Silver Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce | Episodes 7-20 | Superheroes

Silver Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce | Episodes 7-20 | Superheroes

Super mega mode! (technical music) Super mega mode silver! (technical music) Stay back, I’ll take care of this. I can’t believe it, there
really is a Silver Ranger. Where did he come from? Why haven’t we heard of him before? How is he even a Ranger at all? What is going on? (technical music) Wooah. Whoever he is, he sure can
handle himself in a fight. I’ll say. (technical music) I won’t let you commit your
atrocities on this planet too. Super spear blaster! (blaster firing) Watch out! Thanks. Super silver spear! I’ll make sure this world
has a chance mine never got. Unfortunately for you, I survived. (technical music) No. What are you doing. Sorry guys, but that new
collar is to obvious target. You gotta trust me on this. Trust you. We don’t even know you. Yeah. Who knows what this guy’s after. You fools, hit me as much as you want. I’m impregnable now. (Technical music) I can handle this. No, I won’t let this planet
lose it’s protectors too. (technical music) (maniacal laugh) I won’t quit. Ever. If he’s not on our side. He’s sure putting on a good show. Everyone. Stay clear of the collar. (collar beeping) Get down! Yeah, now you see how
evil the armada really is, but you’ll still get no mercy from me. (technical music) Now to finish you off. Super mega final strike! How did he get a Ranger key. Charge. Final stirke! Super silver spear! (explosion) Attack! Destroy them all! Perhaps, but that’s not gonna stop me. Yeah. Seven on one, that’s not fair. Are you alright? Yeah, Cool moves. Watch out X Borgs. There’s plenty of me to go around. Nice. Alright! (technical music) I’ve got this covered. No problem. Close one. Your not working alone anymore. Understood. (technical music) Let’s finish this together. (explosion) Yes, the samurai sixth Ranger Key. Legendary sixth Ranger mode! Samurai go! (technical music) I did it. Nice. You won’t find this so nice. (blasters firing) Spin sword! Barracuda on fight! (explosion) Unbelievable. Believe it. That was amazing Let me take this guy,
for the Andresians. You’ll end up just like them. Think again. (spear strike) super mega final strike! Charge! (technical music) Super spear blaster! (blaster fires) (explosion) Let’s power up. Super mega mode! (technical music) Super mega mode Silver! (technical music) Come on. (grappling hooks thrown) Soon this whole city
will be fast asleep. I don’t think so. (spear strikes) I meant to do that. (spear strikes) Super silver spear! Hey, get off me. That’s pretty good, but let
me show you how it’s done. Don’t worry Jake, I got your back. Amazing, now it’s my turn to
go legendary with RPM sixth Ranger power. Cool, another silver key. Wait I have a second key, a gold one. What’s going on. Orion. Gosei, help me. What, where am I. Wait its you two, so which should I choose. You don’t have to. Rangers fuse. (technical music) Orion, stop messing around and help us. You won’t believe what
just happened to me. No way. Can’t wait to see what this key can do. Time to go legendary. Legendary sixth Ranger
mode, RPM gold and silver. What. Impossible. Nice. Wow. He actually fused RPM Silver
and Gold Ranger together. Sorry for the wait,
but now it’s show time. RPM Silver and RPM Gold, ready
for action and now I have two cloud hatchets, which
means double the trouble. Jet mode, lift off. (jet flies) (technical music) Oh, come on. Your strong, but without
the fancy suit I bet you’re nothing. Good thing I have it on then. Take a whiff of this. What have you done to him. The same thing I’m going
to do to everyone on Earth. Time to go fishing for humans. (maniacal laugh) Buh bye. Hey I’m not done with you. No. Surprise. Good, now I’ll make
it five Rangers down. Just like that. Power of six, activate. Whoa, it’s all the sixth Rangers. Please sixth
Rangers, join together with me and help us fight for Earth. The power of six is now yours Orion. Whoa, the fusion worked,
