Silver play button unboxing | with subtitle

Silver play button unboxing | with subtitle

This is how it came. It has “YouTube” written on it. My name, address, phone number. I gave them all these details. See, this is how the box looks. There is a certificate here. That must be her signature. This looks like a mirror. The body is made of an aluminium-like metal. I wouldn’t have received this without the support of you guys. Thank you so much, everyone. I want to express my gratitude to both my old and new subscribers. Please continue supporting me. Today, after receiving this play button, I’d like to tell you guys about my history and journey so far as a YouTuber. When I was a kid in class 7-8, my friend Rasputin and I used to go to cyber cafes a lot. The internet was a new thing then. That was how we discovered YouTube. It was Rasputin who told me that there’s a website called YouTube on which you can watch uploaded videos. YouTube wasn’t owned by Google at that time. It was run by a group of people and you could only watch videos, not upload them. We did some research on how to upload videos and found out it could only be done by becoming a member. We didn’t have mobile phones at the time. The internet could only be accessed through broadband connections at cyber cafes. We didn’t know you could open a YouTube channel. I don’t think we saw any ads either. I opened my YouTube channel years later. In my personal experience, I learn better when there are visual illustrations of the concept. Videos and practical examples help me learn better than the written text. As a student, I used to wish that I could get visual examples so that I could understand better. But there were none. YouTube is a great platform in this context. I’ll tell you why I feel so. We have so many ancient texts. For example, the ancient stone tablets of Egypt, the Puyas written on dried leaves, then the manuscripts written on paper. Travelogues that document one’s findings in different places. Or anything the writer has studied. Whatever be the case, we have to be literate. Learning how to read and write is vital. The scripts that our ancestors left for us to communicate with us are very important. So, one must know how to read these things. These days, it has become easier to find visual illustrations and examples of what we study at the class because of YouTube. So many videos are uploaded here. People are creating channels. They are uploading instructional videos on how to make certain things, for e.g. how to make a combustion engine. How an engine functions. How something is made. All such concepts—may it be of chemistry or physics—are explained in detail. Now, even if we don’t understand the concepts in the class, we can go home and look it up on YouTube. How is something made, what materials are used. I work in architectural design in animation, but we also do work on educational videos. I will show you an example below. Here, it shows how this engine functions. This is something you can find on many YouTube channels. I don’t exactly remember which vlogs I watched on YouTube. But I always loved taking videos. I’d take videos on my mobile phone of my friends hanging out and upload them on YouTube. I didn’t care about views or opening a proper channel. I just uploaded because I loved taking videos. As I continued using YouTube, I came across Casey Neistat’s vlogs. Until then, I had mostly watched videos on mysteries, conspiracy theories, or tutorials. I primarily used YouTube to better understand the software we were being taught at college. YouTube was thus a means for studying techniques in animation that I had trouble with in the class. I watched tutorial videos that taught me about the software’s features. How to crack software was another thing I watched. Softwares are very expensive. At that time, YouTube allowed videos that showed you how to crack or hack into softwares. This is banned now. Back then, I used to watch those videos. One day, I came across Casey Neistat’s videos while looking up other videos. I became an instant fan after watching his videos. Casey introduced me to vlogging. After discovering this form, I checked out other vloggers and began to feel that this is also something I can do. Although there are YouTube channels from Manipur, but vlogging was rare when I started out as one. I still felt I was capable enough and gave it a shot. We live in an era of drastic changes. Back then, we only had the written text. Now we can teach with videos. It is of course important to know how to read. Through reading, we can read the written records left by our ancestors. Now, anyone can upload videos on YouTube. Whether you are a doctor or an engineer, you can share your skills through videos. It can be an experiment, or how to make a basket, or how to cook like a chef. If you’re a doctor, you can give information on medical issues in a simple way, like kids are taught in tuition classes. If such videos exist, we can access them often and learn better. In my opinion, YouTube is thus a very useful platform. I request you to open channels on YouTube. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it has a huge server and it’s only going to get bigger. After all, they have to accommodate the vast number of videos uploaded by the users. It has an unlimited space. You don’t stop writing just because the library has run out of shelves. Similarly, YouTube will create space for all the contents that are uploaded. It is possible that we might even stop using paper in the future. We might stop carrying heavy schoolbags to schools. Nowadays we can use computers, tablets, etc. for storing books. Technology has undergone huge changes in our generation. Instructing through videos might also undergo innovative improvements. We might stop using paper. Like I said, I may use animation for architectural designs. Some of my friends are applying animation in the education sector. They give know how through their videos. I request you all to open your channels and share your talents and skills with everyone. Whatever you upload will be shown to the whole world and people will benefit from it. Your videos can be about any field. They don’t have to be vlogs. With these words, I would like to sign off here.


  1. Because of us u get this achievement. Not only manipur subscribe your channel we all non Manipur subscribe your channel too, so at say thanks to us and yeah we don understand Manipur so please try to speak English so that we can understand what you are trying to saying. Btw Congratulations πŸŽ† and yeah my middle finger on ur face…. πŸ–• Veronica is the best.

  2. Congrats Chetan, one suggestion:
    when you narrated how you have started vlogging and its utility for learning, you seem to repeat the same point. You need to prepare a story line beforehand for a better presentation and also to avoid repetition of the same point while narrating or explaining.
    Anyway, I used to watch your vlog regularly and congrats once again.

  3. i dont know why i even subscribe to your channel though i dnt know your language,, m i doing a charity here? haha congrats anyway

  4. Congratulations…really ❀️ the way you talk…keep it up…n all the best for the coming futureπŸ‘πŸ»

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