SILVER refining using potassium formate

SILVER refining using potassium formate

WARNING! This video is intended for demonstration purposes only. Trying to duplicate the shown procedures may result in serious injury or even death. Silver reduction from dirty silver nitrate solution using potassium formate. Potassium formate solution was prepared by neutralising formic acid with potassium hydroxide flakes added in small increments. The reaction is EXTREMELY VIGOROUS, producing a lot of heat and steam, that can BLIND, or STRIP FLESH OFF, if you are unprotected. After neutralisation I re-acidified the solution to pH of about 4 I poured the sodium formate solution With the heat on I continued preparing and adding formate to the solution. At some point the reaction started generating its own heat.
Getting more and more violent. Hotplate was turned off but that was not enough and I had to pour part of the solution in another flask, fearing a boil over. With enough headroom I went ahead with the boiling and potassium formate additions. After boiling for some time the solution cleared. A test with saline water confirmed the complete precipitation of silver. The rest of the solution was processed in the same manner. After completing the second precipitation, I combined both drops in a single flask for the washing. Crystal clear rinse water indicates completion of the washing step. Melting. Thanks for watching! Please, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe below!


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