this is incredible. Super mega gold! (technical music) Am I seeing things. Whoa, awesome. Earth’s defenders never surrender. Super mega force gold! Silver, gold, whatever,
you’ll be back in blue when I’m finished with you. He’s just green with envy man. Go get him. Yes, let’s finish this. Yeah, Orion. You wanted this to be finished. You got it. Legendary final strike charge! (technical music) ♪ Go, Go, Power Rangers ♪ This doesn’t look good. Super silver spear, power of six unite. (upbeat music) (explosion) Let’s
power up, mega mode. Legendary mode. Super mega mode. It’s morphin time. I’ll go mighty morphin. Legendary
Ranger mode, it’s morphin time. Mighty morphin’ White Ranger, Orion duck. (upbeat music) Legendary strike, ready. We’ll stop him with the
power of the zeo crystal Power Rangers]
Legendary Ranger mode, zeo. Power Rangers zeo. Let’s go for it. Dynamite attack. (explosion) Rangers! I’ve got it. (blasters firing) Enough! Super mega mode! (technical music) Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. But soon you’ll be nothing
more than a memory. Knock em down. Legendary Ranger mode! Dino-thunder, power-up. Dino-thunder, white. Keep on em, I don’t know
how long we can hold this legendary mode. Drago sword. I think I’ve got enough
legendary juice left to stop this guy for good. Back me up. Super mega gold, power-up. Legendary sixth Ranger mode. Fire. (technical music) Think again. What’s really next is you all going down. Legendary ranger mode RMP, ready. RPM, get in gear. RPM gold and silver. I feel the need for mach speed. Legendary sixth Ranger
mode, full warrior. Night power strike. What. (technical music) Legendary sixth Ranger mode. (technical music) Not so fun when you’re
the one being invaded. This is for my planet. To understand why I rule an
empire, while you are fools. See, you both are nothing. Super mega gold. You’re wrong, never again
will you do to another planet what you did to mine. I do whatever I please,
and nothing will please me more than crushing you. We’ll take you down with
your ship, even if it means we go down too. No. For Andresia. (technical music) Yes it’s time to finally
restore peace to this galaxy. Super mega blast! Impossible! Super mega force silver! Green samurai power. Finally a solid hit, keep it up. Let’s do it. Troy. Right. Power of six. Super silver spear. Super mega saver blast. No one’s invincible. What. We will defeat you. No! Go for it guys, this
is for my home world. We’ve got you Orion. Super mega blast. I’ll swept down a few more. The super mega final strike charge! Super spear blaster! (explosion) Yes. Summon Q Rex sword. Guys do me a favor, let
me finish this guy myself. You got it. It’s the time force Q Rex, cool. Wish me luck. My own sword, drill mode. (drill spinning) Bruisers attack! (bruisers firing) Drill blaster. This thing’s incredible. That’s what justice feels like. That was awesome. Now to take things to the next level. Q Rex dino mode, activate. (technical music) Time to take a mega
bite out of these guys. (dino roars) Q Rex dinosaur ready. Hey off my tail. (technical music) This dinosaur’s
sick, what power. Q Rex laser! (explosion) Nice moves Orion. (dinosaur roars) Attack. Third times a charm. This swords third mode will
finish him, I will destroy you like you destroyed my world. Q Rex mega sword activate. (technical music) Q Rex mega sword, ready. These guys don’t go down
easy, but they will go down. Look at him go, he’s like
a one Ranger wrecking crew. We’ll do the wrecking around here. You guys still don’t get the drill, huh? Here’s a reminder. Yes. There’s a new Ranger in
town, and I’m gonna turn your world upside down. (technical music) Think the armada’s worried? They should be. Trident mode activate. Trident fist. Enough! Time for you to end up like
the rest of your people. Shield mode. Super mega metal strike. Triple drill attack. (upbeat music) Incredible. Nice. Yeah. Yes, that one’s for you Andresia. It’s a super mega win. (upbeat music)

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