Silver Platinum Hairstyle for Men | Transformation mit Haarsystem | Hairsystems Heydecke

Silver Platinum Hairstyle for Men | Transformation mit Haarsystem | Hairsystems Heydecke

Hello my dears, welcome to Heydecke. Yes, today is time for a new transformation again. True to the motto: silverline by natureLine. I don’t want to tell you too much. Layke’s is here to my left. Already known from some other videos or our Heydecke Blog. And Kathleen will do it all for you today. Or rather for Layke. As I said, I don’t want to give too much away. I can only say it’s gonna be awesome. It will be a new innovation at Heydecke. And I think one or two viewers will be there, who will click their tongues. And will pick up the phone directly. And say: “Dominik I want this hair piece!”. so, I’m getting goosebumps. I don’t want to talk any longer. Let’s start and let the bomb explode. Let’s go, see you later. Yes my dears, I think this Friday transformation speaks for itself. Short word to you Layke, how do you feel?
Wonderful Kathleen did a great job again. Also with the white hair. When I got here, you know, I still had white hair, which I lost because of the lightening. Now I finally see it the way I always wanted it to be. That’s just great.
Nice, that makes me happy. Yes also from my side: Kathleen again excellent work. I think you agree with that, dear viewers. Otherwise I would be happy if you work a little bit interactively with us in the comments. Just tell us your personal opinion of the result. Maybe you have any suggestions. what we can conjure up in the next time for you. Otherwise you can also contact us via Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp. Or you can call us in person and make an appointment. Apart from that don’t forget to subscribe. Of course YouTube. Facebook and Instagram we’d be happy about that, too. Just Leave a Like. Let the Like button explode Maybe we can get 4.000 or 5.000 Likes? Like for Layke? Well then, have a nice weekend and see you.


  1. its annoying trust me guys ur basically using glue on ur head and im pretty sure u gotta open it atleast once a week to clean ur head.

  2. One day this will catch on like wildfire when you guys losing hair realise baldness is not going to be cured any time soon, and even if it eventually is (which is a monumentally big if), it will be insanely expensive and never even get close to the results offered by this method.
    Why guys spend so much on pills and drops that simply do not work is beyond me, when they could have this.

  3. I m really thinking to have a hairpiece, wanna try this. But i m curious about the cost. If it's possible can i know the cost please??

  4. Hallo 🙂 Könnt Ihr bitte ein Video erstellen, wo Ihr auch noch kürzere Hairstyles zeigt? Mein Freund z. B. würde nicht lange Haare am Oberkopf und Kurz an den Seiten tragen, er trägt sein Haar gleichmäßig lang. Also ein normaler Männerhaarschnitt und nicht so jugendlich/modern, wie in Euren Videos. Wenn ich das bitte machen könntet, dann wäre das mega toll. Dann könnte ich ihm das auch zeigen und Schmackhaft machen 🙂 Tausend Dank. Liebe Grüße Sarah

  5. блин, офигеть вообще
    результат конечно удивляет
    вот так познакомишься с красавчиком, а проснешься с париком на подушке..
    теперь понимаю почему мужики так не любят сильно накрашенных женщин и волосы наращенные..

  6. Hes SO bald. He’s like a special kind of bald. Did they laser the top of his head or why does he have absolutely zero hair on there but the sides are all full? Are the sides a weave too?

  7. The final look is boring. In 2:12, shot sequenz, it looks much more interesting. I think a rough, out of bed look, would make this guy look more interesting. Even the look in 3:13 is much more him and fits better to his type.

  8. Amazin''',,, job!!! But Hair Color does nothing for him. Perhaps something more subtle would have looked better,, he is too handsome on his own, to need to draw attention with a Hair Color. At any rate you Stylists here with all hair involved,, are Awesome. Thanks for the Video.

  9. Hallo zusammen, ein wirklich traumhaftes Ergebnis, macht weiter so. 🙂 Wie sieht es denn mit teiltoupees aus ? Habt ihr denn auch was für Geheimratsecken ? Und kann ich trotzdem haarwasser verwenden zb minoxidil und ähnliches ? Damit das restliche Haar wenigstens erhalten bleib.. :/

  10. Hi I am from Algeria and I want to know the address and the phone and the price euros thank you for everything

  11. My body is good NICE LEAN MUSCLE💪 face is DESENT . im rock in the perfect facial hair green eye's. one arm long sleve tattos .JUST NEED HAIR LOL😬😂✌

  12. Ich habe nciht gedacht,das der junge Mann,ein Haarteil trägt.Das sah echt schon gut aus,aber nachher mit der Färbung,echt krass.Das sieht mega aus,wenn ich es nicht gesehen hätte… ich käm nie auf die Idee,das er ein Haarteil trägt,super gemacht.

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