Right, now watch, here,
I’m getting up and– just hold your hands– OFFICER: Uh-huh. – –and boom. OFFICER: Oh, so he hit
himself in the fight? – Exactly. You know what I’m saying? OFFICER: All right. All right. MAN: And I’m like, whoa. You feel me? Then he said, oh, I’m
all right probably, man. OFFICER: And he left? So is that the guy that you saw? OK. And you saw him
physically hit him? – Yeah. – Does this look like the
pipe that he was hit with? WOMAN: Yes. – This is it? WOMAN: Uh-huh. – OK. – OK. All right, man. Here’s the deal,
you’re going to be going to jail for the assault. – That’s not right, man. OFFICER: Basically,
what’s going to happen– – They beat me in the
head with hammers– OFFICER: Hey, listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. – Burnt my house down,
take my niece and rape her, and all I do is ask him, don’t
let them use you like this. They’re all the same– OFFICER: OK. OK. – –Aryan thing, man. – We have multiple– – Witnesses. – –identifying you– – I said– – –striking the victim. – What you’re telling me is
going to be in the report, and then the
district attorney is going to decide what’s
going to happen with that. OFFICER: Where’d he go? Where he go? Come here! Get on the ground. MAN: What? [GRUNTS] – Get on the ground. WOMAN: Are you
fucking kidding me? – Stop! WOMAN: [INAUDIBLE] – Don’t move. You stay there.


  1. Black guy breaks white mans skull because he's white, and doesn't get charged with a hate crime.
    Why should I have expected anything else?

  2. More evidence of where the actual systemic racism lives in America, it's not with Caucasians, quite the exact opposite. Pure and simple racism!

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