Silver selling at below spot + $1 – Unbelievable – or is it?

Silver selling at below spot + $1  – Unbelievable  – or is it?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 28th January 2016 and we
are asking the question why is it when the physical demand for silver is so high, supply
allegedly so low, and economic crisis just around the corner are dealers selling silver
at less than $1.50 and in some cases less than $1 over spot?
Do you remember only a few months ago when you saw the Headlines “MINTs are Running
out of Silver” “American Silver Eagles are on allocation” “No more Silver Eagles
Available, “Canadian Mint places Maples on allocation” etc etc etc. What did this
all mean for you? Well premiums rose in some cases up to $4.50 an oz and around $2.50 – $3.50
for other 1 oz coins. Then we looked at some of the Bullion Houses
headlines on You tube: 3 Months ago – ‘Silver Update – unprecedented
silver demand’ 2 months ago – ‘Alasdair Macleod is ready
to get on with the collapse’ 1 month ago – ‘London Analyst Reveals
His Trade for 2016’ – “Short the Dollar by Buying Silver”
1 month ago – ‘The End is Near for Gold and Silver’
Now all of those quotes came from one Company on the Internet – the same company that
promoted a sign stating “Perth Mint Sells 3.5 million Kangaroos in 1 Day” – yes
and guess what, it’s the very same company that is advertising on their website 2016
1oz Silver Australian Kangaroos for just $1.99 over spot (mmmmm we wonder who bought those
3.5 million oz). See if you can guess which company that is.
We then Looked up another pumper this week – and three recent articles to his credit
reads: “End Game it’s all falling apart”
“No other time in the history of the world … this vulnerable to complete collapse
“Silver to be unleashed” And we go to the dealer that he is working
for and low and behold they are selling unlimited amounts of 1oz Silver buffalo rounds at $1.74
over spot. See if you can guess who this guy is?
Then we thought let’s forget about the pumpers and actually take a look at any special offers
Bullion Dealers have available – after all, with prices having risen in the past two weeks,
and as we are told physical demand is going through the roof – no doubt there will be
zero special offers and premiums will be back up to $4+ an ounce.
Well Provident Metals are selling: 1 oz silver rounds at spot plus 84 cents
1 oz sunshine silver rounds at 89 cents over spot
1 oz Silver Britannias $1.59 over spot OK How about JM Bullion?
Free Shipping on all orders 2016 1 oz Armenian Noahs Ark at Spot plus
$1.29 2016 1 oz Silver Britannias at Spot plus $1.59 Mmmm how about APMEX?
again Free shipping 1 oz Buffalo silver rounds at spot plus $1.07
1 oz Apmex silver rounds at spot plus $1.07 With most of these offers providing close
to unlimited supply. Now before you contact any of these companies, let us say we are
not recommending them as we have had no dealings with any of the ones we have mentioned. However
isn’t there a disconnect here? Unprecedented demand, silver stocks in short supply, the
end of the world as we know it just around the corner and yet you can buy silver rounds/coins
for less than a $1 over spot and highly recognised brands at less than $2 over spot.
So when you see another story or headline please go out and just phone the dealers yourself
and ask them – have you run out of silver and what special offers do you have today?
Now we are not saying you shouldn’t go out and buy silver. That is only a decision you
can make based on your own personal circumstances, available capital and your own thoughts about
what the future holds. What we are saying is do not believe the headlines after all
just ask yourself this simple question: If you genuinely thought that the end of the
financial system was imminent, and you genuinely believe silver is the solution to that crisis,
would you be selling silver at $1 over spot price? We certainly wouldn’t and we aren’t.
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. I really enjoy these videos but I have to say that the argument about bullion dealers selling silver is a bad one. Even if a dealer believes silver is a great play in the long term or even the short, he or she has a business to operate with working capital. No one can determine when silver will breakout no matter how bullish they are. I just think that saying bullion dealers selling somehow means they don't really believe its a "smart buy" is not logical. I'm sure they were happy to sell right before the metals market took off 5 years ago as well.

  2. Its no surprise to me because of your silver pumper memes video. Your educational endeavors are helping us filter out the pumpers message. Cheers.

