1. you may want to consider editing the end of the video, the words supply and demand should switch places in my mind, other than that great video

  2. after i have watched this video and with all the uses of Silver, i think Silver will be EXTINCT in the near future.

  3. Yes,the end is confusing because we don't know the timeFRAME of the graph, and it doesn't reconcile with all I've heard about total demand for silver oustripping supply in recent years. Also, the USGS reportedly suggests that silver will be the first "extinct" metal within 10 years, but that would imply peak silver has already occurred, which also doesn't reconcile with the supply chart shown after the 5 minute mark of the video.

  4. Imagine a world where silver prices really were determined by free market supply and demand. But I guess that would be too much to ask for. I'm just a dreamer…

  5. Yes you are and all the giants whose shoulders you stand on were dreamers as well. America needs a revolution. I'm in are you in?

  6. no such thing would happen in a market economy because the price mechanism prevents this. As the supply dwindles relative to demand the price goes up thus bringing demand back into equilibrium. Of course there is no guarantee we will have a market economy in the future so your comment is still possible.

  7. I was thrown on this as well. But the very last thing he says is, "Where did all this extra supply go? There's more to the picture. Stay tuned." So I'm guessing he's saying that investment demand has picked up all the rest of the "excess" supply, as opposed to industry.

  8. Question. What will happen the day when people lose confidence in fiat currency. With the world debt situation we have at best 3-5 years left. Then physical silver demand will go thru the roof.

  9. gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentleman, debt is the money slaves. silver is the peoples money.

  10. silver is almost $35 it hasnt been this high since Euro collapse scare in 2011. It should go down one more time after the next round of ballouts and that will be the time to buy again. Unless its too late and its going to keep going up, but i doubt it will there is a lot of silver munipulation from what i hear and thats what keeps the price low.

  11. The key message in this video is that 1/3 of all silver is used to make jewelry. In case of an economic crisis, one of the first things people stop buying is luxury items like jewelry. If things get worse, they sell their luxury items like jewelry, flooding the market with silver. Buying silver is a pretty stupid thing to do.

  12. Stupid like a fox. I know that paper dollars are to be printed till they have 1/4 of the value they have today. That tells us all hard assets will gain value(actually it says the dollar will loose value) I agree that jewelry will be sold back into the market but jewelry has about 10% of it's value in metal that will be quickly consumed.

  13. I should have cautioned you when you buy silver or gold don't buy jewelry. You might pay 1/2 to 3/4 of the money for the beauty and only a pittance for metal. I prefer US coins it is still against the law to counterfeit them and the penalty is stiff. I am not a coin collector and will not pay extra for high grade.

  14. Silver and Gold always has been the worlds currency.this NWO policy has only put a blanket over it in order to keep us sheep to play their game. don't be fooled silver is highly under evaluated. Once it hits 150$ you will see riots around the world!

  15. well if you think federal reserve notes work for you that's a good thing. but it does not for me. I get more incentive holding silver and gold than those federal reserve notes.

    if i can squeeze another dime i am all in.

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