Silver Price Suppression and Profiting from the Gold-to-Silver Ratio

Silver Price Suppression and Profiting from the Gold-to-Silver Ratio

Silver Price Suppression and Profiting from the Gold-to-Silver Ratio — with David Moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell if you ever needed proof of silver price suppression man this is
this big as good a proof as you could possibly want all right I’m looking
right now at the this is kit code calm the gold to silver ratio all right yes
gold and silver are both selling at bargain prices
but for silver to be this much cheaper compared to gold is just crazy when the
gold to silver ratio reaches eighty which it did a few months back that’s
already extreme right now it’s in the mid-80s we’ve got it here at I mean look
at that it’s reaching the mid-80s according to kit code calm it doesn’t do
that very often and that’s giving me at least an indication that the forces or
the powers that be are really suppressing the price of silver for
whatever reason they’re letting gold at least somewhat normalize while silver is
just being pushed down the price price pressure is crazy which doesn’t make
sense to me because silver has more actual uses than gold of nothing against
gold I’m talking about actual actually being able to use it for industrial
purposes silver actually has more uses than gold and you can google that if you
don’t believe me but I believe in both gold and silver as a store of value as
an ancient form of money over five thousand years of history so let’s take
a look at what the gold to silver ratio normally is this goes back about a
hundred years this is macro trends net thanks to them for these charts and
thanks to kit cocom for the other chart they’ve got it right now it looks like
yeah 85 or so mid-80s that is extreme that is
extreme price price pressure on silver compared to gold and so it looks like
it’s gone nearer or a hundred or I mean close to a hundred a
couple times in the past century or so so it doesn’t happen very often it could
get to a hundred or close to it it is possible but as you can see it doesn’t
get into the mid-80s very often I believe this is an opportunity you could
either just buy silver outright or you could if you just want
to play the ratio one way to play this is to go long silver and short gold and
that way you’re not counting on silver to go up necessarily you’re just
counting on the ratio to go down at some point okay meaning you’re if you go long
silver short gold you’re betting that even if silver doesn’t go up necessarily
at least it’ll go up compared or relative to gold
alright and so for you to win that bet either silver would have to go up or
gold would have to go down or both relative to each other okay so that’s
one way to play it and believe me it’s not just going to keep going up and up
forever it doesn’t work like that could it go up to nearly 100 it could but
notice that the times that when it did go up to nearly a hundred it came right
back down talking about the gold to silver ratio here
alright so even if you lose out in the short term this would be more of a
long-term play if you want to do this through ETFs I suppose you could instead
of the physical stuff you could go let’s say a long SLV the ETF and short GLD or
IAU you could do it through calls and puts call spreads and put spreads that
kind of thing there are ways to play it or you know what the simpler longer term
way of doing it is just to just get yourself some physical silver and maybe
sell some of your gold if you if you have that that’s just called rebalancing
your portfolio your precious metals holdings all right so I’m David Modell
this is looking at the markets just wanted to alert you on how extreme this
has gotten now the silver price suppression is
going on it is in full effect at least that’s what I believe
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silver price suppression going on is this a time to buy silver and maybe even
short gold if you just want to play the ratio of the gold to silver ratio
extremity going on right now alright thanks a lot I appreciate it if you want
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