  3. What practical advice  you  have given here.  One should always be cognisant of the self interest of anyone making claims ,when they are trying to sell you something.  I have  sons who I am going to insist watch this one ( not that they are interested in silver).  You can apply this advice when making any serious purchase. Caveat Emptor.    I live  in Australia (Melbourne) albeit a long way from Perth  but my bullion dealer would never match the low premiums these U.S dealers offer.

  4. Silver is the most undervalued asset in history!!!!! lol It will be the first element to run out.The paper price is manipulated.

  5. Good video! I keep in mind what Cull Silver said about silver sales. If they're having a sale, why would they do that if they expect silver to go up? No, I believe they have the biggest sales when they expect the price will go down so they can get rid of inventory at a higher price before it does go down. They can't be in the silver business and have no clue about market analysis.

    I like listening to the pumpers because it makes me feel good that I own silver but you really have to take them with a shaker of salt (as opposed to a grain). It's fun to watch their videos from a year or more ago where they're saying the same thing as today, the collapse is near, here, imminent, TEOTWAWKI, etc.

  6. Normally Jan is a very good month for metals to rise….and we have seen gold/silver go slightly higher in the month of Jan 2016…but IMHO…metals should have risen much stronger this month , then it has…because of oils going low…markets going low……I bought brand new 10 oz silver rds…wrapped in nice vacuum packed plastic, delivered to my house, for .29 cents over spot. ….which means the online bullion dealer I bought from, was still making money on my purchase…and these 10 oz bars, usually sell for .89 cents over spot.

  7. People can be so naive, and so easily herded by hysteria…there were many people, paying $4 over spot, for regular 1 oz silver eagles…..and those coins only have a govt denomination of $1 stamped on the coin.
    Silver is not the solution , is everything collapses…Silver is a commodity, to be bought/sold to make money. If you look at places like Greece , where they have witnessed major collapses recently…the masses are not using silver bars/ coins to survive. We must seperate the silver hysteria, from the silver reality. I try and buy silver low, so I can make a good profit to sell it, when its high.

  8. All bullion dealers are pumpers.anyone willing to pump out doom and gloom gets healthy donations at their websites and sponsorship.

  9. yes mike Maloney and peter Schiff who both sell gold keep saying buy gold and silver its going to make you rich…. my question is why would they be selling there gold and silver to us then they rather have other people get rich than holding it themselves are they that nice of guys lol no they are a joke if they knew for certain silver and gold was going so high they would say were not selling …the day they stop selling is when I will believe silver and gold are gonna sky rocket ….you are absolutely right when silver and gold is running out dealers prices will be so much more then they are now

  10. The precious metals supply/demand curves are autistic. I pray that the pumpers get tinea cruris. They're acutely unethical. They are free range rude.

  11. if they have the physical who cares . you have to fracture in some kind of premium , all coins are not created equal . take the auzzy kangaroo. also buyer beware .
    ps . mint premiums are way up . even the post office had a large over mint percent markup , a government dealer.
    a nice mix is a good idea

  12. we hit our goal today . been nice and flat for the 3 months , done till i see a cant pass up.let the fun begin , what ever happens it will be an experience.
    i watch the day trade on the windows 10 money app thinger . whats with those wicked downs . like straight down . great fun

  13. JM Provident and apmex are all acting like its christmas time ! like I've said before price goes up and its a miracle all kinds of supply. I remember just a while ago they either were out of everything as soon as the price went low and they blamed it on supply and demand. been buying platinum instead anyway. Nothing surprises me as of late. classic I.S. video really great stuff you have a flair for the dry humor well done . Im still smiling on the Outing of the usual suspects……. really great comic timing .One of you better videos.

  14. NEVER TRUST KANGAROOS OR PANDAS….and for the LOVE OF GOD and all things holy stay away from bars….those God damn bars can be filled with copper for all you know.

  15. I purchased new silver at the end of 2015 , from a online metals dealer, for .29 cents over spot, delivered to my home. This is more proof that silver is not that rare, and there is more then enough supply to fill the needs of all silver buyers . Furthermore, if these dealers can sell new silver for .29 cents over spot…and they are still making enough profit on their end at that low premium…imagine the profits they are making when they sell that same silver for .89 cents over spot.

