Silver Ranger’s First Morph & Battle | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 15 “Wings of Danger”

Silver Ranger’s First Morph & Battle | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 15 “Wings of Danger”

(crow cawing) I can sense it. The Silver Energem is nearby. Yaah! Doomwing! Let’s finish this, once and for all. Yaah! (laughs) Ha, yaah! (shouting and grunting) (dramatic music) You know my moves. And I possess them! Imitation never beats the real thing. Ha! (explosion) (Zenowing groans) Looks like you forgot I
never fight fair. (laughs) Once you’ve touched the Dark Energem, you’ve recombined with Doomwing. One touch of the Dark
Energem is all it will take. We’ll be combined forever. (laughs) Stop! What? Green prism slash! (explosion) (shouting and groaning) (explosions) Zenowing! You okay? Yes. That’s what teammates do. Then I’ll destroy you both. Ha! (shouting and grunting) I’ve beaten you before,
and I’ll beat you again. [Zenowing] Not if I have this. No! The Silver Energem didn’t bond to you. It chose me. It’s morphin’ time. Energize, unleash the power! Awesome! He did it! Nice! Yes! Curse you, Zenowing! Titanosaurus! Power Ranger! (Zenowing shouting) (Doomwing shouting) You won’t beat me that easily. Any last words? Arcanon will crush you! Don’t count on it. Silver prism slash! (Doomwing screams) Titano saber, final strike! (explosion) (Doomwing screaming) (explosion) I’d say extinct. Yeah! He did it! Come on!
Yeah! Welcome to the team, Zenowing. Thank you, my friends. It’s an honor.


  1. Doomwing: We'll be combined forever.

    Uh, Doomwing, aren't you forgetting that the rangers could split you and Zenowing again?

  2. Zenowing: "Imitation never beats the real thing!" -This describes the suckfest that is Tzachor's (Super) Samurai and (Super) Megaforce.

  3. The Talon Ranger (Kyoryu Navy) could have been the 11th Dino Charge Ranger if he would have appear on the Dino Super Charge show.

  4. Like I said on twitter, once the Silver Ranger was the hunkiest man you could find. Now we get alien bird monster things. Ugh. But I love Zenowing's voice. Who doesn't want to sound that masculine?

  5. Shame about the BGM score in this. This moment was really hype in the sentai cause of the silver ranger's theme playing, which was some pretty rad rock music

    EDIT: RIP to the actor playing Zenowing. Gone way too soon 🙁

  6. R.I.P the actor who played zenowing/silver ranger.

    May the power protect you. Always😭😭😭😭

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