“Silver Play Button” Chocolate Bars

“Silver Play Button” Chocolate Bars

[Music playing] So Ellie just put this together in my honor. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream [High-Five]. He loved liquid nitrogen. [Music continues] Do you work here at YouTube? I do, yeah. I work on like the main website Youtube.com. Sweet, how’s the ice cream? It’s amazing! So good! Mmm… guys check this out I’m at YouTube headquarters with the YouTube staff, and today we’re making Chocolate YouTube Play Buttons. Pretty sure nothing like this has ever been done before We got Shawn here helping us out today he’s got his sanitary gloves on and all of YouTube here picked dark chocolates. That’s, we’re making our Chocolate Play Buttons out of today. You guys excited about making Chocolate Play Buttons? [Crowd cheers] Give me a big “He Ha”. [Ye Ha!] Alright cool, first thing, we’re gonna do Shawn is we’re going to take this chocolate and go put it in the microwave for 60 seconds, and your job is actually gonna be turning this chocolate in the liquid form I want you to take the package out I want you to massage the chocolate, I want you to work all of it into Itself until it gets a really nice consistency. We’ve got a pair of scissors standing by. What we’re going to do is just snip off the very bottom corner of this bag and then we’re going to use that as a squeeze bag, to fill these molds. Sara’s over here to help us with that So why don’t you jump over here Sara, go ahead and snip off the corner and we just want to fill that mold right up to the top. You grab both tabs and kind of bump it up and down a little bit it’ll help smooth it out. Right there I think you got it guys. All right let’s give them a hand, first chocolate bar poured. [Clapping] Nicely done. Alright now these are made with the vacuum-formed molds. We also have some silicone molds here and we’ve got enough chocolate in one bag hopefully to fill all five molds so let’s go ahead and do that same thing with the last four molds, all right cool, great job guys. [Yeah! Clapping] Now a little side note about the vacuum former you can use them to make YouTube Play Buttons but just for fun I molded my phone [Laugh] So, we’re gonna have the world’s first Galaxy S7 in chocolate here All right so these have been sitting in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes, so we’re going to start at the edges, just peel it back let it come in its own pace. Let’s see if you can get those chocolate bars out without cracking them. ooh [Laughing] Nicely done. For your help and effort i’m gonna give that to you. Yes! [Laugh] And that’s for you. Thank you. [Clapping] So as you can see guys the chocolate bars come out looking really, really, good and the faster you pour the chocolate. And the faster you can get it to settle the less of the pour lines you’re going to see and if you want to go one step further why not wrap it with aluminum foil? I did this on my vacuum forming machine so it looks a little bit nicer, a little bit cleaner, and the result comes out looking really good, and the reason I did this guys is because Youtube does so much for us as creators they’ve created this whole platform that’s helping our dreams come true and allowing us to share the things that mean so much to us. They give us Play Buttons for a hundred thousand subscribers. Play Buttons for a million subscribers and Play Buttons now for 10 million subscribers but guys, who gives YouTube an award I thought maybe we could be the first by giving YouTube a bonafide chocolate Play Button made in The King of Random labs i’m pretty sure this has never been done before and so we’re going to present this with a plaque and everything which I’m still making my shop to Susan and The YouTube Team to express some of our gratitude and appreciation for them, and for all the things that they do, so thank you guys we really, really, appreciate it. [Clapping and cheering] Well guys hope you enjoy doing this project with us it was really cool hanging out with ya and we’ll be looking for in the next project video. Talk to you then. Look at this guy’s just got presented with my own YouTube Silver Play Button 6 Million subscribers! I finally got it. Yeah.


  1. TFW he only got a silver play button in this video because he pointed out that he didn't have one when he was casting play button molds.

  2. thank you Hey guys can you help me out? πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€Can you watch my latest 2 videos and give me criticism !!! πŸ™πŸΏ
    thanks for the help

  3. Grant, can you make a video making a silicone mold of a Glock pistol? I need to make a chocolate Glock 17 for a friend who is a cop. I have some ideas I could really use some help.

  4. Well grant gives youtube a reward and youtube takes down grants latest vid(The drop the bomb one) Mmmmm….something aint right there

  5. They should sell those at stores wrapped in the tinfoil πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Watching someone say positive things about YouTube in 2018 feels surreal… This platform changed so much in these two years…

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