Silver & Precious Metal Gurus – Our Opinion of Them

Silver & Precious Metal Gurus – Our Opinion of Them

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 19th August 2018 and we are,
slightly light heartedly, but with a serious underlying message, highlighting the main
sources of information about gold and silver available on the Internet today, organising
them into categories and our opinions of them – we hope you enjoy!
It was interesting over the past week to view the headlines of other You Tube gold and silver
gurus and commentators as prices plunged. For example, Kitco News asked “Is the pain
Over for Gold Investors” another of its videos stated “Gold abandoned by world’s
Top Mutual Fund, Frank Holmes says Rebound still possible”
Other less professional but well-meaning sites quoted ‘now is the time to buy’ – ‘stack
up before it’s too late’. Others tell you ‘not to worry’ recovery is just around
the corner when prices will skyrocket. Well to be frank we ourselves have said that
we expect both gold and silver prices to be higher at the end of the year than they are
now, but not particularly that much higher, and we are certainly not expecting a rip-roaring
surge. In fact, some of our subscribers believe that prices still have some distance to fall,
and to be fair to them it cannot be totally ruled out.
So, lets perhaps iron out some of this conflicting advice. We have provided 5 main categories
of You Tube Precious Metal advisers and Gurus: Firstly, we have what we call the ‘genuine
stackers’ who present You tube videos to share their passion. We like to watch these
as their enthusiasm for the subject can be infectious. But a word of caution, most of
them, not all of them, but most of them, have little or no real-world experience in finance,
investments, mining, treasury operations or trading, and so are merely expressing either
a gut feeling or the advice they have perhaps themselves read on a blog or seen on YouTube.
Now there is nothing wrong with watching these but please bear in mind that most of them
carry out no analysis or a very primitive form, and therefore should be looked upon
as either entertainment or providing useful information as to the latest available silver
or gold coins or bars. Secondly, we have the Kitco News of this world
who, although have a vested interest in the rise of gold and silver, in fairness, with
the very able assistance of an attractive presenter called Daniela Cambone presents
to the viewer those people involved in the gold and silver space, their opinions and
forecasts. By definition, we have to remember here that the people she interviews are generally
either the miners themselves, or mine owners, who will always talk up their book or are
Comex traders and day traders whose opinions are valid but generally aimed short term and
not necessarily useful for the stacking community – one or two exceptions we grant, but very
few. Thirdly, we have the David Morgan’s of this
world; who in fairness are very plausible and sombre and David in particular has made
his life’s work, essentially following and supporting silver and other precious metals.
In fact, he has written a number of books on the subject. Now he is less flamboyant
than the pumpers whom we come onto next, but unfortunately for David again since 2011 has
got most of his forecasts wrong and by a wide margin. He is very knowledgeable, of that
we do not question, but we feel he has to some extent become so consumed by his passion
that he cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’ and perhaps spends too much time in the company
of those who have a vested interest in seeing gold and silver prices rise and is subliminally
hypnotised by them. Even as late as 1st March 2018 he was making the case for $10,000 gold
and $500 silver. Our immediate comment is that for that to happen, either 15 – 20 years
has to pass or the dollar has collapsed and those prices should enable you to purchase
a quality suit or a decent meal. Fourthly, you have the pumpers – The Mike
Maloney’, and Peter Schiff’s of this world. They own gold and silver companies that trade
in precious metals. They make the majority of their living trading gold and silver – so
frankly their advice will always be – “BUY NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE – ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON
with you? Well we can tell you, it certainly resonates with those who have lost a fortune
since 2011 and have been forced to sell their holdings because they over committed their
finances to ‘filling the cart’ based on the expectation of an imminent rise in prices.
These individuals are in our view just enriching themselves by misleading their followers.
They are certainly clever, and certainly knowledgeable, and probably over the very long term believe
what they say, but short term to medium term do incredible damage to people’s wealth.
Fifthly we have what we call ‘The Crazies’ – You’ve seen them, you’ve heard them.
The ones who are often interviewed on USA Watchdog who have for the past 10 years declared
economic oblivion any time soon. $100,000 gold $10,000 silver and in Bix Weir’s case
$100,000 silver an ounce. All of the conspiracy theorists who have found a home on USA Watchdog
(which incidentally is quite a nice programme to watch – but not too often) and who appear
on King’s World News and occasionally on Alex Jones Info Wars. Well all we can say,
is that if you have followed these guys, then frankly if you are not in the “Poor House”
already then you are probably sitting on vast hoards of gold and silver bought at incredibly
high prices and praying to your God that you will live long enough to see a profit.
And Last but not least there is Us. Illuminati Silver; Now what can we say, well actually
we will say nothing as we are biased and we let you draw your own conclusions.
We hope you have found this video interesting and informative and if so, please give it
a thumbs up and share it on twitter. Please ensure that you have subscribed to our channel
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Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. Fully admit to being in 5he first group who make videos for entertainment, but alsi to identify fakes. And some thought provoking ideas regarding how to buy. But, I will NEVER tell anyone what to buy or to buy now.

