Silver Price Prediction for end of 2016 (part 2 of 2)

Silver Price Prediction for end of 2016 (part 2 of 2)

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 19th September 2016 and we
are providing our views on the future direction of silver prices for the remainder of the
year. In Part 1 we highlighted the main industrial uses of silver and how we felt that prices
would be capped to around $22 or just below if entirely based on Industrial demand.
We also pointed out that interest rates and the value of the dollar also has a significant
effect and to a large extent has affected demand in recent months.
Today we are going to cover in more detail how psychology and particularly the psychology
of fear and uncertainty could have a more profound effect on prices this year.
1. Uncertainty of the Banking Sector: The Banking sector is in turmoil and particularly
European banks. Partly because of the uncertainty created by Brexit but mainly by the fact that
there is no doubt Europe is over-banked. The latest and most serious fear is that of Deutsche
Bank. In the last quarter alone it announced losses of $6.6 bn and that it was going to
shed 9,000 permanent staff almost immediately and a total of 35,000 would go over the next
2 years. It’s departing some 10 countries and has cut its dividend until at least 2018.
Its shares naturally have been down as much as 45% this year and In a report in June,
the IMF said that “Deutsche Bank appears to be the most important net contributor to systemic
risks in the global banking system, followed by HSBC and Credit Suisse”. Should any of
these banks fail outright, the knock on effect would prove considerable, adversely affecting
stock markets globally and pushing up the price of gold and silver.
2. The US Elections: Prior to US Labor day, Hilary Clinton was
leading considerably in the Polls. Since then, the margin has squeezed with both candidates
literally being in serious contention for the White House. Whilst Clinton is still marginal
favourite; the email scandal, her health and of course the head to head debates all still
have to play out. Clinton will be seen as more of the same, and whilst critics may say
this isn’t good for America, it will at least be seen as a degree of continuity extending
the Obama regime and therefore is not likely to spook markets. Should Trump win however,
this business and political maverick, of whom few can genuinely place any real control or
serious prediction, a degree of economic chaos, primarily due to uncertainty will occur. Of
course long term this may play out beneficially or detrimentally for the US but nevertheless
short-term will, in our opinion, cause the price of gold and silver to rise significantly.
The elections are scheduled for Tuesday 8th November and in the run up to that time, if
the polls are even closer or Trump is leading, we shall see some truly gyrating markets.
Traditionally precious metal prices dip prior to elections and then rise immediately afterwards,
we can foresee a rise before if Trump leads and then a fall if Clinton wins and vice versa. 3. Fear of an Interest rate rise
The FOMC meets later this week and will give its announcement on interest rates. It has
already indicated that it wishes to raise rates twice this year (having reduced that
figure from 4 times originally announced at the start of 2016). We have always said, that
we can see just one rise of 0.25% and that its likely to occur at the end of the year.
In fact we believe it will be December, as it was last year. Relatively weak job data
announced this month and other Central Banks continuing with their zero rate or negative
interest rate policies, will make it extraordinarily difficult for the FED to justify raising rates.
However the possibility is sufficient psychology to curb the rise in gold and silver prices
by preventing investors to take that leap into the precious metals market. That said,
we are already seeing considerable ETF purchases and funds moving into this arena. Most major
banks have raised their gold and silver price forecasts for the year compared to previous
ones and we have no doubt that as long as the FED holds back, there will be some buoyancy
in the silver price. We mentioned in part 1 that only those with
a working crystal ball can truly and accurately forecast with certainty silver prices for
the remainder of the year. However, our analytics which proved quite accurate last year and
this year until BREXIT occurred suggests an interesting price movement for silver.
The Economy Forecast Agency which you can follow at predicts a high
silver price this year of $21.64 which is forecast for October and a low of $18.59 which
it predicts for September. It does however see silver moving as high as $24.49 by May
next year with the 2017 lows not falling below $20.46.
We are a little more bullish, which no doubt will surprise many. If this was not an election
year we would claim that silver has already topped out at just under $21. However, we
are in an election year with two relatively unpopular candidates, one representing the
establishment and the other being a maverick. Providing polls tighten and Trump begins to
dominate we can actually see silver prices pushing above $22 and if the FED fails to
raise rates and or a significant bank fails we can actually foresee $25 silver. If Trump
however flounders, and there is no bank collapse and the FED does raise rates even by 0.25%
then $21.80 will be our peak for this year. On the downside, we cannot realistically see
silver falling below $18. Yes if the FED raises rates now and then again in November then
$16 – $17 silver is likely, but we do not see that happening. If you thought the first
6 months were exciting we believe it will be nothing compared to the next 3 months.
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  1. Appreciate the vid Illuminati.   It is a complicated world out there. I will still purchase silver from quality mints like RCM and Perth Mint limited mintage bullion with a 10 year minimum time frame.