  16. Online PM Dealer have overhead just like any other Company, with Daily Expenses…. A Company that is not Selling Product because their prices are too high are not profiting when sitting on inventory. That is why they have these Specials all the time to draw you to their Websites. If you are a Regular PM buyer and sign up for Emails Specials/Alerts/Deals, you probably know how fast your mail fills up.

  17. One always have to be careful of people pushing a hard sale.
    It IS wise to invest excess founds in silver and gold,
    but ONLY for as much as one can afford to live without for an indefinite period of time.
    Precious metals, is and always have been a long term investment, and that means +5 years.

  18. Being someone who dosen't buy on nominal changes I like this site, since it shows the spread too it could be a bit more extensive though.

  19. i agree the pumpers make things out to be worse than they are in order to get more sales , but i believe the fundamentals are looking extremely good for precious metals over the next few years and dont believe there is much downside , so in my opinion time is running short to buy at these prices, keep stacking peeps…

  20. This low premium generic silver seems to me to be an American thing. Here in Canada the spreads are way higher. "FIRST MAJESTIC" silver, a primary silver miner that is based in Canada and mining in Mexico, has had a solid price fixed on there site for a very long time. $17.50 USD per once, even with silver around the $14's, this was even true during the planchet shortage. I believe that some dealers may be awash with siver and they are trying to scare the market into fear buying. You can protect yourself by having your own plan and sticking to it. Dollar cost averaging is to my eye the best way to go for me. If in the end there were severe shortages or the end of the entire global economic system was at our door, prices would skyrocket, some dealers might even shut down to preserve there metals for post collapse economy.

  21. pumpers and fear mongers make me laugh. if reports are true why free shipping and such low premiums also unlimited supply. yet to be right and people still believe them only because they tell you what you want to here. great vid thanks for pointing out the FACTS.

  22. I am not qualified to give investment advice either, but…. know what your long term strategy is and don't let emotions or hype change your strategy on the short term. Oh,… one more thing…. have some cash on the sidelines just in case.

  23. Is there a limit on how high or low the market price can move in a trading day. Like a circuit breaker. If the amount of paper gold is so much higher than the registered physical stuff, and in the event of a large amount of people trying to claim the physical, like a black swan event for example, could that cause a huge sudden leap in silver and gold prices? I figured someone here would know the answer to this. If everyone went to claim their metals and there wasn't enough what would occur?

  24. I was going to say that Chris Duane and Andy Hoffman are the worst silver pumpers on you tube. I was going to go as far as to call them fear porn salesmen. But, I'd rather not mention any names 😉

  25. From doing my own research, I agree with your video. There is certainly no short term or even longer term risk of running out of silver. We have already seen in recent times a shortage of silver, as industrial demand had increased, however the market was quickly flooded with silver and there was an increase in silver recycling, which again quickly lead to an oversupply. I doubt that the USA will struggle to cope with its debt, but if it does I am sure the Saudis or Chinese will be able to provide a loan via the IMF. So unless they really screw things up it would be unlikely that a financial catastrophe would occur! We are better to position ourselves to profit from a short term shortage of silver, where prices will temporarily spike and then normalise, this may or may not occur in the next 20-30 years.

  26. simple opinions of mine….we should see $10- $12 silver…before we see $20 silver again . I do not expect silver to still be in the $14 range, by end of 2016….the current strength in silver price, will weaken again. ..I will not pay large premiums for any silver…I will only buy silver, when it allows me to cost average down from my current entry price of $14.50 per oz….I will use discipline to wait for lowest premium silver that is usually sold around holidays like Black Friday….I will not sell my silver, unless I am able to make a MINIMUM of 100% profit. This means the $14.50 silver I bought at end of 2015…will stay in my possession , unless silver soon hits $29 per oz { which it wont} . ….my recent purchase of silver , is done with the mindset that I may have to hold it 10 or more years, to achieve the profits im hoping for.

    I am not purchasing silver , with the false mindset that it is :

    1. rare
    2. there are silver shortages
    3. im gonna get rich quick off of it
    4. it is a necessity if america collapses
    5. my local supermarket will accept it to buy groceries
    6 . it will make me a huge profit in the short term
    7. silver price has to go higher soon

    silver is very much a commodity , and like most investments, it goes thru historic cycles. It goes higher, then comes lower, then stays low for a long while, then starts to go higher, then hits its peak, then comes lower ..rinse and repeat. For the average person in society, silver is basically a useless noble metal…you cant eat it…you cant build anything of neccissity with it , it wont protect your life from a criminal….you cant use it to pay property taxes , or buy food from your local supermarket , or buy a new car with it, etc…..all it is really good for, is trying to profit money off of it.