  2. I like watching your videos as it confirms that the bankers are certain that Silver can’t make triple digits. The bankers will keep the price of silver and other vital commodities as low as possible even if it will be the cause of their undoing.

    One tweet from Trump can cause the House of cards to come crashing down.

  3. Greg Hunter's show is great very interesting variety of guests
    Shame on you for putting his picture up
    Timing the market is the individuals choice not the 'guru's'
    Purchase when you feel it is good value
    My bias -Silver is good value now will should remain so for a few months anytime 14$ reasonable value against production v.low margins for sellers

  4. please address the common misrepresentation "jp morgan is stockpiling silver". While I do understand JpMorgan does currently have the largest position in silver, it needs to be put into perspective for stackers and enthusiasts.

    Exactly what percentage of JP Morgan's total portfolio do their silver holdings represent?
    They are a fully diversified financial institution and as of Q4 2017 had roughly 2.5 Trillion in assets.
    They hold about 95 million ounces of silver which at the time of this video is about $1.5 Billion.
    What percentage of 2.5 Trillion is 1.5 Billion?
    That's right, it's not 10%. It's not even 1%. It's not even half a percent. It's not even a tenth of a percent.

    They know that you don't allocate more than 0.06% of your assets into silver.

    To put this in easy terms for stackers, "if" you follow JP Morgans strategy "then" for every $25,000 you invest in assets you should put $15 into 1 ounce of silver.

    Precious Metals pumpers drive me up a wall with this argument, because in fact, JPMorgans largest portfolio position is SPY (about 5%).
    Of course investing in a low cost index fund doesn't really fit the economic doomsday narrative of a metal pumper.

    Some of that data may be slightly outdated but JPMorgan rebalances and the allocations are adjusted accordingly.

    I love your channel and call you the 10th man, because you say what the other 9 don't. I know you can't and won't give financial advice but please put this commonly referred to "jp morgan is stockpiling silver" narrative into perspective for anyone who is willing to use math.

  5. This is the most well thought out analysis of PMs on YT. Both regarding this topic and weekly updates. Occasionally, a voice of reason presents itself in an ocean of insanity. Having experience and FU money is what gives credence to your channel.

  6. Greg Hunter and USA Watchdog provides quality content. Surely you’re not recommending the mainstream media is the real news.

  7. You are bias?
    However you do before the end of you video ask that we subscribe to your video channel and visit your website???

  8. Good posting, and i think you are correct, they all are pumpers of one sort or another.

    Why do people stack, because they realise something is very wrong with the system, but just do not know, other than debt what it is.
    We do not hold this privilege knowledge, but we think a certain group know, and are running scared.
    What we do know is that the stock market especially in the US is way to high, this is being pumped up by stock buybacks. The insiders are selling more stocks than they are buying which is a very bad sign. The US treasury bond interest rate being smashed down to keep it under the magic 3%.
    The dollar is to high for the good of the US, but just keeps on rising by actions of people who are looking for a safe haven, but why is the question, why are so many rich people running for the exit door deserting their own currency for the dollar, fear? of what a crash.

