Silver Ranger’s Q-Rex Zord and Megazord Debut Fight | Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episode 8

Silver Ranger’s Q-Rex Zord and Megazord Debut Fight | Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episode 8

[Tensou] Gosei, the sixth ranger keys! They’re becoming ener-gated,
uh, ener-ge, oh, powered up! I’m too excited! Did this mean what I think it means? Yes, we must alert the rangers. (morpher beeps) [Troy] Yes, Gosei? [Gosei] Orion has
unlocked the Q-Rex Megazord. You can give him the keys. [Troy] You got it, Gosei. Alright, Orion. [Orion] What’s up? [Troy] This! You’ve unlocked the Q-Rex Megazord! With it, you can take your
fight against the armada to a whole new level. [Noah] This is huge! We just doubled our power! [Orion] Thank you. I won’t let you down! [Troy] Good. [Orion] You will pay
for destroying my planet! Summon Q-Rex Zord! Guys, do me a favor, let me finish this guy myself! [Troy] You got it! [Orion] It’s the Time Force Q-Rex! Whoa, cool! Wish me luck! My own zord! Drill mode! [Monster] Bruisers, attack! (explosions echo) [Orion] Drill blaster! This thing’s incredible! That’s what justice feels like! [Emma] That was awesome. [Orion] Now to take
things to the next level. Q-Rex Dino Mode, activate! Time to make a mega-bite
out of these guys! Q-Rex Dinozord, ready! (yells) Hey, off my tail! (yells) This Dinozord’s sick! What power! Q-Rex laser! (explosions echo) [Jake] Nice moves, Orion! [Monster] Ugh, attack! [Orion] Third time’s a charm, this zord’s third mode will finish him! I will destroy you like
you destroyed my world! Q-Rex Megazord, activate! Q-Rex Megazord, ready! These guys don’t go down easy, but they will go down! [Gia] Look at him go! He’s like a one-ranger wrecking crew! [Monster] We’ll do the
wrecking around here! [Orion] You guys still
don’t get the drill, huh? Here’s a reminder! Yes! There’s a new ranger in town, and I’m gonna turn your world upside down! (explosions echo) [Noah] Think the armada’s worried? [Troy] They should be! [Orion] Trident mode, activate! Trident fist! (monster yells) [Monster] Enough! Time for you to end up like
the rest of your people! [Orion] Shield mode! (explosion echoes) Super Mega final strike! Triple drill attack! ♫ Megaforce ♫ Power Rangers Megaforce (monster yells) ♫ Go go Power Rangers Incredible!
Nice! [Troy] Yeah! [Orion] Yes, that
one’s for you, Andresia! It’s a super mega win! ♫ Megaforce ♫ Power Rangers Megaforce


  1. I like the octave the theme song was near the end. It would've been more unique if they made it like that for the intro

  2. i think it should have been a modified dragonzord since it looks and acts like the dragonzord and has a drill tail and gosei being mentored by zordon it is believable that gosei would take the dragonzord after zordon's death and modify it over the years just in case it's needed.

  3. I'm sorry, but I have to put my foot down and say this, but I think Gokaiger handled the silver ranger's introduction a lot more than in this version. I mean, at least with Gai Ikari's first outing as the silver ranger, you know that he was already blessed with the powers of Dragon Ranger (Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger), Time Fire (Quantum Ranger), and Abare Killer (Dino Thunder White Ranger) because those guys were already dead and they've encountered him in a dream sequence as he was close to death for saving a child from being ran over by a drowsy truck driver. Here….Orion has never actually met Tommy, Eric, and Trent in this episode. So what makes him think that he's worthy to wield their powers if those three have never actually showed up in person and offering Orion new ranger keys?! They just popped right the Hell out of no where like it's a big deus-ex-machina no jutsu moment. Oh my God, I just figured it out……Megaforce/Super Megaforce is paying homage to Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger by having its' heroes rely on deus-ex-machinas to achieve their victories.

  4. Racing to another time
    Chrono Morphers are online
    Timeless Wonders
    Fire and thunder
    Off to save the world!

    Go Go Time Force!

    Time, Time, Time for Power Rangers Time Force!
    Time, Time, Time for Power Rangers Time Force!
    Time, Time, Time for Power Rangers Time Force!
    Time Force – Time Force!!
    (guitar solo)

    Time, Time, Time for Power Rangers Time Force!
    Time, Time, Time for Power Rangers Time Force!

    Time Force – Time Force!

    Power…Rangers! Go!

  5. Oh he's using the Dinosaur & Dragon powers from the Dragonzord, Q Rex Megazord, and Drago Zord. Pity that they didn't mention that or have Orion figure that out. Then again, this season did almost NOTHING WITH ORION!

  6. it is sad that the only good member of the Super Mega team ( Robo Knight being from the Mega Team ) feels that the Super Mega Rangers are better than him, heck, he took the keys as if it was their approval of him, it should be the opposite

  7. The zord is awesome (although maybe if it'd been specifically stated to be an updated Q-Rex or a combination of it and Dragozord it'd have made more sense?) but the acting… man I'd heard it was bad but eesh.

  8. 2:34, now wait a minute. White dino thunder is technically the 5th ranger. This guy has the power of the legendary 6's. What is the meaning of this. Has the world gone mad?

  9. What an insult, this is NOT the Q-Rex we all wanted to see! An insult to every fan of the Quantum ranger and his megazord.

  10. Okay first of all that is not the Q Rex Megazord stop lying whoever came up with that is so stupid and and stop with that stupid ass catchphrase it is retarded as hell

  11. Since I was a kid I watch Power Rangers all the way from the Mighty Morphin in the Jungle Fury the real swords look nothing like that piece of garbage

  12. Wait theres no Q-Rex Lasers, no Quantum Missles, no Thunder Fist, and no Max Blizzard? This isnt the Quantasaurus rex, its just some generic robot lizard😠.

  13. Haven't watched the series yet, but I get the feeling that in many ways the English version suffered from licensing problems

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