Silver Prices Up or Down – FOMC gives hints

Silver Prices Up or Down – FOMC gives hints

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 22nd August 2018 and we
are reporting on the FOMC Minutes just announced and what they suggest for silver prices.
In our weekly round-up last Saturday we pointed out that on Wednesday we have the FOMC minutes
supporting the FED meeting on 31st July and 1st August – and this should provide an
insight into how close the next interest rate rise is likely to be.
Well here are the key highlights from Reuters: 1 The Labour market has Continued to strengthen
2 Escalating trade tensions between China and the US has affected foreign exchange markets
3 Global equity prices received some support from positive agreements between the US and
the EU 4 Indicators of longer-term inflation expectations
are little changed 5 Trade policies could have a negative effect
on economic growth 6 Risks to the economic outlook appear roughly
balanced 7 Further gradual increases in the target
range for the federal funds rate will be consistent with the sustained expansion of economic activity,
strong labour market conditions and an inflation objective of 2%
The conclusion from this is that their original forecasts more or less remain unchanged and
members see another rate hike likely very soon. On this news, Gold rose from $1,195/oz
to $1,199 after the Fed’s minutes supported by a slide of the US dollar across the board.
The decline so far has been modest and gold failed to break the $1,200 barrier. It currently
stands at $1195 as we produce this video. The dollar index currently stands at 95.07
compared with 96.10 on the weekend and silver stands at $14.75 compared with $14.80 on Friday’s
close. Now this past week has seen appalling news
for President Trump with both Manafort being found guilty on 8 counts and Cohen pleading
guilty to criminal charges with threats of more to reveal about the President.
So despite bad political news, a weakening dollar and the FED frankly stating nothing
that wasn’t expected, the reaction in the gold and silver price has been somewhat poor
to say the least. This suggests at first glance at least, that prices may indeed go lower
and very soon. It will be some weeks before more revelations are likely, and traders may
indeed fear an interest rate rise in September. So, unless something happens over the next
couple of days in relation to the FED’s minutes, then we could very well see lower
prices in the weeks to come. Naturally we shall have a better idea by the weekend, but
we wanted to update you with the important news for the week. Finally, we would like to thank you for supporting
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  1. I also foresee a downward drift in gold & silver prices based on my own chart analysis which includes an observation that both metals appear to be in an Elliott Wave 4 retracement. When this countertrend finishes at or near a significant Fibonacci level a new low for the year should follow.

  2. All I can think about the latest indictments against "people who worked for Trump" leading to his impeachment is this: How can something that happened a decade before the election possibly be used to prove "Russian Collusion?"

    I don't think it can. So they'll try to prove "he knew something before he said he knew it" or "he knew it all along", even though there's no possible way to prove such blatantly politically-machined claims. Unless they can prove that Trump had a time machine, of course…and to be honest, I really don't think he has one. I've never been to his place before, but still, I think it's a fairly accurate guess that he doesn't have one.

  3. Thank you for your video… I was going to buy some Mexican Libertad coins since they are now at only $360 MXP per oz. I will wait some time and see… greetings from Mexico.

  4. Thank you for your video… I was going to buy some Mexican Libertad coins since they are now at $3560 MXP per oz. I will wait some time and see… greetings from Mexico.

  5. 3:17 agree, I picked up a little gold and silver on this last drop, but holding back for another. Love Silver at these prices..Thank you for the upload.

  6. the fed crontrols the price of gold and silver ……they turn into doves or worse back pedal then prices will respond accordingly

  7. I am surprised that gold rose but silver dropped. I believe that this was a knee jerk reaction to the latest news, and agree that there is still a potential for prices to fall further

  8. Manaforts trial has nothing to do with Trump genius .And Cohen paying of someone before Trump was running for president is totally legal. This is tin foil hat crap.

  9. This channel has been working OVERTIME. Lots of content and lots of good information. Still the best I can find. Manafort verdict shows ZERO Russian collusion. Unrelated Tax issues. Cohen shows Trump paid off Bimbos he slept with as a private citizen. Big deal. Keep stacking!!

  10. Let me try to put the story concisely. As long as the US economy performs well, interest rates will be allowed to move up. Rising interest rates strengthen demand for the US dollar, at the expense of precious metals, at least in the short term . So if I get it, perceived growth in the US economy reduces investor demand for gold and silver.

  11. Illuminati Silver: do you ever comment on the stock market, economic crash projections. You seem to be spot on with metals just wondering and would be interested in your views. Thanks for the videos, well done and well appreciated. 🙂

  12. Here's a question: if the forward guidance by the FOMC indicates a rate hike, shouldn't the immediate response be to send non interest bearing assets lower? i don't understand why the market would immediately price gold higher. Is it just the madness of crowds or am i missing a key point?

  13. If there is so much silver above ground to last 25 plus years . Why is it not being available at closer to the mining cost of $ 11 to

  14. your comment on the grave position the President of the United States is at risk is very insightful. Two women, 10/13 years ago, said that they had a relationship with Trump, wanted to extort money from him weeks before the election they would tell the press. Do you know how many CEO/Famous people pay extortion money? Non Disclosure agreements are signed in this country daily. But, Trump must be jailed while Obama paid $250,000 on a documented campaign violation of $1,250,000, court records show.(different Attorney General)

  15. Your the best channel on precious metals period!!!! By the way what do you think about itm trading and lynnetes constant fear mongering to buy now tactics.

  16. I'd love to know what you guys think of srsrocco report. He basically talks about energy costs and shortages being a major factor in a collapse as well as the high pe stock ratios. Many thanks for your efforts.

  17. I love the voice 🙂 The understanding is as expected given background and certainly worth a portion of my listening and traditional bank type perspective. Happy to see if you are correct bit presently given the trends and understanding O would say your educated historic guess is as good as any body else's of a hostoric nature, so will adjust as required 😉

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