    Fact what we do know,Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey, Brazil Greece, Italy, are in some degree in the brown, sticky stuff. Their fiat currencies in some cases would be cheaper to use, than buying toilet paper.
    Fact keep your money in the bank and we will be balling in the banks just like in Cyprus, as it is the law in Europe and the US.
    The saver is being punished by low interest rates, which are well below inflation, and their cash could be frozen.

    Yes the video is correct in it message, but why do these people have such a good following, it is fear.
    Iam fearful hence i will always hold some gold and silver as an insurance policy, but not at the expense of my day to day living, and will always keep some savings in fiat and hold a few stocks. It is called diversification brought on by the smoke and mirrors of politicians who have forgotten how to tell the truth.
    Fear that we do not want to be the people going through the garbage bags looking for food scraps. Hold some gold and silver but do not go all in.

  9. Dumbass Greg Hunter is not a silver dealer or investment adviser, just having his face there tells me you have no idea what you are talking about….he's a great REPORTER..something that we lack today..truth and honesty…

  10. There is much I do not know……
    There is however one thing I do know……..God the Father created the world and in it he put the money… the real money and it can be held…..MAN ON THE OTHER HAND CREATED FIAT CURRENCY…..MAN YES "MAN "
    Told to ME by my father is
    Full of SIN

  11. Thanks for sharing I got so tired of listening to the Dooms Day predictions I had stooped listening a long time ago.

  12. Very well said. The Mike Maloney has been preaching the same doom and gloom for as long as I can remember, I stack silver for the very long term, not for doom and gloom. Thank you for the video Illuminati.

  13. To make things fair with your commentary, you have to also include the grossly added paper ounces, supposedly representing both the physical gold and silver, which the traders don't actually hold. It really is a joke to realize the number of phony ounces of paper for every real physical ounce that exists. You are talking within the arena of a market that is Bread and Circuses regarding the paper/ algorithmic world, with the present.

  14. IS, you say in this video, that investors holding physical gold and silver should have a 15-20 year outlook. But, a couple of videos ago you referenced "should the US debt hit $30 trillion", investors and banks will begin to have concerns. At the current pace under the Trump administration, the US will hit $30 trillion in about 8 years. Please explain this further.

  15. This new Much improved mic quality makes you videos much easier to listen to. Kudos! Both for the nice audio and for getting this prediction just right

  16. Morgan and Maloney have lead me to the slaughterhouse with their recommendations. You said it correctly, they "do incredible damage to peoples worth".

  17. So refreshing! Thank you. I had myself came to more or less this categorisation of all these well known characters whose videos I’ve watched for years.
    There are also the very few well informed, unbiased and independent technical analysts, although the vast majority of technical or fundamental analysts are nothing but ego-inflated, pompous “experts” who think themselves smarter than anyone else and are sure to be able to predict the markets.

  18. Excellent !. Correct me if im wrong. When silver was used for money back in the 1960's it was only worth about $1.69.oz. to me that's what silver is worth. Two years ago i bought 22 oz of silver and the price has dropped since then. I was just testing the water so to speak. Im just babbling. I-S is correct about the pumpers.

  19. When I read your comment section, the majority of posts are in good faith and a lot of gratitude for your teams' efforts.

    I hope you all get a certain amount of satisfaction from this vocation/commitment.

  20. they are doing short term to medium term damaging people's wealth——no–people make there own choices!!!!!!—-silver is an investment/insurance/savings–not a get rick quick thing—simple–if silver was at 50 and went up a lot–I would not buy–common sense—I buy while prices fall–not go up!!!!!

  21. That's right… every silver pundit is a total idiot and completely wrong compared to you.  Give me a break. Greg Hunter is a journalist.  He believes in PM's, but he's not a PM pumper.  You're always make it seem like the majority bought at the top in 2011, therefore lost most of their money.  Some get rich quick idiots did buy at $40+, but many long term stackers did not.  You are pandering to those people who bought high and feel depressed and hopeless.  What does that say about you?

  22. I do listen to Illuminati's commentary and think it is sound advise but I also think the assault against the names mentioned in this video is off base and discredits the good work IS does.