  2. Charles Savoie's piece in 2005 on The Pilgrim's Society is quite interesting, and the least known, but most powerful secret society yet. If the free market indeed conquers all, we will see. I have no prediction at this time, but will buy anytime it's under $20 and prudent.

  3. I'm prepared for a little excitement…Thank you for your analysis. Part 2 was excellent
    Hillary does appear to be fraying around the edges… in fact… deteriorating at the core

  4. Thank you. Both this presentation and the previous one highlight an indisputable fact: investment in silver involves a high degree of risk. I say “high” because, as presented so well by you in these videos, there are many world-wide variables (or risks) which may impact its price. Furthermore, these risks have been observed and constantly change over time. Over the last year, I have read comments week after week from subscribers to this channel asking for future price forecasts. This is an impossible task to get right at the best of times as price and is dependent on the presence (or absence) of underlying risks. To your credit, you have been brave enough to offer some forecasts to appease those who appear to primarily base today’s investment decisions on future outcomes which may or may not eventuate. The “back-up-the-truck” investment approach would indicate a blind-eye attitude to significant underlying risks outlined in your presentations. A better approach would be to take time to understand these risks and how they may impact on the price on this metal, improve individual knowledge on world economic affairs and how monetary policy works and then, having understood the environment and the objectives of your investment portfolio, only invest in what is affordable to you. To focus on future outcomes or what has occurred in the past or because someone says everyone is investing in that coin/metal because its “hot” – is not investing but gambling.

  5. Exceptional report today. Many unpredictable upcoming events. I want Deutsche Bank to survive. One of the oldest banks in the world and is tied with many other banks. Not a good thing at all for them to fall. It's not fair that only they are being fined. I'm sure the others are up to their own shenanigans but haven't been caught or confessed. Wait til the banks have a war with each other.

  6. Thank you for this excellent analysis. It's good to get away from the Chicken Littles, the preppers, the SHTF types and get some honest numbers. I don't speculate; I don't even invest. I keep 5-10% of my assets in physical metals and my buying parameters fall pretty much in line with your prices and outlook.

  7. How do you explain the Truthful Real Price reflected on the usdebtclock price as compared to the commex which is manipulated? The Fraud will Stop when the SDR is implemented in October and Trump will roil the markets whoever is elected though will not be able to stop the Bond Market from completely collapsing. Wait till the National Debt is 23 trillion point of no return. Tell everyone to Brace and get your affairs ready.

  8. with respect.

    25$ if Donald then 30$

    Italian bank collapse then flagging up to 35$
    as bank failures spread and panic sets in 300$ then 500$ then 700$
    then 1:1 silv/gld.
    then the moon.
    a true once in a thousand year, back up the truck, lotto type opportunity.
    my 2 cents.

  9. i think you guys are way low on your price prediction. You are thinking in terms of conditions now. When the next set of problems comes, the sky is the limit on gold and silver. The real world demand is off the charts, and this real factor will soon be evident in the metals markets. manipulation only works for so long, and it's time is about over.

  10. Do ye believe that that there is coming a new financial crisis that is greater then the one in 2008? Like Peter Schiff and many others talk about, or do ye dismiss it, and if so, why?

  11. $25 is shit. I can't wait for the day that we stop counting our dollars and instead counting our ounces. I have a couple hundred dollar bills I am going to wipe with my arse with. Preps: Food – Check, Silver – Check!, Toilet Paper – Check!

  12. Your second link that you have has a ";" instead of a ":" afrrer the http – i would suggest changing to

  13. I will buy silver again at $3-$7 an ounce until then i will continue taking your money buy selling paper gold and silver

  14. for a real prediction that will be true . try work out what's going to happen to the euro . Italy , the Dutch, the French, the Germans , maybe the Irish, all mite vote right wing in . the irish and the Germans and the Italian goverments will all lose . this is 99percent . that's the euro done . Austria let us down in Sept . but roll on.2017

  15. Dear Iluminati, many thanks for your videos, analysis and information. Looking back to that last year prediction the prices surprised many. And we can hear your latest forecasts being more bearish seeing silver at 15 before any prospect of going up? Is that correct understanding of your current view? Thanks very much in advance

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