  27. The billions of ozs of silver that have been mined , are still floating around above ground in various form . there are still billions more ozs in the ground waiting to be extracted …..before the age of petrol machines , extracting that silver was a very labor intense job , but nowadays, extracting silver is not driven by intense physical labor and machines do all the hard work. This means we have the ability to mine more silver then ever before , with least effort . It also means that we have the ability to mine much deeper in the earth, if needed, to extract silver that is not as easily accessible. This used to present a problem, before machinery age…but nowadays, it isnt a problem because the machinery can still do the job, but it just takes a little longer.

    In many respects, other metals { like copper} are much more useful then silver…if the world happened to see a 90% reduction in copper supplies, then the effect on humans lives, would be massive….{ we rely on copper for piping, electrical wiring, electrical stations , motor windings, refrigeration, air conditioning , etc} ..but if we saw a 90% reduction of silver supplies , it really would not change most peoples essential normal living conditions, that much. Copper is a much more important commodity to humans everyday lives, then silver is. Its important to keep these facts in mind, so you have proper perspectives when you hear lying pumpers constantly insinuate how important silver is to our lives. Humans thrived and survived, for thousands of years, without technological driven items that required silver as part of the manufacturing process.

    Yes, silver is used in manufacturing things like cell phones , digital cameras, etc…but I can do fine without those un-needed conveniences if silver happened to disappear from earth….but if copper were to run out…life would become much more difficult because of the role copper plays in our everyday lives for electricity, refrigeration, heating/ air conditioning, etc.

  28. as far as silver price goes , my biggest question is , if we see $10 silver , can we expect premiums to go much higher { even on generic silver} , stay the same…or go lower…..

    When the silver bull run hysteria was in full swing, in the last cycle and prices were rising from $30 – $40 – $49….I do not recall any online metals dealers offering silver at low premiums of .29 – .50 cents….over spot per oz . Yet, at the end of 2015, as silver came lower in price for 5 years in a row , you could get silver for .29 over spot. If we see $10 silver by 2018 , will premiums sky rocket on all silver ? I personally will not pay premiums of $1 or more , on any generic silver bars/rounds/coins and I certainly wont pay $ 3 premiums on american silver eagles, when that same coin only has a legal govt denomination of $1 , and is MASS produced every year.

  29. With all due respect to the people who fall for these pumper ads. They're morons. You're supposed to realize at a very young age that advertising and marketing cost money, a lot of money. That being the case you don't have to advertise road salt in the event of a massive ice storm. That stuff will sell itself. You can have several truck loads of bags of salt and it'll sell out in hours. The only ad will have to be a hand made cardboard sign that says, "WE HAVE SALT." The idea that things that are selling out at a blistering pace need advertising campaigns is quite frankly, laughable.

  30. I read Alasdair MacLeod reports and he is not the sort to make big bold statements like that. Anyone can read his views online on his own website (no sponsors) Funny he was telling viewers in Goldmoney insights video that in the west country you can get 11% on property if you can rent it out all the time. As far as the silver bullion dealers go business must of slowed right down. Illuminatisilver do you think the USD is now in a bubble as the herd has run to it!

  31. Hey! I hit my $15 an ounce prediction and I'm already 8% into my 40% prediction for Silver and almost 11% into my 20% prediction on Gold. Which I now see may have been conservative.

  32. incidentally I agree that these are just metals. They shouldn't be any higher than any other commodity in comparison to its utility. But people hand over fortunes to dudes who pretend to know God or a short cut to heaven. Moral of the story. Never under estimate the ignorance and stupidity of "the herd"

  33. negative interest rates in europe and now in japan, buy some silver for some insurance. negative interest rates coming to the US to funance the $20 trillion debt.

  34. 90%us silver coins are selling at 4over spot…. more than ASEs. Brick and mortar dealers are selling rounds for 1.5-2.5 depending on volume.

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