  23. No better analysis of precious metals. No get rich, pie in the sky B.S. from Illuminati Silver, just well researched information.

  24. Daniela Cambone is a great interviewer and I would buy a roll of silver rounds with her likeness on them. I used my research of history as my barometer of the usefulness and value of precious metals. All other financial instruments are created by criminals and are worthless to me. You can't break a broke man but you can break a bank.

  25. When any investment is talked about on a good aspect. It in most cases has already left without you. The key is to buy when all they have to say is bad. So bad news is good news and good news is bad.

  26. I love your sound advice of all your videos! The pumpers should restate their mantra! It should read "Better 10 years too early, than 1 day too late"!!!

  27. Damned it ! How true ! In just two and half years I'm already invested in G&S to the throat and sitting on a BIG loss ! Because you never pay spot price… After premium, taxes and shipping, down 35 % ! Just try to convince me to buy more…

  28. Lol that's paper gold and silver. Physical Gold and Silver are a different animal. It's about insurance not investment. It's about purchasing power. Manipulations will drag the prices further down until the entire system implodes and silver (the most undervalued asset in the history of this world) rises.

  29. Gold has gone up 400% since 2003!?! Any body who jumps into something at its peak, be it gold silver or bitcoin is a fool. You say people are waiting their whole life to see a profit? Why do you measure from the 2011 peak only?
    Start from 2003 for gold and 2009 for bitcoin, then you will see the real picture. Tell me then why does a tiny piece of gold metal cost over a $1000? I have been buying gold/silver/bitcoin for years and i made a lot. Tell people not to buy gold silver & bitcoin at low prices like now…they will thank you..then they will jump in at the next peak like they always do and blame the 'experts'..and people like you can say 'i told you so'.

  30. You haven't managed to convince me of anything, other than you want me to buy from you, not those other charlatans over there.

  31. Everybody knows the bankers paper is better and worth more than silver. Hold on, I'll just take my meds that does not sound right. Right, I have a wheelie bin full of paper so the paper pumpers ( Bankers) and you, must be talking bullshit.

  32. You hit this one out of the park. Thanks for exposing these pumpers. Where the hell were you with his message 8 years ago before i fell into this "economic Armageddon" trap. I retire in a couple of years and i will be living in a van down by the river for having listened to these fools. I just love your accent and snide tone as you turn these charlatans inside out. I would love to hear you do that Vincent Price laugh at the end of your videos. The same laugh you hear at the end of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

  33. Sitting on pile of pms free sold 1/3 at26x face bought at5 . .gold sold 600-1000paid 400 would take 700to interest me today as im 77 Jim Willie my favorite comedy show .😁

  34. In the past six years, ALL assets have gone up in value except for gold and silver. Art is way up, the stock market is way up, housing is way up, oil is up, bonds are up. When the stock market does go down, it immediate springs back. But not gold and silver. Have you ever asked yourself why? These people who predict high prices in gold and silver SHOULD be right. Be they are not in power. Do you really believe in free markets?

  35. Pay off debt and diversify. Nobody has a crystal ball. I like Greg Hunter and he has a variety of guests. I learned a lot about money from Mike Maloney so that's good. But always, always, always consider the source before taking advice. Gold and silver should only be a percentage of any portfolio. It's nice to own some just to own some. It's very pretty. Those are all the comments I have, lol. I like Illuminati Silver and iGoldAdvisor too because they're sensible.

  36. I think Peter Schiff is an amazingly bright commentator his thoughts and opinions are well formed, commented and backed by experience and the austrian theory… if wrong or not Peter's podcasts are always a good listen. And as far as I am informed Peter's company focus more on emerging market investments, gold is only a fraction of his business.

  37. Oh and the crazies are indeed crazies… Bix Weir, Cliff High, jsnip and Andy Hoffman are the 4 horsemen of idiocy… and with greg everything is a marxist, satanic, noa's flood, bible is right anctartica aliens related

  38. I wish I would of found illuminati silver before I found some of the pumpers! I didn't go all in but I could of save a significant amount of money and stress! Thank you so much for the priceless information you provide. I will tell my small following all about you!

