Silver Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge | Episodes 10-20 | Superheroes | Alistair Browning

Silver Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge | Episodes 10-20 | Superheroes | Alistair Browning

(exciting music)
(fighting yells) During our battle, the silver energem bonded to me. (moans) I became the Silver Ranger! I could not defeat Arcanon
and he captured me. Arcanon knows I would never
do his wicked bidding, so with one touch of the dark energem, he created my evil other half: Doomwing. (screams in pain)
(Arcanon laughing) Yaaaaa! Greetings, I am the Silver Ranger. I send you this message from
the far reaches of space. Although I am bonded
to the silver energem, the vast distance between
myself and my Titano Zord has caused the Zord to be deactivated. The silver energem’s been
in space this whole time. The location of the Titano Zord is– (explosion) I am facing great danger. Without your help, the silver
energem will be lost forever. The universe must be
protected from its great evil, now that I know its location,
I plan to destroy it. It cannot be done. If you give me data on
your Zords and Megazords, I may be able to destroy it. Give him all of our data? Is that safe? If we do nothing, the
dark energem endangers the past, present, and future. You won’t
regret it, my friends. I’ll begin the data transfer now. This may be our only chance. (groaning in pain) He’s hurt! Rangers! I found you! Arcanon captured me, but I managed to break free
from his evil clutches. We must go quickly before they catch up. Of course, mate. Let’s
head back to the base. Hold on a second. We gave you all the date on our Megazords. How did Arcanon get his hands on it? Arcanon will do anything
to capture the energems. That’s why he forced me to
create the Dino Chargers. Fortunately, I retrieved all nine of them when I escaped. See? Hold it. Only nine? Not ten? Uh, yes. Nine. I never created a Titano Charger. (exciting music) It’s those monsters!
They left their Zords. Hey, is this a Dino Charger? Arcanon dropped this. The Titano Charger
you say you never made. You are lying! (laughs) You Rangers are
smarter than we thought! No matter! (crazy laughing) Why you conniving little– Time to meet my Titano Morph Blaster! Energize! (blast) (explosion) You betrayed us! Aaaa! Pathetic! (fighting yells)
(blast) (laughs) Tyler!
Ah! No!
What? Arcanon must have brainwashed him. Silver Charge Up. Silver Strike! (boom and screams) (laughs) (moans of pain)
Silver Ranger’s so strong! Now to finish you! (screams in pain) No! Not now! Must maintain control. He’s starting to transform. (groans of effort) Who are you? Don’t move! No, please, don’t fire!
I am Zenowing, a friend. How can you be our friend? You were just trying to destroy us! No, that was Doomwing. Arcanon cursed me to
share a body with him. But he is evil; I want to help you. I am the true Silver Ranger. Two beings in the same body? That’s just like Heckyl and Snide. Prove it. Hand over the silver energem. I wish I could, but Doomwing
has the energem locked in his sword, so only he can
morph into the Silver Ranger. I am powerless to stop him. Well, if that’s true, then we have to find a way
to separate the two of you. Get back, Rangers! Doomwing’s
taking over again! Aaaah! I can’t control it. Oooh! You’re weak Zenowing,
just like these Rangers. (blast)
(screams) (laughs) Aaaah! Tyler! Yah!
(grunts in pain) Mark my words, all your
energems will be ours. (laughs) Get off me! My pleasure!
Aaah! Tyler, are you ok? We’ll meet again, Rangers! So kind of you to personally
bring me an energem. I’m leaving here with two energems. You’re not leaving here at all. (laughs) (energem activates) (yells) Unleash the power! Unleash the power! (explosion) Silver strike!
Argh! I’m just getting started. (power strike) Hold on, Tyler! Now it’s my turn! Aah! (blast) Ah! Gah. (labored breathing) (laughs) Now you know
why they call me Doomwing! Goodbye Red Ranger! (screeching feedback) No! Zenowing! Not now! Get it ready. Aaaaah! He’s starting to transform! (screams in pain)
Liz Morgan, do it! (electronic activation) What’s happening? (screams of pain) (explosion) (grunts and yells) Yes! It worked! Argh. Curse you Rangers! You
may have released Zenowing, but I still have the silver energem. I can sense it. The
silver energem is nearby. Yah! Doomwing, let’s finish
this once and for all. Hya! (laughs) Ha! Yaaa! (fighting shouts)
(swords clashing) You know my moves. And I’ve perfected them. Imitation never beats the real thing. (shouts)
(explosions) Oh! Oh! Looks like you forgot that
I never fight fair. (laughs) Once you touch the dark energem, you’ll recombine with Doomwing. One touch of the dark
energem is all it will take. We’ll be combined forever. (laughs) (yells) Zenowing!
(exciting music) (yells of effort) (swords clashing)
(fighting grunts) I’ve beaten you before
and I’ll beat you again! Not if I have this. No! The silver energem didn’t
bond to you. It chose me. It’s morphin time!
Energize! Unleash the power! (epic music) Whoa!
He did it! Nice!
(laughs) Yes! Curse you Zenowing! Titano Zords! Power Ranger! Silver! Nyah! Hey-ya! (grunts and screams) You won’t beat me that easily. Any last words? Arcanon will crush you! Don’t count on it. Silver Prism Slash! Hya! Nooo! Titano Saber Final Strike! (screams of pain) (explosion) Concert extinct. Yeah! You did it! Welcome to the team, Zenowing. Thank you, my friends. It’s an honor. (blast)
(screams) Unleash the power! Ahhhh!
Hya! Wow, he’s strong! Switch us, Nightmare! Switch eraser! The Titano Power is mine! What? They’ve swapped bodies. (grunts and yells) Silver Prism Slash! Titano Saber Item Strike! Aaaah! Canceled!
(explosion) My turn. Time to end
this malicious malady. Good timing, buddy! (grunts and yells) Got you! Now’s you’re chance, Zenowing! Indeed. Aaah!
(explosion) Titano Saber Strike! (grunts and screams) Summon Zords! Dino Super Drive activate! Titano Charge Megazord ready. Great! Now I have a
chance against this beast. (roars) (metal clang) Titano Zord Final Colossal Crush! (explosion) All the Greenzillas are finally extinct.

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