  39. seems you have ruffled a few feathers, 50 dislikes. lol. people are so easily led. just yesterday someone was recommending to buy silver at any price…load the boat.price does not matter. what the %$#& kind of advice is that?
    lots of people are so far under water and do not even realize they are drowning. there are usually a few people that make out ok. the rest get slaughtered.

  40. And what world are you from? From down under? Hope not. Money may be the answer to all things in this breaf moment of time but the love of it is not for by it men lie steal and cheat and even commit murder to attain it but not in the here after for it will not be needed and my desire for you is that you like I may in fact be SAVED and why not ? If I Love not you who I do see by way of your voice how can I say I Love God who I don't see and yet shall see who floors in Heaven are paved with GOLD so pure one could see right through it for the choosen to walk upon. Without Jesus Christ old chap you who no longer are supposedly not connected the banker world are scared to death though you openly will not admit it for fear has torment but Jesus our Christ casted it out for there is none higher for he alone fulfilled the LAW and the Prophets concerning us and we by him. REPENT my good fellow by calling on the Lord our God and Kiss the Son with a holy kiss least God but a little gets upset that you don't turn to him by his name for he is the CHRIST and his Name is KING 👑 this is my advice though I am not the SAVIOUR but he that is with me is because there is no Law against true LOVE whereby I am now expressing it to you by the Love I am showing in the words I now by Christ in me am writing by his Spirit that compels me to. God bless you and God bless the Queen of England Cheers. SELAH Amen.

  41. Thank you Illuminati Silver for naming names. I was tricked by Mike Maloney in 2012 to buy silver when it was at $36, and I realize now after listening to your post that I was deceived into thinking that it would soon reverse and go to around $200. However, I became a stacker at that point, continue to buy, and have never sold an ounce. If the price does not rebound during my life (now 67) so that I can enjoy the profits made, I will leave my stack to my kids.

  42. Christopher Aaron at iGold Advisor also offers factual analysis and does not sell anything except his consultancy service. He calls out those who continually predict PM's imminent rise, but does not choose to name names, as IS does in this piece.

  43. I'm a bit confused… I went to and they seem to advertise products that go against their philosophy!? What's that all about? Are they just taking the piss?

  44. belangp (YouTube Channel name) is one of the best still free sources, IMHO, available. Solid information in economics, history and finance specific to gold and silver. Most folks who are serious learning what it means to own PM's could do worse than start with belangp. (Full disclosure: no association, just opinion.)

  45. So would you rather have paper money or gold if you are living in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Portugal or any other country going down the toilet . This bloke is full of crap just like all the royal garbage.

  46. what i find interesting is how all the expert were calling for a break out.. its like a coil ready to
    spring in to action. well they were correct it has broken out, only to the downside so where are they now?
    some of them are still calling for a major reversal….. had it broken above to the up side, we would have never
    stopped hearing about it. gold has made a dozen attempts to break above $1350.00 with no such luck.

    what was expected to be a break out is now a buying opportunity. what the heck is up with that?
    they like to claim it as dollar cost averaging, but in reality it is "adding your loss" the general idea
    is to add to your winners.

    i recommend gold and silver stackers take a good hard look at the weekly chart. trade what you see, not what you think.
    we are waiting for tomorrows non farm payroll. lets look at last weeks bearish candle, if the numbers are strong we can easily see more downside.
    the worse case scenario we head temporally back towards $15.00 we should still stay well below that level for another attempt to break much lower
    in the following weeks.

  47. unless you want to wait all your life or at least the next 5 to 10 years hoping ans wishing gold and silver will rise than its a sad story, if you know anything about investment. everyone even the retailers think the price of silver is too low so its a time to buy. in reality the masses have learned nothing. the way the wall st. plays the game is to do it psychologically. sometimes it drops more than ppl can imagine before it rises and vice versa. Dow jones 20k 26k are unheard levels. it will even go to 30k at some point before it might fall. the thing is market is overvalued but no one said it cant stay up there for longer than usual. 1 very main reason for the market not to fall is the massive trillion dollar BUY BACKS. when you own most of the shares of your company. You wont sell it and create panic. trillions of dollars have been invested in the share buybacks rather than growth and development. If i control the price of majority I wont let the stock fall. and this has been true for many companies. the are creating upside PANIC rather than downside. they will take the market so high and everyone thinks this wont stop and trump is going to pump it even higher. Look at any developed or emerging markets of the world. this is amazing how they are pumping the stock market. thats why it is not letting the commodities rise up. they are all accumulating Tangible gold silver and selling paper silver and gold. making the price fall buy selling hard and buying the tangible asset for future safe haven. Love how they always have a way to win it over. The only way you can win and this is to have a massive holding power in Silver till at least $8 an Oz if you are lazy as well to invest in anything else and let it flow for the next 3 years. Cheers

  48. You guys do a great job.One of the better websites for a beginner.Number one rule buy low sell high.So question is how do you know if your buy at high prices or low prices and better yet.How do they know.Answer long term Silver chart.In 2011 Silver approached 50 dollars.Only done this twice in 40 yrs.since it didnt push through 50.This told me prices moving back down.No Guru needed no information need.It will already be reflected in the price.The banks will know before the public.The hedge funds will know before the public.If you do opposite of them you loose.

  49. U guys have been right… and promote balance.. and to be honest silver has to go to 21 for me to brake even… but I prepared too early… it's an iq thing . A year early and not a day late.. Certainly you understand as most big bullion dealers are sold out of what I want right now.. your neutrality is not helping your viewers at all right now…. however.. u look right so far.. I guess that is more important then being more committed to your convictions

  50. Mr Illum — why is it that you dedicate so many videos and much effort to the contrary? It makes you sound like just as much of a pumper as the pumpers you criticize, unless you are the one with your finger on the paper price button. If you are in the know, prove it.

  51. Gold and silver are and have been losers plays for long-term holders since the end of 2011. Only the truly foolish investor tells themselves that they are really just investing in an "Insurance policy " that pays no dividends, that has a premium to buy the physical product and selling the product will only get you spot price. Buying PM's to hold for the long haul is a foolish gamble that could last 20+ years of low prices and downward trends. If one is addicted to the stuff buy silverware, then you can at the very least use it to dine with.

  52. I bought silver for 40 years, I don't think any of these people were around back then, 8.00 oz was price and premium I think, but it was a long time ago.

  53. Bix is full of s*** but come on be serious who could have known the Federal Reserve could have got us this far who heard of 0% interest rates look at the markets when they barely raise them to 2%

  54. “It's tough to make predictions,” Yogi Berra is supposed to have said, “especially about the future.” Actually, his remark makes perfect sense to economists, who sometimes have trouble making predictions about the present.

  55. I think you better watch Gregory mannarino YouTube you have no clue what your talking about. you are going to look redicoulous when these metals go so sky high keep your thoughts thinking we silver and gold bugs will show just how wrong you are….look out for next 3 years your videos will show how wrong you was and how right on us gold bugs was… I'll never watch your videos again keep believing in this fake propped up finacally night mare we are in.. and when all the people listened to your advice well they will only have themselves to blame….you probably got more than all of us put together this video is fake news like no other…please people go listen to Gregory mannarino YouTube what he has to say about gold and silver don't listen to this clown you will regret it….he just did interview with Greg hunter YouTube it's outstanding on gold and silver very smart man…

  56. I disagree with much of this. Morgan, schiff, and maloney will all be the first to say that their predictions arent short term. They also say you shouldnt go all in on metals. Also, I dont think most of schiffs income is from selling gold, its from managing peoples money. And sure anyone who started buying in 2011 is down, but thats not these people fault. These guys have all been saying this stuff since golds price was well below $500 an oz. ANYONE who listened to their advice either before feb 2011 or after april of 2013 is currently in the green. Thats a pretty damn good track record. And as long as people continued to buy after 2011 theyre total gold holdings is likely currently in the green. just saying.

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